Best Christmas stocking 2021: kick off Christmas day in style

Whatever your age, finding the best stocking stuffer is an essential part of Christmas preparations. Whether you are going out with a giant Christmas bag or prefer to keep it simple and traditional, there are thousands of designs to choose from, so you are sure to find a stocking you will eventually love.

However, all that selection can be a little overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together this list of some of the best bottoms for all budgets, styles, and needs. So, it doesn’t matter if you need matching stockings for your little ones, a giant Santa Claus bag for someone special, or something cheap and cheerful for stocking fillers, there are some. has something for everyone in our roundup.

Before we get to that, however, our buying guide below has a few tips and questions to consider before you buy – so be sure to read it before browsing our list.

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How to choose the best Christmas stocking for you

What size do you need?

It may seem like a simple question, but stockings come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be especially difficult to gauge size when shopping online.

All of our top picks come with size listed, so be sure to grab that tape measure and determine the width and depth you need for your sock before you buy. If you have already purchased your stocking filler gifts, even better because you can measure them too.

How long do you want to use your stocking for?

Most socks will last for years if properly maintained, so if you don’t want to buy a new one every year, it’s important to choose a model that will stand the test of time. Determine if you want a classic or traditional bottom that has a timeless feel, or a cute, cuddly design that you know you’ll love for years to come.

Buying a bottom that features a trend or a movie might seem like a good idea back then, but will you still want to use it five years down the road?

Should you choose a stocking or a bag?

While stockings are more traditional, a Christmas bag can be much more practical. Usually, they are much bigger and made of a thinner material than the stockings, which means they can easily hold large or oddly shaped gifts.

There are also plenty of party designs to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about them being boring. If you’re going big at Christmas but still want a traditional stocking, be sure to look for the ones that come in an extra-large size. They are more difficult to find, but it is not impossible.

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The best Christmas stocking to buy

1. Nordic Personalized Christmas Stocking: The Best Classic Personalized Stocking

Price: £ 10 | Buy now on Amazon

There is nothing quite like a knitted Christmas stocking and this personalized Christmas stocking is the perfect choice for traditionalists after a classic Scandinavian style. It is lined and can be personalized with script style embroidered letters up to 12 characters (spaces included).

At 40cm tall and 8cm wide this isn’t the biggest stocking on this list, but it’s still a good size for a reasonable amount of padding stockings. Whether you’re buying it for yourself, your little ones, or a partner, this bottom is the perfect all-rounder to hang on your coat or keep under the tree. It is also available in gray.

Key details – Size: 20 x 40 cm (BL); Equipment: Polyester; Hanging loop: Yes

2. Personalized embroidered Santa bag in silver: The best personalized Christmas bag

Price: £ 15 | Buy now on Amazon

For those who prefer a bag to a bottom, these personalized bags are a fun alternative. You can choose from a reindeer, snowman, Santa Claus, or penguin design, and personalize it with a name of up to 12 characters.

Each name is embroidered, rather than just printed, making these bags look a lot more upscale than the price suggests. We’re big fans of the cute designs on these bags, but we think the biggest plus is the size. With a height of 70cm, they are large enough to hold all your Christmas presents and more. If you like to look big at Christmas, this Santa Claus bag is for you.

Key details – Size: 50 x 70 cm (BL); Equipment: Polyester blend; Hanging loop: No

3. Drawstring Canvas Santa Claus Gift Bag: The Best Traditional Christmas Bag

Price: £ 11 | Buy now on Amazon

Perfect for kids and adults alike, this retro-style canvas bag is a festive staple for Christmas lovers who prefer to keep it simple. It features a classic design printed in black and North Pole red and there is also space on the front to write, embroider or paint someone’s name if you like.

With a width of 50cm, this is an excellent size and shape for all your stocking fillers or, if you prefer to organize your gifts by bag, it can also be used for a variety of large sized gifts. We love that this bag is secured with a drawstring as it keeps stray eyes from guessing gifts and also doubles as a hanging loop – as long as the bag isn’t overloaded with gifts.

Key details – Size: 50 x 70 cm (BL); Equipment: Polyester blend; Hanging loop: No

4. Classic Naughty Cat Hand Embroidered Stockings: The Best Christmas Stocking For Cat Lovers

Price: £ 12 | Buy now on Amazon

These pretty, hand-embroidered stockings come in several styles, but by far our favorite is the naughty cat. This playful little character is perfect for the cat lover in your life and features a kitten reaching for string lights, ready to wreak havoc.

However, it’s not just the design that makes it a great choice. Measuring 46cm high and 18cm wide, this is the perfect size for all those classic stocking filler gifts. Plus, it’s well lined, which means you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come without having to worry about tearing yourself apart.

Key details – Size: 18 x 46 cm (BL); Equipment: Polyester blend; Hanging loop: Yes

5. Skylety two-piece Christmas stocking: the best stockings for siblings

Price: £ 16 | Buy now on Amazon

Fun, festive and 3D, this pair of buffalo check stockings is ideal for siblings or friends. We are absolutely won over by the cute characters and colors, both of which are wonderfully Christmas. They aren’t huge, so they might not be an ideal choice if you like to give gifts, but they’re still big enough to accommodate a lot of smaller gifts.

The bottom material is extra thick and durable, so they’ll be good to use year after year, and what’s more, they come with a hanging loop, which means they can hang over the mantle or anywhere in the house where you have a hook.

Key details – Size: 52 x 23 cm (BL); Equipment: Checked fabric; Hanging loop: Yes

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