Loans to buy Christmas gifts: here are the best ones

Christmas and New Years are coming. In this period we begin to think about gifts to buy, to organize lunches, dinners and New Year’s Eve . Often we would like to make many more purchases than we can with the help of our finances and end up giving up certain pleasures. It also happens to have some savings but not to want to use it to keep it aside in the event that some unexpected event arises. So why not apply for a loan for Christmas gifts and fulfill all our wishes ? Quick to obtain and repayable in small monthly installments, it does not weigh on the family budget and makes us happy!

Here are the best loans to be able to buy Christmas gifts and, why not, organize an unforgettable New Year’s Eve!


Personal loan for Christmas gifts

Personal loan for Christmas gifts

The personal loan is a good solution because it allows you to face the costs of organizing Christmas dinners and lunches, planning a holiday and buying important gifts such as Hi Tech objects, appliances and pleasant luxuries. The personal loan allows us to use the money as we prefer, without any restrictions.

To be able to request it, however, you must present sufficient income to guarantee its repayment. This is why, in certain cases, lenders require additional guarantees, such as a guarantor or a mortgage.

Loan declined? Here are the causes and what to do

In order to access the personal loan it is essential not to have been reported to the credit information systems as bad payers. In case of protests or reports it is indeed difficult to obtain a personal loan. In this case, it is possible to request the transfer of the fifth , the only type of loan obtainable even by those who have had financial difficulties .


Assignment of the fifth for Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts

The transfer of the fifth of the salary and the transfer of the fifth of the pension are the best types of financing to be requested to make Christmas purchases , perhaps to treat yourself to a new car or plan a dream vacation . Dedicated to public, state and private employees and pensioners, the transfer of the fifth has reduced rates and lower than all the other loans. In addition, the monthly payment never exceeds one fifth of the net salary or pension.

To obtain it, it is not necessary to present any guarantee and it can be requested up to 89 years of age and also with the disability pension .

One of the many advantages is also access to protestors and bad payers . It is the only loan that can be applied for by those reported in credit information systems .

In addition, applying for a loan or assignment of the fifth online has many advantages, so why not take advantage of it? Request a free quote now and start thinking about your Christmas gifts!