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NEW YORK (AP) – An investigation found Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed nearly a dozen women inside and outside state government and was working to retaliate against the one of his accusers, the New York attorney general said on Tuesday, hastening calls for the Democrat’s resignation or impeachment.


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President Joe Biden was among those who said Cuomo should step down, a high-profile condemnation from a close former ally.

“I think he should resign,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

The governor remained defiant, saying in a taped response to the findings that “the facts are very different from what has been described” and that he “has never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances.”

The nearly five-month investigation, conducted by two outside lawyers, found that 11 women who said Cuomo inappropriately touched them, commented on their appearance or made suggestive comments about their sex lives were telling the truth.

Those accusers included an aide who said Cuomo groped his chest in the governor’s mansion and a state trooper on his security details, who said he ran his hand or fingers over his stomach and his back.

Anne Clark, who led the investigation with former US prosecutor Joon Kim, said the allegations were corroborated to varying degrees, including by other contemporary witnesses and text messages.

“These interviews and evidence revealed a deeply disturbing but clear picture: Governor Cuomo sexually harassed current and former state employees in violation of federal and state laws,” New York Attorney General Letitia said. James, at a press conference on Tuesday.

Many women said they feared reprisal if they reported the governor’s behavior, investigators said. On at least one occasion, according to the investigation, Cuomo staff took action “to discredit and denigrate” an accuser – Lindsey Boylan, the first former employee to publicly accuse him of wrongdoing – including including leaking confidential personal files and writing a letter attacking his credibility.

The investigation’s findings, detailed in a 165-page public report, increase the pressure on the 63-year-old governor, who just a year ago was widely praised for his steadfast leadership during the darkest days of the COVID-19 crisis, even write a book about it.

Since then he has seen his position crumble with a drumbeat of harassment allegations, questions in a separate and ongoing investigation into whether state resources were used to write the book and the discovery. that his administration had hidden the true number of deaths in nursing homes during the outbreak.

The revelations, most of which were initially made public last winter, led to a chorus of appeals and then Cuomo’s resignation of many Democrats elected in New York. American senses Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand said after the report was released on Tuesday that it strengthens the call for his resignation which they first launched last March.

“No elected representative is above the law. New Yorkers deserve better leadership in the governor’s office. We continue to believe that the governor should resign, ”they said in a joint statement.


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While James concluded the investigation without returning the case to prosecutors for possible criminal charges, local authorities could use his evidence and findings to mount their own cases. Albany District Attorney David Soares said he would request documents from James’ office and urged victims to contact his office with information.

The findings of the investigation are also expected to play an important role in an ongoing state assembly investigation into whether there are grounds for impeaching Cuomo, who has raised funds for a potential fourth term. The Assembly has hired its own legal team to investigate a myriad of allegations regarding harassment, its book, nursing homes and special access to COVID-19 testing.

Several Cuomo accusers have demanded faster action, calling on the governor to step down immediately. Some lawmakers from Democratic and Republican states have joined them, as have former allies of Cuomo, including county leaders and leaders of left-wing political groups.

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, who would succeed Cuomo if he is impeached or resigns, called the behavior detailed in the report “disgusting and illegal behavior” and said: “No one is above the law.”

In her recorded response, Cuomo apologized to two accusers: Charlotte Bennett, who said the governor asked her if she was open to sex with an older man after telling him she had been the victim of sexual assault, and a woman he kissed. a wedding – an incident reported in a New York Times front page article. Cuomo said he was hiring an expert to reform sexual harassment training for state employees, including the governor.

But he denied other allegations as fabricated and castigated during the investigative process, saying they were full of “politics and bias.” He explained that he had physically kissed people all his life, that his mother and father, former Governor Mario Cuomo, had done the same and that the gesture was meant to “transmit warmth”.

Cuomo’s attorney refuted the investigation’s findings in writing, arguing in most cases that serious allegations, such as the alleged trial and error, had not occurred or that his actions had been misinterpreted.

“For those who take advantage of this moment to score political points or seek publicity or personal gain. I’m saying they’re actually discrediting the legitimate victims of sexual harassment that the law was designed to protect, ”Cuomo said.

Bennett called the governor’s apology “trivial.”

“If he was sorry, he would withdraw. That’s the way accountability works, ”she told The Associated Press. “I don’t believe he will resign. I think it is the speaker’s job now to start the impeachment process.

The report detailed, for the first time, allegations that Cuomo sexually harassed a female state soldier over her security details. He said that in addition to touching the soldier, Cuomo kissed her on the cheek, asked her for help finding a girlfriend, and asked why she wasn’t wearing a dress.

The report also included an allegation by a woman who worked for an energy company who said Cuomo touched his chest at an event. The woman said Cuomo ran his fingers over the letters on his shirt, reading his company name aloud. Then he leaned over and said, “I’ll say I see a spider on your shoulder,” and put his hand between her shoulder and her breasts, according to the report.

