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About the best pens to buy

In its most basic form, a pen only needs to do one thing, but there are plenty of reasons to choose one over the other. Does it slide or slide across the page? Does the ink flow in a smooth line or is it unexpected? Does the pen taste good or will note-taking give you hand cramps? And what does it look like? With so many varieties available, from plastic ballpoint pens sold by the dozen to the thousand dollar fountain pens sought after by collectors, we were determined to find the best pens for everyday use.

We consulted a panel of experts, selected through personal favorites, and extracted our own pen cover to screen the best applicants. Then we called up and tested dozens of gels, pens, markers, ballpoint pens, and fountain pens and tested them. The resulting list is a ranking of the best pens.

Few of us prefer a thinner line and few of us a thicker one (even in the ranks of strategists there is disagreement). A beautiful feather from one person may not be harmful to another. The finer the point, the more likely it is to be scratched.

Here is the list of the best pens

Jetstream Uni-ball

A top choice among professional scribes, the Uni-Ball Jetstream Pen combines the smooth, crisp lines of a gel pen with the quick-drying properties of a traditional ballpoint pen. Using a unique hybrid ink that resists water, fade and scratches, the jetstream’s raised handles are a pleasure to hold; Stainless steel accents also look great.

Available in bold (1.0mm) or fine point (0.7mm), the fast-drying hybrid ink is especially ideal for left-handers, who need to constantly be on the lookout for smeared pages as they write . And with three ink options (black, blue, red) to choose from, the Uni-Ball Jetstream is a great all-purpose pen for anyone. If you need a practical, everyday writing tool that won’t smudge or fade, look no further.

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Multiliner Copic 1.0mm

Picking the best pen for drawing was a tight competition, but in the end we had to go with the Copic 1.0mm Multiliner, which is a top quality pen in every way. The ink is densely pigmented, adheres well to paper and creates crisp, clear lines. Copic sells its Multiliners in a variety of thicknesses, so you can choose the option that best suits your artistic style. Artists report they are comfortable to wear and won’t scratch even in the thinnest sizes. Finally, the stove is good value for money and is refillable.

Ben O’Brien, aka Ben the Illustrator, started using Copic pens a few years ago for the Inktober challenge. Although he used a range of different nib options, his preference was for the 1.0 pen (although he also noted that the Copic Multiliner pen is “glossy”). “I find the thinner pens too hard, but the 1.0 feels delicious. I use it for “good drawings”, usually on textured watercolor paper. “Copic thin pencils are great for drawing,” agrees interactive designer Sush Kelly. “I use them primarily for inking sketches; I wouldn’t waste these bad boys on grades and so on. I love the ultra-thin rechargeable tips; I tend to use 0.05, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, and 0.8 “.

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Uni-ball Vision Elite Ballpoint Pen

Sometimes you need a pen that works no matter where you take it. The Uni-ball Vision Elite Rollerball Pen is one such instrument, which uses an advanced ink formula that adheres to the fibers of the paper; Uni-flow technology allows for smooth, even lines that dry quickly, without smearing. This ink is also resistant to chemicals, water and fade, which means added peace of mind with any sensitive document. (This helps prevent laundering of criminal checks and other illegal document modifications.)

Speaking of peace of mind, jet sets will love the Vision Elite rollerball pen for its increased durability; Aircraft grade barrels do not leak when cabin pressure fluctuates. A leaky pen can ruin your day, but Uni-ball has you covered.

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Pentel Brush Pen

With its strong synthetic bristles, strong, precise tip, and water and fade resistant ink, the Pentel Brush Pen ranks second as our favorite all-rounder for drawing. Artists we spoke with said these pens are great for creating a variety of different line types, although the delicate tip takes some getting used to. The deep black pigment scans very well; ideal if you want to finish your work digitally. However, you will need to be careful when transporting them: ink may leak or clump if the cap is not tight.

Illustrator Ailish Sullivan has fond memories of receiving her first Pentel Brush Pen. “A guy in my illustration class offered me one and I was blown away,” she recalls. “I think I drew the rest of my course with him because he added character and a personal touch with each stroke. I’ve been dating this guy for 10 years… a love affair started with a paintbrush!

