Carters’ vintage funfair is coming to Basingstoke this weekend

A VINTAGE funfair with blockbuster films such as Paddington 2 and Rocketman is coming to Basingstoke this weekend.

The Carters Steam Fair arrives at War Memorial Park this weekend and will open to the public on Saturday and Sunday.

In addition to a range of vintage fairground rides and attractions, residents can also expect to enjoy a 9 p.m. fireworks display on Saturdays.

Dating from the 1890s to the 1960s, the vintage rides have featured in films such as Paddington 2 and Rocketman and TV shows such as Call the Midwife.

The fair has been blocked for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic and associated restrictions.

Fairground owner Joby Carter has put a lot of thought into making sure the fairground experience is secure from Covid.

It offers free rides to those who book online and choose the day of their visit, as it allows Carters to monitor the number of visitors.

Around the fair there are hand disinfection stations and the rides are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals.

The rides are also further away from each other to allow visitors to socially distance themselves from each other as they move around the fair.

Joby said: “It’s great to be on tour again after a year of lockdown and I’m excited to host the fair in Basingstoke. We are looking forward to seeing a lot of smiles when people visit.

“The kids have missed out on a lot of fun over the past year or so – some toddlers who grew up in confinement haven’t had a chance to visit a fair yet!

“We wanted to find a way to bring back family fun and smiles to children’s faces, but in a way that was as reassuring for parents as possible. Our goal right now is to create good old-fashioned fun for families in a If you book your ride tokens online before you arrive, we are giving you extra free rides as a thank you.

“I encourage all who visit to take a close look at the fair’s lettering and artwork. Stand next to our brightly colored trucks with huge letters over three feet high and see if you can figure out how we manage to hand paint everything!

“During the lockdown, I was thrilled to see the interest in these traditional skills, and I have now shared these skills globally – I think we’ve bought books in over 40 countries until here !

“I hope you enjoy the artwork as you walk through the fair. If you want to try sign writing or fancy lettering yourself, you can even purchase a copy of the book when you visit or come to one of my classes at Maidenhead Later in the year. ”

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