Atleti sinks in Mallorca

And Atleti went to Mallorca but it wasn’t wonderful. He drowned with a brick tied to his foot, his own inefficiency, his plight against declining teams, Cholo’s kryptonite this year. Again at the bottom, first defeat in his League of 14. A shot at this time between the wars, between City and City. But that’s precisely what the match in Manchester seemed to inspire in Aguirre: his Mallorca came out like Simeone, more containing than attacking. At Atlético, meanwhile, Suárez unmolded the starting bench, Carrasco returned to the left lane and Koke, at kick-off, seemed to be the right side. It could have been a coincidence or a matured idea, to allow Llorente to take a few steps forward. It lasted two games: what it took for the captain to lose a ball in the box where you should never lose it and Muriqi converted it for the first time, the first for Mallorca.

And that Suárez’s presence at the start was a declaration of intent. Mallorca give up the initiative a lot and Simeone knew it. Mallorca lets you play almost at Rico’s feet and that’s Suarez district. Koke’s original idea was now executed by De Paul. Because Atleti were looking to enter from the sides and De Paul joined Llorente on the right, to pump gas into the ’14’ bike, and It bites the same with Carrasco. Double pair, Llorente and the almost extreme Belgian. But, except for a shot from Llorente which deflected a rival for a corner, his plan had control but no danger, ball but no depth. And it got tangled like so many other afternoons, like a ball.

Mallorca, injured by so many goals conceded, tried to close this wound with the returns behind Valjent and Raíllo. Well placed, the ball barely lasted him when he attempted a counter-attack. Before Oblak, a red light: Felipe. Perfect in anticipation, the nerves of the Brazilian seem to have disappeared. The inaccuracies, the end of matches with shoulders full of splinters because of his crystalline solidity, always broken by gross faults. Mallorca blinded the boards, forcing play through the center. It bites and Suárez turned into two islands, far from everything. Carrasco and Llorente erratic, the rojiblancos passing more backwards than forwards, very slow. The map torn to shreds, wet paper on a clear Majorcan afternoon. Koke and De Paul do not fill up if Herrera is absent.

Lemar put his shin guards on the bench as Simeone ordered the 4-5-1 look for spaces against. But nothing. Everything remained the same. No luck or oops. Football more and more distant from the zones, another match to sponsor for Danacol, because of the defenses. So many letters to sum up a first part which was in fact a blank page. Immaculate. Immense. Exasperating. Up in the particular classification of the rojiblanco museum of horrors, which is not exactly empty. When you take away the intensity of Atleti del Cholo, it stays naked, it becomes vulgar.

Photo by Take Kubo

Not a second in the second half, Cholo waited to make two changes. One, this Lemar that was detected, sticks between the lines. The other, Cunha. Koke and Griezmann went to the shower. João was still watching from the bench when the first shot between the three posts of the match came. It was from Majorca, by the way. Oliván, a right-footed volley from outside the area that forced Oblak’s lunge. The occasion was like a bugle call that accelerated, a little, but not too much, the movements of the rojiblancos. And yet, it was enough for Suárez to head in shortly after to finish off a corner from Lemar. The blow was soft, at Rico’s hands. But news. The first at the gates of Atlético. First among the three sticks. Minute 55:30. The clear plan at the start had been reduced to the usual: side centers. A second of the hour passed when João was already waiting on the sidelines to put his flashlight on the game. With the. Vrsaljko that as soon as he left he saw the yellow card. But it is that the entry of the two coincided with another rain: that of Mallorca. Ora Muriqi, who did not come with a finger to comb a ball that he would have entrusted to Oblak, ora Kubo, ora Reinildo. And the rojiblanco was definitive: a trampling on Maffeo in the area, on the edge but inside, and a penalty. The ref called him, there was no VAR call to take him to the screen, Muriqi took him to the net. Atleti, then, woke up. Atleti then realized they had lost time for 70 minutes. He tried to push Mallorca against the ropes. But he continued to lack spark, skill, the changes didn’t change anything, only Cunha tried something.

And Oblak was desperate with the ballboys as they were slow to deliver the ball as the only real danger was still on his goal. But he took a chance away from Raillo as Atleti continued to dab desperately on the blank sheet of paper that had been his game for so long. And the six-minute rebate went to attend Baba, stunned by a throw against Lemar. He left on a stretcher, with a collar and conscious. But happy under a cry: “Yes you can.” Mallorca come out of relegation. The real slap is for Cholo. Just before City.


Matheus Cunha (45′, Griezmann), On Tue (45′, Koke), Take Kubo (53′, Lee Kang-In), Joao Felix (61′, Luis Suarez), Vrsaljko (61′, DePaul), Rene Augusto (74′, Felipe Monteiro), Battle (85′, Antonio Sanchez), Attic (95′, Iddrisu Baba)


Referee: Juan Martinez Munuera
VAR Referee: David Medié Jiménez
Dany (43′, Yellow) Vrsaljko (62′, Yellow) Reinildo Mandava (65′, Yellow) Savic (79′, Yellow) Kondogbia (83′, Yellow

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