Ankara’s new police meet street and street signs

new ankara police meet street and street signs

Protecting historical values, the Metropolitan Municipality began to apply Ankara’s new font, chosen by the capital, to street signs and building numbers. While the new signs and building numbers selected by the inhabitants of BaÅŸkent are written in a new typeface, the teams of the numbering department of the science department, with an economy-oriented approach, recycle the signs that have finished their economic life.

The Metropolitan Municipality has taken measures to protect the unique values ​​of the Capital and eliminate the pollution created by signs and advertising totems.

A survey was conducted for three projects selected as a result of the “National Design Competition for Street and Street Signs, Building Door Numbers, Architectural Promotion Signs and Original Font” organized by the Police Department and Ankara City Council.

The new Ankara font, which has red-weighted white writing and a black striped design, selected as a result of the vote by citizens of BaÅŸkent Mobile, has started to be applied to street signs and building numbers.


In accordance with the concept of economy, the teams of the numbering department of the science and technology department cut the cost in half by recycling old plates and building numbers that have ended their economic life for the new design of the Ankara Police Department.

While the unit cost of the signs that have ended their economic life is 80 TL, the teams of the General Directorate of Numbering, which cost the cost of the new signs 40-50 TL thanks to the signs recycled in the workshop, print on average 500 stores per day.


As the process of assembling the 172 busiest traffic signs and license plates in Ankara, which was determined between Ulus and Atakule in the first stage, has started, it is planned to place the prepared plates with the UV printing machine in Scientific Affairs Department’s own workshop within 2 months.

Inscriptions of Anıtkabir and Atatürk’s speech to the youth, professor of Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts, professor Dr. Having seen the Ankara font, inspired by the font used by Emin Barın and painter-Hattat Etem Çalışkan, for the first time on the new panels and building numbers, the people of BaÅŸkent expressed their appreciation with these words:

-Love Kesener: “I like that a lot, it’s characteristic. It is very easy to detect. It is very remarkable that it is red and white, thank you.

-Mustafa Yildirim: “Now when you look at him, his number, his street and his neighborhood become clear. Our President has already done a lot of service here. Ulus is the heart of Ankara. We thank you for everything. “

-Gurcan Ucar: “It’s really beautiful. I can’t believe it. We would like to thank the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.”

– Gizem Chenni: “I like it very much. I had already participated in the vote and chosen these panels. Thank you very much for this service.”

-Kaki Iron: “I really like the colors. Because I thought our people were having a hard time with the address and number. So it was very pleasant.

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