As a writer for an Android blog, I take a lot of screenshots. For example: this article. Android has offered a built-in editor for screenshots for some time, but it becomes a bit more useful in Developer Preview 3 of the upcoming Android 12. If you try the new version, you will see a font selection option for markup. tool.

The screenshot editor has been significantly improved in the developer’s initial preview, adding the ability to drop text and emoji on screenshots. In DP2, the emoji feature has been moved to the text tool (like most other places where you type text on your phone). In DP3, you now have a selection of five different fonts, which appear in the tool at the top of the interface.

In addition to the standard and sans serif bold + italics, there’s a serif font, fancy script, and fun bubble letters. Text can be placed in a handful of colors and moved, resized and collapsed or enlarged with the usual gesture controls.

One thing we still don’t see: support for scrolling screenshots, at least on the user side. Well, there’s always the next preview.

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