50 Best Free Fire Guild Names With Stylish Fonts in February 2022

Free Fire users can join or form guilds with other players who share their interests to engage and enjoy the game. Users can create a guild using gold or diamonds, each of them having a name, slogan, badge, etc.

It is common for guild leaders to choose a creative and unique name for their guild, allowing them to have a distinct identity while attracting other users to join. However, due to creative hurdles, they are looking for fancy names.

50 Best Free Fire Guild Names (February 2022)


2) нυитєя

3) รαɳε

4) Ӌօմɾ Ⱥɾʍվ

5) ▀▄ᖇᗅᘜᙍ▀▄

6) ɦօʊռɖ

7) ѕтrιĸer

8) ᗯᗩᖇᒪOᖇᗪ

9) $тѳяѫ

10) 乃尺oズ乇刀


12) мєя¢ιℓєѕѕ

13) H̷o̷r̷d̷e̷

14) ßレαzε

15) ⱮoŇsters

16) development

17) Slayer

18) ριяαтєѕ

19) яєαρєя


21) ᗷᖇᗴᗩK

22) Dαякest

23) ฿ⱠØØĐ

24) ᴀʙʏꜱꜱ

25) υи∂єα∂

26) мαgε

27) ֆօʊʟʟɛֆֆ


29) ₮Ɽł₲₲ɆⱤɆĐ


31) PS¥CH

32) ʀɨօȶ


34) steal

35) 卂ㄩ尺卂

36) DØØm

37) KNIG

38) BàRBàRᎥaŇs

39) K̷N̷I̷G̷H̷T̷

40) hєαdshσts

41) ꜱᴛᴏʀᴍ

42) God

43) E҉c҉h҉o҉

44) ꅐꉻ꒒꒦ꏂꑄ

45) вσуѕ™

46) Wの尺丂イ

47) D̺R̺A̺C̺O̺

48) ░D░A░D░


50) 爪ㄚ丂ㄒ丨匚

Players can create their current guild names with multiple fonts and symbols using websites or apps that provide such tools.

Steps to change guild names in Garena Free Fire

Changing the guild name is a relatively expensive affair in Free Fire as it costs 500 diamonds. Also, only the elder or guild leader has the authority to change the name. They can follow the given steps to change the name:

Step 1: Open the guild section in the game and click on the edit icon present above the guild badge.

Click on the edit option (Image via Garena)
Click on the edit option (Image via Garena)

2nd step: The guild information dialog will appear on the screen. Next, click on the edit option next to the existing name.

Enter the new name and click the confirm button (Image via Garena)
Enter the new name and click the confirm button (Image via Garena)

Step 3: Finally, enter the new name and press the button to edit the name.

Players should always exercise caution when changing the name, as it comes at a considerable cost.

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