“These brave women stepped forward to speak the truth to power and in doing so they expressed their faith in the belief that although the governor can be powerful, the truth is even more powerful,” Kim said at the conference. press conference.

Cuomo faced several allegations last winter, starting with Boylan, who said Cuomo kissed her on the lips after a meeting in his office and “would go out of his way to touch my lower back, them. arms and legs “.

After Boylan went public, Cuomo staff released media memos revealing that she left the administration after facing complaints she downplayed and yelled at her staff. Boylan said the leak was “an effort to get me dirty.”

In an 11-hour interview with investigators last month, Cuomo admitted some behavior while denying other allegations, investigators said. For example, Clark said, he admitted to asking Bennett if she had been involved with older men and said he may have kissed the state soldier at an event, but denied having touched her.

When asked about an allegation he grabbed a woman’s breast at the Executive Mansion, according to the report, Cuomo replied, “I should lose my mind to do such a thing” to a woman he barely knew with several. staff around.

The investigation, which involved interviews with 179 people, including the governor himself, also found that Cuomo’s administration was a hostile work environment “rife with fear and intimidation.”

Cuomo has always denied inappropriate touching, but first said he was sorry if his behavior with women was “misinterpreted as unwanted flirtation.” He has become more combative in recent months, claiming he hasn’t done anything wrong.

He also questioned the neutrality of the lawyers leading the investigation. Kim, has been involved in previous corruption investigations by people in the Cuomo administration.

New York State regulations state that sexual harassment includes unwanted behavior of a sexual nature – from unwanted flirting to sexual jokes – that creates an offensive work environment, regardless of the abuser’s intent.

Cuomo championed a landmark 2019 state law that made it easier for victims of sexual harassment to prove their case in court. Alleged victims no longer have to meet the high bar of proving that sexual harassment is “serious and pervasive”.


Associated Press writer Jocelyn Noveck contributed to this report.


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AfterShock announces “The Heathens” – Multiversity Comics https://letrasenredadas.com/aftershock-announces-the-heathens-multiversity-comics/ https://letrasenredadas.com/aftershock-announces-the-heathens-multiversity-comics/#respond Tue, 03 Aug 2021 13:05:14 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/aftershock-announces-the-heathens-multiversity-comics/

Cover by Sami Kivelä

AfterShock Comics has announced “The Heathens”, a new supernatural series from writers Cullen Bunn and Heath Amodio, featuring illustrations by Sami Kivelä (“Undone by Blood”, “Abbott”), colors by Jason Wordie and letters from Simon Bowland . The comic will see some of history’s most evil souls escape Hell and the Pirate Queen Ching shih be ordered to hunt them down and recover them. His team, the pagans, will be made up of fellow historical criminals. Lucky Luciano, Bumpy johnson, Sofia the Golden Hand, and Billy the kid.

Bunn said in the press release: “Anyone who knows me as a creator knows that I love historical figures and periods. They also know that I love to infuse stories featuring these characters and periods with a good dose of the supernatural. Heath gave me the seed of this idea, and I loved him from the jump. He has a story, villains, even worse villains, supernatural worlds and redemption – all I have could hope for in a book! ”

Heath Amodio is the co-founder of Bunn’s production company Hustle and Heart Films. He said, “Cullen really focuses on my writing. I tend to start writing and all that is discovered is where I go with the story. Cullen is more structured than I am, and it really helps to go back and forth with a story like this. He’s a great writer so working with him over the past couple of years has definitely improved my own storytelling.

“The Heathens” # 1 will be released on November 3 and retail for $ 4.99. You can read the entire solicitation and Q&A with the authors under Andrea Mutti’s incentive cover, as well as illiterate interior illustrations.

The Pagans # 1 / $ 4.99 / 32 pages / Color / 03.11.2021

Screenwriters: Cullen Bunn and Heath Amodio

Artist: Sami Kivelä

Colorist: Jason Wordie

Writer: Simon Bowland

Cover: Sami Kivelä with Jason Wordie

Incentive cover: Andrea Mutti

When evil men and women escape from the depths of the Eternal Abyss, the Pirate Queen Lady Shih is sent to retrieve them. But when one of history’s most notorious killers breaks free, even she needs help. Enter the pagans: Shih, Lucky Luciano, Bumpy Johnson, Sofia the Golden Hand and Billy the Kid. From Hell they came to dispense justice as dark as their own tormented souls.

From the wonderfully miserable imaginations of Cullen Bunn (EDEN, PIECEMEAL, DARK ARK) and Heath Amodio (SuperCLEAN), and illustrated by superstar Sami Kivelä (UNDONE BY BLOOD), in THE HEATHENS, evil meets its equal – five of them, to be exact.


