13 awesome shopping tips I absolutely don’t swear

If you want to save time, money, and know how to find the best products then read on.

Hello, my name is Valeza and I would say I know the shopping world quite well. Not only have I worked in retail for YEARS, but now I literally shop online for a living. Since I would say I have a good understanding of the ins and outs of shopping (in-store and online), I thought I’d put together a list of shopping tips to help you get the most out of your experience!

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In-store purchases 🛍


First of all, it’s a good idea to write a rough list of the kinds of things you’re looking for before shopping.

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I know, I know, this seems like a pretty obvious step. But you would be surprised how often these ~ spontaneous ~ trips occur! Buying clothes, decorations and gifts without a plan is like shopping on an empty stomach – a full basket waiting! By creating (and sticking to) a rough list of things you know you need to buy, not only will you * actually * end up getting what you need, but you’ll habit come home with 5 new plant pots that have nowhere to live.


The best time to look for deals is towards the end of the week, month, quarter, or year.


During these times, businesses generally aim to meet their sales targets and therefore might be more willing to offer discounts and promotions, or even negotiate product prices if it is this type of store. Boxing Day sales aside, retailers are usually keen to get rid of their inventory towards the end of the year, so don’t sleep on shopping during the Christmas lull over the New Years! Oh, and for year-round purchases you have to keep in mind that the retail week usually starts on a Sunday, so Saturday would be the last day of the trading week (and therefore the best time to research. Sales).


For a more sustainable way to shop, and a great way to find the best deals, don’t be afraid to befriend your local small business owners.

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Ask your favorite boutiques and thrift stores when they typically bring their “fresh” stock, then plan your morning shopping trips on those days, where you can browse the most recent (and largest) selection possible. With small businesses, you can usually build a pretty good relationship with the owners themselves – they might even get to know your personal style over time and recommend things they think you might like! You’ll have your pick of the lot and may even occasionally find a vintage designer piece for an absolute bargain – what’s not to love?


If you are looking for a pleasant and efficient shopping experience, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are the best time to hit the stores!

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During my years of working in retail, I have noticed that most stores usually get their new stock from the start to the middle of the week. It goes without saying that early morning shopping always be a more enjoyable experience. You avoid the evening and weekend crowds since most people are at work, AND the stock will always be neatly laid out for your convenience. If you have flexible working hours, around 10 a.m., it’s time to do your shopping.


And if you’re * extra * wanting to avoid the crowds, skip Thursday night shopping.


Have you ever noticed that your local mall stays open very late on Thursday evenings? Yes, this is no coincidence, as it is usually the busiest time of the trading week. Now, I’m not a psychologist, but there’s something about the end of the workweek that puts people in the mood for self-healing and ~ chilling out ~. Friday nights are usually reserved for dinners, drinks, and other obviously non-administrative stuff, so when you think about it, tons of people are rushing for a retail therapy session on a Thursday night, that’s it. logic ! It goes without saying, but pay weekends will also be busier than usual, so avoid going out if you don’t like shopping in large crowds.


Speaking of avoiding large crowds, it’s also a good idea to do your Christmas shopping in advance.

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If you don’t really mind paying top dollar for your gifts and prefer to avoid the huge Christmas crowds, the weeks leading up to the end of November (AKA anytime before Black Friday weekend) are a particularly good time to go. quiet for shopping!


If the bargains are right for you, Black Friday weekend is the best time to do your Christmas shopping, and don’t forget to check in the days leading up to the big event!


Almost all stores will offer less 20% off Black Friday weekend, so now is a great time to shop for gifts, stock up on your favorite goods, and invest in those big-ticket items you’ve been coveting for ages. If you want to fool the crowd at the same time and deal systems, it’s worth spending the Black Friday morning in a decent shopping spree before the weekend’s business gets off to a good start! Some companies will also be doing smaller “teaser” promotions right before Black Friday, so if you’re worried that something you’re looking for might sell out, you can often buy it ahead of time at a reasonable discount.

Online shopping 🛍


Make the most of your Black Friday shopping by planning well in advance!

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If I’m being honest it makes more sense to shop online for Black Friday – you skip the lines and can plan it much better. As mentioned above, pretty much every store will offer a decent discount from Black Friday, so it makes sense to keep all the products you’ve had your eye on for now! I always do a spreadsheet in preparation for Black Friday with all the things I need and / or want to buy – for example more expensive jewelry, beauty items I want to buy, and expensive household items like a new vacuum cleaner. It’s easy to get blinded by all the offers and end up getting things you don’t need while missing out on the important items you’ve been needing for a while now! It’s also a good idea to put some money aside while you think about the things you want to buy, so you don’t feel like you’re spending too much all at once!


You can determine if certain clothes will suit your style and other items in your wardrobe by looking at what else the model is wearing in the product photos.

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Looking at what else the model has associated the garment with is a great way to make sure that you are purchasing clothes that you will actually wear. and avoid the dreaded (but often inevitable) post-online store return! You can also apply it to decor pieces and even store purchases by looking at how the mannequins are styled. Some retailers even have a “how to style” section at the bottom of the product page if you scroll down.


Another great way to avoid returns is to look at reviews.


I can not Point out how much this little hack has changed my online shopping game! You want to look for an average rating of four stars or more, and obviously the more reviews the better. This will help you determine if the dimensions of the product match what you are looking for, what the quality is, if it meets expectations based on the website image, and if it contains more. And that of course applies to everything – from the quality of a casserole dish to whether a foundation shade is warmer or cooler.


Always check drop-down menus, banners, and other signage for any promotion the site may have.

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It’s a fabulous way to find ~ hidden ~ sales and discounts, or even better: final clearance sections! You can find real bargains and even save on something you would have otherwise bought at full price with handy promo codes. Best Advice: Look for red letters in the drop-down menu, as this is usually where you can find the four letter word that makes your heart beat a little faster (it’s “on sale” BTW).


Drop-down menus are also great places to look for inspiration!

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Retailers often create curated product listings that could be exactly what you’re looking for, or help if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, such as what to offer, seasonal changes, and what to look for. novelties!


Finally, explore the page a bit and you might find a better version of your product!

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You will usually find “similar style” products if you scroll down a bit. This is a great hack to try if you keep finding products that aren’t * quite * correct! You may also find higher rated or lower priced versions of similar products if you shop on Amazon or similar high capacity websites.

Do you know any awesome shopping tips that I might have missed? Share them in the comments below!

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