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Which welcome sign is the best?

Welcome signs allow guests to feel your hospitality before they even enter your home. They can be placed on the ground or hung on the door, fence or any other place of entry. Before purchasing a welcome sign, consider its size, weather resistance, and what it’s made of.

If you are looking for a beautiful, durable hanging welcome sign with multiple phrases, the Large Main Event Outdoor Welcome Sign is the first choice.

What to know before buying a welcome sign


Welcome signs come in different shapes and sizes. If you know where you want to place your panel, use a tape measure to measure the space and make sure the panel will fit. If you plan to hang it on a door, a lightweight sign is ideal for easy mobility when the door is opened and closed.

Weather resistance

The best welcome signs are resistant to the elements that can cause them to rot, rust, build up mold, or break. Metal panels may rust over time and plastic panels may not be durable enough to withstand certain weather conditions. If a sign is made of wood, it can rot when it sits outside. But the wood, if perfectly varnished, will resist wind, water and general wear and tear.

What to Look for in a Quality Welcome Sign


Most signs feature a general welcome message, while some are for a specific season. If your sign is customizable, with decorative accessories for parties or other special events, you will get the most out of it.

Easy assembly

Welcome signs generally require no assembly. Some heavy signs meant to sit against a wall just need to be placed in a safe place, while others require you to hang them. If your sign needs to be hung, make sure it comes with the necessary hardware or you have it on hand.

How much you can expect to spend on a welcome sign

The best welcome signs cost between $20 and $80, depending on the materials they’re made from, their size, and their level of customization.

Welcome Panel FAQ

What is aged wood?

A. Many welcome signs are designed with distressed wood. Distressed wood involves the use of tools and chemicals to give the wood a rustic, old look. It gives any space a classic, cozy feel, and buyers are buying distressed wood to enhance the rustic or rustic look of their home.

How can I make sure my welcome sign is placed safely outside?

A. If you have a welcome sign that just asks you to lean it against your house and you want more weather protection or are worried about it falling off in strong winds, consider using a low-profile Command Tape. You can also put a removable adhesive on the ground to fix the panel.

What is the best welcome sign to buy?

High welcome sign

Large Main Event Outdoor Welcome Sign

What do you want to know: This wooden sign is varnished to resist bad weather.

What you will love: The sign lettering is painted under the varnish and cannot be peeled off. It won’t rot or shatter and is double-sided with two different phrases. One side says “Welcome” and the other side says “Home Sweet Home”. Although thick and durable, the panel is also lightweight and can be used all year round.

What you should consider: A few reviewers said their panels arrived damaged.

Or buy: Amazon

Top welcome sign for the money

RoseCraft Interchangeable Seasonal Welcome Sign

RoseCraft Interchangeable Seasonal Welcome Sign

What do you want to know: This ‘Welcome Home’ wooden sign comes with customizable decor so it can be used all year round.

What you will love: It is thick and includes faux foliage and a bow. The “o” in “Home” can be replaced with 14 holiday designs, including a Christmas tree, a clover for St. Patrick’s Day, a red-white-and-blue star for Independence Day, and a pumpkin- lantern for Halloween.

What you should consider: It comes with the hanger but does not include any tools or adhesives to secure it securely in place. It’s not waterproof, and some reviewers say it’s not great for surviving the elements.

Or buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

RusticDesignWorks Welcome Sign

RusticDesignWorks Welcome Sign

What do you want to know: This sign is handmade and available in five sizes.

What you will love: You can choose the colors and if you wish distressed. The manufacturer does its best to use materials that are chip resistant and sends a personal note with every shipment.

What you should consider: Since this sign is handmade and hand painted, some have more knots in the wood than others.

Or buy: Etsy

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