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Usborne Books History of Islam is the best book one can get as a child, as it contains everything a youngster needs to know about their religion. Part of a series, which contains books on sports, space, history and literature, it simplifies Islam for the young mind and tells its story in a friendly way.

Written by renowned writer Rob Lloyd Jones, who has written on many other subjects, The History of Islam tells the basic story of Islam. From the early years of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace_be_upon_him), this book traces the origin of the religion and explains its teachings and spread throughout the world. The early years of Islam are explained as “young” minds would like. With strong illustrations and images, the story itself turns into a movie, in the mind of the young reader.

Future chapters will cover how Islam flourished during the time of the first four caliphs, followed by the many dynasties that helped the religion grow across the world. The compilation of the Holy Book, the geniuses of Muslim scientists, doctors, mathematicians and the eventual downfall of the Caliphate system, are also explained in the book. Usually these are not explained to children.

The spread of Islam to various parts of the world and how it has drifted away from the Middle East is worth as much as revising a world atlas with religious know-how. From the cave where the Holy Prophet (PBUH) received his first call, to holy mosques, the rise of Islamic calligraphy to instruments that even led to the discovery of many places including America, the images are mesmerizing on every page.

The way important cities like Mecca, Medina, Baghdad, Damascus, Jerusalem and Constantinople are mentioned in the book intrigues young minds. The rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire also explains the good and bad days of a once mighty empire.

The sixty-page book is as good as a time machine for kids, who won’t stop asking questions once they’re done with this book.

The timeline at the end of the book summarizes the story and is a collector’s item. Just reading one chapter a day would make you healthier, richer and wiser.

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