Ramdane Touhami brings the police back from the dead

Franco-Moroccan artist Ramdane touhami, in her iconic wool cap, has boundless energy and an alluring spiel. He is the ultimate man of ideas with interests in beauty, music, fashion and furniture. As part of its process of shaping the perfumed and flowery universe of the French apothecary brand Buly 1803 …

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The 11 best multilingual fonts in 2021

Deploying the best multilingual fonts will increase your ability to communicate with your audience. As the name suggests, these fonts are specially designed to handle the various characters found in multiple languages ​​so that your content is accessible to an international audience. If you’ve ever read an online translation, you …

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How police psychology relates to human nature

This piece is written in Lora. My texts are delivered to Helvetica and the sushi restaurant down the street from my house uses Futura for its logo. Fonts are everywhere – a ubiquitous part of society that has emerged as a by-product of our need to share language, words, and …

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