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Black Widow # 8 is published by Marvel comics, written by Kelly Thompson, with illustrations by Elena Casagrande and Rafael de Latorre, inks by Elisabetta D’amico and Rafael de Latorre, colors by Jordie Bellaire and letters by Cory Petit. With their raid on the Apogee rally having little results other than seeing a scared youngster reduced to sand, the Widows are apparently back to square one of their investigation.

This month’s story begins with Natasha and Yelena hanging out in a public park as they wait to meet Anya to exchange information. While awaiting the arrival of their compatriot, Natasha observes a woman and her young son at the edge of a pond, feeding ducks. This triggers Nat’s memories of her recently separated son Stevie. Seeing Natasha’s generally piercing eyes linger, Yelena quickly deduces what’s going on and tries to get her teammate to open up to her.

Yelena’s investigation leads to Black Widow # 8 ′This is the strongest moment, as Natasha launches into a much more complicated confession about her feelings than I was prepared for. Writer Thompson has clearly reflected on the tangle and pain of the many conflicting emotions Natasha carries with her around her family. The moment is further heightened by Yelena’s genuine attempts to help her fellow widow, though that sort of thing is clearly not her expertise.

After the two widows passed on to Anya what they learned from the last issue’s raid, most of Black Widow # 8 sees our team of female spies continuing their investigations into Apogee. While Anya is still learning the ropes of the spy game, she quickly finds herself in a sticky situation that requires a more active hand than what surveillance and intelligence gathering typically seek. But sometimes it is enough to intervene.

The final part of this story catches up with Lucy as she tries to deal with what might lie ahead due to the powers imposed on her by Apogee. Once again, Thompson takes a moment to flex the muscles in her character writing as Natasha tries to help Lucy deal with her situation.

Art in Black Widow # 8 provides all the visuals necessary to fully deliver both the emotion and the danger of the story of the book. The artists Casagrande and Latorre work together wonderfully to provide a seamless visual presentation between them. While I can’t help but praise once again the moving poetry Natasha becomes during Casagrande’s two-page fight panel this month. Drawing on the artist’s pair of line art, Bellaire delivers the book’s signature color palette with all the skills the seasoned veteran still brings to the book.

Petit’s magnificent lettering completes the book. Along with their excellent dialogue placement, Petit also has some wonderful sound effects that help some of the actions in the book land with that extra pop.

When all is said and done, Black Widow # 8 builds the current storyline well as the trio of heroes continue to search for information regarding their elusive request.

Black Widow # 8 is available now wherever comics are sold.

Black Widow # 8


Black Widow # 8 builds the current storyline well as the trio of heroes continue to search for information regarding their elusive request.

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