Bunnings employee reveals incredible truth behind orange sale signs in new TikTok video

Bunnings revealed a very surprising fact about the store’s iconic orange sales signs.

Illuminated posters announcing the retail price on various items are synonymous with the retail giant.

Watch the Bunnings Orange Sale Signs video above

But while many have assumed the posters were created by a business or a writer, it appears they weren’t.

Bunnings workers have been confirmed to learn the specific style of calligraphy to use when creating the posters.

“We’ve always had handwritten signage in our stores,” Bunnings general manager – operations Ryan Baker told 7NEWS.com.au.

This Bunnings worker shows off her ‘flawless’ technique in a TikTok video. Credit: @ VictoriaYousif_ / TikTok

“We offer calligraphy classes, but we find that many of the team members have a natural talent for it.”

However, a slew of new social media videos by members of the Bunnings team shows that it’s a lot harder than it looks.

“Not the best sign writer,” one said in a TikTok video, showing his completed work.

Victoriayousif_, another TikTok user, shared footage of herself writing a sales sign for water-based enamel paint, with hundreds praising her “flawless” technique.

“It’s so satisfying,” said one of them.

Many were blown away by the revelation that Bunnings workers were making their own signs.

“I’ve always wondered how on Earth they still look the same and are handwritten,” one commented.

Adding another: “All these signs that I have ever seen in my life seem to have been written by the same person. How? ‘Or’ What? Is there only one person in the world who does this? “

Bunnings employees learn to do the distinctive calligraphy style seen on orange sales signs.
Bunnings employees learn to do the distinctive calligraphy style seen on orange sales signs. Credit: AddictedToBargains / Instagram

Bunnings employees respond

Several Bunnings employees have confirmed on social media that staff learn the “technique,” ​​but usually only a few employees per store have perfected it.

“Being good at doing it is a whole different thing,” one said.

Adding another: “Every store has one or two people who are good at it, the others avoid it!”

Another said: “As someone who has worked for JB Hi-Fi, I know those feelings. Crazy respect!

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