An unwelcome sign of spring in the air | Barbecue

Your editorial on adult education (March 21) has rekindled memories of teaching evening classes as a speaker for many years. It was a pure joy to teach these students; we tended to learn from each other. Some of my former students have become teachers themselves.
Dr Khosro S Jahdi

Having been smoked all winter by neighboring wood stoves and bonfires, could I ask forecasters in the spring to stop talking about “barbecue time”? Thanks to neighboring barbecues, the atmosphere sometimes resembles that of a burning oil dump. There is enough threat in the air we breathe without adding to it.
Mike Peart

Reading the correspondence on the climate emergency (Letters, March 25), I couldn’t help but think that the name of Cop26 should be changed to Copout26.
Jennifer jenkins

After watching extensive coverage of Ever Given (report, March 26), I am amazed that there is still no sign of a growing group of older men gathering on the bank shouting advice such as ” put it in reverse “and” reduce your revs. “.
Ian Grieve
Gordon Bennett, Llangollen Canal

The only way to make passwords (Letters, March 25) is to get all the letters from Tipp-Ex out to your loved ones, then solve them using the numbers. You will quickly become familiar with the letter templates. When you crack one, you can feel smug all day.
John cranston

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