“I like the variety of lines you can get with the ballpoint pen. If you want to be really expressive, the individual hairs create a great texture when you run them across the page. When you want something really specific, it can work just as well, with practice. When you want to add a feeling of weight, you can increase the pressure slightly for a more daring finish.

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Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Pens

If gel ink is your problem, you won’t be disappointed with the Pilot G2 retractable gel ink pens. Available in a plethora of diverse colors (27 to be exact) and 4 tip sizes (1.0mm to 0.38mm), this is by far (hey!) One of the best pens you can find on the market. today. The rubber grip keeps the Pilot G2 firmly in your hand and the sturdy clip makes it easy to put in your pocket.

Whether you use it for drawing or handwriting, gel pens are a great choice for everyday use, thanks to the ink’s quick-drying and long-lasting properties. Some consumer reviews have reported that the ink can smudge when wet, but overall this is still the best gel ink pen you can use today.

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V7 Rollerball Driver

The Pilot V7 Rollerball is essentially a hybrid between a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen, and our favorite pen for writing. Comfortable to hold, it produces a clean, smooth line with no smudges, and there’s a clear ink tank window so you can be sure you get extra refills on time.

Kelly uses the 0.7mm version for everything from creating to-do lists to creating quick wireframes. “It’s a great feeling,” he enthuses. “This might not be great for a really precise drawing, because the flow is quite fast for a roll. But otherwise, it’s my pen.”

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Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen

Pilot makes a variety of reliable pens, but the Metropolitan fountain pen is sleeker than many of its cheaper cousins. It’s also more affordable than you might think, and the top version is just as functional; reviewers noted smooth ink lines and a slim, comfortable grip. The Medium, Medium Italic and Fine lines (available in over a dozen colors) offer something for everyone.

Designed for everyday use, the laser-cut Japanese tip is superbly utilitarian and the brass body adds a bit more weight; the included hard case is an added bonus. The Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen comes with an ink cartridge and compression converter, so you can add your own ink from an inkwell. If you’ve never used a fountain pen before, this is absolutely the one to use to start your collection.

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MoMa MUJI gel ink pen

Maybe it’s because we’re Japanese, but Muju’s MoMa pen with its unusual 0.38mm nib is clearly our favorite for the best gel pen. These produce a fine line and constant flow, and the ink will not smudge when wet. You can also buy refills.

And art director, designer and illustrator Savanna Rawson uses them for linework in her illustrations. “I was originally more interested in using this pen for my fine print, but in recent years I’ve used it for drawing as well,” she says. “I find it great for linework on my illustrations, which I then complete with watercolor washes. The ink does not reactivate with water, which is fine. “

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Tombow Fudenosuke brush marker

If calligraphy is your thing, the best marker for you is the Tombow Fudenosuke marker. You can assume that the best calligraphy pens cost a lot of money. But really, our recommendation is a brand that is made in Japan and delivers great results, yet is surprisingly affordable. Offered as a set, with a soft type and a hard type, these lightweight pens are very easy to use, with a flexible tip that is perfect for the nuanced lines and curves needed to create beautiful Japanese writing.

“I recently got a good calligraphy set with nibs and inks and all that,” says branding and marketing guru Aleksandra Tambor. “But my Tombow markers are still the best for quick calligraphy and lettering. “

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Precise Driver V5 RT

Looking for ultra-fine precision in a pen that’s also suitable for left-handers? The Pilot Precise V5 RT is our best option. This retractable ballpoint pen offers smooth, skip-free writing, precise laser lines and a variety of vivid colors. Unique ink formula allows for uniform strokes; the rubber grip is comfortable for handwriting; and the aircraft-safe design prevents leakage during altitude jumps.

Pilot products pride themselves on being the pinnacle of premium calligraphy, and the Precise line is indeed a popular choice. Especially for left-handers, because stains are almost non-existent. Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but the Pilot Precise V5 RT is well worth it. The classic design will have you looking for your favorite moleskin.

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Final words: the best pens to buy

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