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THIS: 94and International art exhibition with jury at the AAH

May means multiple arrivals, from the first of May to the flowers that bloom on my birthday and, a few days later, 3rd in the Bourg. The May issue also talks about longevity. Not me at 71, but the Art Association of Harrisburg’s 94and Juried International Art Show with its opening reception on Friday evening from 5 to 8 p.m.

“The Little Death” by Nicole Dubé

After more than 90 years of this global spectacle, the AAH has turned it into a science. Curator Rachel O’Connor and CEO Carrie Wissler-Thomas promise a stellar cast of artists and art from here and abroad. The gallery will be jam-packed, covering every medium imaginable. Jury selections are being finalized with many submissions. Ms O’Connor captured one under serious scrutiny for a preview.

Carlisle photographer extraordinaire, Nicole Dube, has created thought-provoking and haunting digital photography with a nod to portraiture from the past. Dube’s directing was powerful enough to win second place in cinematography for this prestigious show. His lens is a beautiful resting female figure, slumped in a chair that hints at an air of mystery that envelops the scene. The color photograph, titled “La Petite Mort”, only widens the gap as an opening and with inconclusive evidence in sight.

Better call Poirot. The Friday night festivities feature artist/musician Jonathan Frazier, who offers music perfect for the season. The guest juror is Nadiah Rivera Fellah, curator at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The sponsors of the exhibition are Traci Meloni and David Volkman. The show runs from May 20 to July 7.

Illustrated by Wei Guo Peaden

The international theme continues at the MLK City Government Center in Harrisburg. Operating under the aegis of the AAH, Carrie Wissler-Thomas offers art exhibits to businesses in the area. Chinese artist Wei Guo Peaden showcases artistic diversity through her “Traditional Chinese Paintings,” which promote community engagement. The show now runs until August 31 at City Hall. The exhibition presents watercolors in ink. Traditional Chinese painting follows the aesthetics of calligraphy, adhering to finely executed brushstrokes. The lounge is open to the public during normal business hours at 1 N. 2n/a St., Harrisburg.

QUE: Youth Art Exhibition at Nyeusi Gallery

At what age does artistic talent and creativity begin? In all likelihood, in the womb, as humanity is genetically hardwired at birth. This predisposition takes root when mentored by like-minded parents, teachers, and even friends.

The Nyeusi Gallery in Midtown offers kids 5 and up their own exclusive exhibit to show off their art, with an opening reception on Sunday, May 22 at 6 p.m. Before the gallery opened its doors last September, one of its cornerstones was built around community involvement beyond the Midtown corridor where Nyeusi is located at 1224 N. 3rd St. This latest exhibit will add dimension additional to this promise. After all, the future is in the hands of our youth, both intellectually and creatively.

Gallery owners Dr Dale Dangleben and Michelle Green are playbook proponents of putting art outreach programs at the center of their mission to keep young people involved. Through interest and efforts that engage young hands as well as minds, Nyeusi continues to explore new avenues of participation.

In addition to youth art, Michelle hosts regular chess club sessions for kids while her partner keeps intellects sharp by presenting trivia podcasts imparting wisdom for all ages. Both invite young and old to this first annual “youth art exhibition” this Sunday evening. Bring the kids and grandkids along to open up a world of possibilities. After all, there is no age limit when it comes to art. The exhibition runs from May 22 to June 22.


A thank you event was recently held at the Carlisle Arts Learning Center (CALC) on Cinco de Mayo, the art haven hosting a salute party from M&T Bank to area nonprofits. Staging is a crucial part of any event’s puzzle, requiring an artistic ambiance that sets the bar high. Nobody does it better than the ladies of CALC. This evening was hosted by Maureen Madio, who paid great attention to the smallest details.

Cinco de Mayo at the Carlisle Arts Learning Center

Upon entering the CALC’s upstairs gallery, guests were transported to the enchanting country of Mexico with handmade paper flowers forming a garden of magnificent splendour. Making Madio’s Mayflowers even prettier than the real deal was no easy task, but she topped it off by mixing up a medley of margaritas, made memorable by their colorful array. She was assisted by Cathy Stone, curator, Becky Richeson, executive director, and Lauren Aungst, ceramic workshop coordinator, as well as Savannah Manetta, art professor at CALC and AAH.

The party was a success from all points of view. The party thanked Carlisle nonprofits and featured an impassioned speech from Morgan Rector, Vice Chairman of M&T Bank, who eloquently paid tribute to the tireless board members and staff who often operate in behind the scenes. These nonprofits are agents of change, making the community of Carlisle a remarkable contributor to a better way of life in central PA. The long-standing partnership, with CALC which organizes this annual event, is guaranteed by M&T Bank in recognition of the achievements and services of non-profit organisations.

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