How to get unique ID names in the game

Free Fire has managed to make its mark on the mobile platform, becoming one of the most downloaded and played games of its genre. Once installed, when creating an account initially, players must set up a nickname or IGN. There has been a tendency among gamers to have IGNs with …

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Use any of these fonts to save ink and money

Printer ink is the gift that keeps on taking. It’s expensive, it’s not even fun to use, and it always seems to run out in the blink of an eye. Soon you are spending more money on replacements … and the vicious cycle begins again in an endless loop. One …

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Police Android 12, icon customization may be gone for good

Android has always been famous for its customization options, but in Android 10 Google took this even further with the ability to easily adjust system accent colors and fonts. In Android 12, however, it looks like the ability to swap fonts and icons will be removed in favor of Material …

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