Authorities warn of entanglement risks after deer trapped in hammock in Lakewood | New

Authorities on Wednesday freed a deer trapped by a hammock outside a Lakewood home and warned residents to dismantle hammocks, volleyball nets, swings and other equipment that entangled deer during the rutting season.

A mule deer became trapped in Lakewood on Wednesday when its antlers became tangled in a hammock that was left hanging in a neighborhood near Kendrick Lake Park.

The deer remained stranded for two hours and by the time rescuers arrived it had broken one of its antlers in the skull and injured one of its eyes, officials said. The wildlife officers had to cut the two antlers off the deer to free it.

Authorities said deer across Colorado face neighborhood dangers. Colorado Parks and Wildlife receives several reports each year of deer and elk starving to death after getting stuck in fences or other objects.

This is especially common in the fall, when deer and elk begin to migrate and seek mates, often causing them to enter neighborhoods or backyards, officials said.

Over the years, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has received reports of deer, elk and moose entangled in tricycles, tires, garden cages, clotheslines, plastic fences, lawn chairs, playground equipment, football nets, Christmas lights and more.

Authorities recommend that residents store all outdoor equipment that is not in use this season and, when hanging outdoor decorations, place lights and other decorations more than six feet or tied to trees and to buildings.

Anyone who sees tangled wildlife is urged to call Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Front Range residents can call the Denver office at 303-291-7227.

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