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The National Hockey League and Adidas offered us a league-wide jersey change this morning, and while the focus has been on the new, more environmentally friendly construction of the jerseys, new features in interesting designs have also been incorporated.

They will be known as the Adidas ADIZERO Primegreen jerseys, made with a minimum of 50% recycled content while maintaining their high performance materials. The new jerseys will be worn by all 32 teams on the ice starting at the start of the 2021-22 regular season in two weeks.

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The recycled content in the jerseys is a good thing, of course, but this site being a sports logo and uniform design focused site, we’re just going to skip that side.

Image via NHL / Adidas

Note this nugget buried in the Press release:

“Each team jersey will retain its classic stripes and logo, while sporting dimensional embroidery that draws attention to their durable materials and a two-layered twill that underscores the authenticity of the product.”

Dimensional embroidery ?! They didn’t even invent a brand name for it, I love it.

So each of the 32 NHL teams have some sort of ‘dimensional embroidery’ technique added to their jersey, although we’ve seen this in the past with the floral design added to the Vegas Golden Knights logo shield in 2017. .

Most of the teams have integrated it in an extremely subtle way, others on the other hand have gone a little further. Here I will release what I consider to be the most interesting of these changes, presented, as always, in alphabetical order …


The Calgary Flames have added a small embroidered ornament to their logo by means of new markings in the flames of their shirt patch, both inside the flames themselves and around the outside of each.


The Chicago Blackhawks have added new raised embroidery to their already chain stitch heavy jersey crest (note the feathers and hair, this is nothing new); for 2021-2022, the Blackhawks logo now features embossed markings on the face of their logo, the forehead lines, eyebrows and eyes, as well as the face paint are now all raised rather than flat as had been the case always.


Of this group, the Detroit Red Wings’ change is the most subtle. The second red line descending from the top of the logo has been raised from the patch, giving it depth compared to the rest of the logo.


The Edmonton Oilers tweak is perhaps my favorite of the bunch, the dimensional embroidery technique has been used here inside the orange oil drop as well as at the bottom of each of the letters of “OILERS”, as the name suggests, adding dimension to an otherwise flat jersey patch (not a review).


Another highlight is the Minnesota Wild who used this similar technique in Calgary and Edmonton. Dimensional embroidery has been added to the right sides of each of the evergreen trees on their crest as well as to outline the entire animal / forest head scene.


Another more subtle addition here, the Pittsburgh Penguins will incorporate raised embroidery on the hockey gloves of their familiar skating penguin jersey patch.


Followers of our social media accounts were already aware of this one, the Seattle Kraken jersey crest will contain some embroidery to give some details of the tentacle that weaves around the side of the “S”.


Your back-to-back Stanley Cup champions are playing with the hockey gods by changing their jersey crest here, subtle as it gets. Note that at the bottom right of the circle around the logo there is “dimensional embroidery” to add some depth to this part of the ridge.


The Toronto Maple Leafs, on the other hand, are hoping to end their 50-year drought with this new raised embroidery on the veins of their maple leaf patch as well as the logo lettering. Simple but effective.


The Vancouver Canucks focused on a very small piece of their logo to apply the embossed embroidery technique, the piece of broken ice at the top next to the spoiler is raised while the rest of the logo is not .


The Washington Capitals have added dimensional embroidery to the inside of the hockey stick / t-shirt in their jersey patch, this is more noticeable in the blade of the stick.

I’m sure there are a few examples that I missed, I just had to grab those changes myself as the teams posted their photos. Please share the others in the comments.

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Another change that we have noticed has been applied throughout the league.

Some examples:

Yes. I am a fan. If I drop a few pennies on an authentic jersey, I want embroidery all over it. It just looks and feels better.

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