10 Gift-Worthy Bookworm Embossers for Bookworms

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I remember receiving a personalized ex libris embosser from my best friend in college. As an avid reader at this young age, I appreciated it as one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received. It had a simple, round design with text only, but I loved it. It was something different from a rubber stamp with ink. He felt more grown up somehow – more classy. I also liked feeling the textured, raised marks on the paper.

Today, the variety of embossing patterns has multiplied to adapt to all possible fantasies. There are many more choices than just the circle with custom text. While these basic embossers still exist, you can find a few fancy ones, some with gorgeous calligraphy, and many with customizable images as well. However, since I tend to like a cleaner, less cluttered look, these types are the ones I’ve collected here.

Below I share some of my favorites if you’re looking for a special gift for that bookworm in your life, even if that bookworm is yourself. Keep in mind that many of them are customizable. You can simply remove the “ex libris” or “from the library of” to create an embosser that can personalize both your books as well as any other paper (i.e. invitations, letters, notes, envelopes, newspapers, etc.)

Personalize this one with your own name and request. $34.

monogram embossing pattern

Sometimes just a monogram will do. Use this embosser on more than your books. $42.

Ex libris embosser design

Here is another one with lovely calligraphy and elegant design. $51.

library embosser design

A geometric design combined with floral details. This embosser costs $51.

For alternatives to embossers, check out these 50+ Rad Book Plates and “From the Library of” stamps.

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