“THE HEATHENS is the story of five of history’s most notorious villains, all tasked with working together to stop a vicious killer who is far worse than them. When the world’s worst human monsters escape from the afterlife, the pagans are sent to bring them back. I think readers will really love these characters and their adventures, and I can’t wait to see which characters will be fan favorites!


“Anyone who knows me as a designer knows that I love historical figures and periods. They also know that I like to infuse the stories featuring these characters and these periods with a good dose of the supernatural. Heath gave me the seed for this idea, and I loved it right from the jump. It has a history, villains, even worse villains, supernatural worlds, and redemption – everything I could hope for in a book! “


“It’s really nice to have a collaborator to exchange ideas with, and when it comes to scripting, Heath and I are able to support each other. I write the pages that I’m most passionate about. It is only when we both want to write the same pages that we have to enter death battle mode!


1. Readers can see 5 of history’s most notorious men and women confront the world’s most infamous murderer.

2. Tons of kicking action!

3. Sami and Jason killed him with art. The book is magnificent!


“Everyone at AfterShock has been very supportive from day one. The team’s enthusiasm for this project was palpable, which really helped drive the writing. Sami made some good art calls, experimenting with the panels and layouts that really added to the storytelling. He and Jason did an amazing job bringing our vision to life.


“Cullen really focuses on my writing. I tend to start writing and all that is discovered is where I go with the story. Cullen is more structured than I am, and it really helps to go back and forth with a story like this. He’s a great writer so working with him over the past couple of years has definitely improved my own storytelling.

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Caterina Barbieri and Lyra Pramuk unveil new single, Knot Of Spirit – First song from Barbieri’s new label https://letrasenredadas.com/caterina-barbieri-and-lyra-pramuk-unveil-new-single-knot-of-spirit-first-song-from-barbieris-new-label/ https://letrasenredadas.com/caterina-barbieri-and-lyra-pramuk-unveil-new-single-knot-of-spirit-first-song-from-barbieris-new-label/#respond Fri, 23 Jul 2021 20:31:33 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/caterina-barbieri-and-lyra-pramuk-unveil-new-single-knot-of-spirit-first-song-from-barbieris-new-label/

Italian musician and songwriter Caterina Barbieri has just launched her new label – “Light Years” – through a track she collaborated on with American musical artist Lyra Pramuk who now lives in Berlin, Germany called “Knot of Spirit “. To announce the track’s release, the two took to their respective Instagram accounts to share a heartfelt note they captioned the unique cover, artwork, and artwork they shared as images. In the note, the two expressed their gratitude to each other and to their team and talked about the inspirations and experiences that drove them to create the masterpiece.

What is “Spirit Knot”?

Caterina shed light on the details. She mentioned that through this track she eloquently tried to give pain space and time. Lyra shared that Caterina’s music has been a great driving force for her over the years and that combining their sounds and musical knowledge into this track was a truly heartfelt operation. She further added that the past year of self-isolation has given all of us a lot of time to reflect and if anything specific has come out of it is the fact that we are all in a vicious process of creating ‘a world that is changing rapidly and continuously before our eyes. With the space we give to our pain and miseries, we will be able to create change in the world for good. It will be a lasting and long-term change. Sharing more details, they both credited Dasha Kuznetsova for her oil painting which was used as the unique cover, and an artist with the username tulpess for the hand-embroidered lettering. Caterina also expressed her gratitude to Jacob Jan Wise for designing the label’s logo and to OUTER agency and K7 Music label for making the project possible.

Caterina Barbieri shared with The Quietus what sparked this idea of ​​starting her label, what encouraged her and everything she hopes to achieve through this new venture. Being passionate about sustainability, she mentioned that in addition to music releases, her multidisciplinary platform will also cover art, fashion and visual media by consciously using upcycled or recycled materials, given the impact of the release. physical objects.

Who are these budding artists?

Caterina Barbieri studied electroacoustic composition for her bachelor’s degree and then studied classical guitar for her master’s degree, both from the Conservatory of Bologna, Italy. From the Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy in Bologna, she obtained another license with a thesis in ethnomusicology on Hindustani music and minimalism. Through it, Caterina tries to disclose in the field of the psychoacoustic properties of repetition. She is considered a composer with a very simple and minimal approach in the broad sense.

Lyra Pramuk, who was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, now calls Berlin her home. She was part of the church choir, she later became a classical music student at the Eastman School of Music. Growing up in a small, conservative town, she struggled to come forward as a gay man. When she returned to Germany, she had more time and space to understand her identity as a trans woman. There she also got involved in electronic music.

Listen to the track here:

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How to be a better ally of disabled and neurodivergent people https://letrasenredadas.com/how-to-be-a-better-ally-of-disabled-and-neurodivergent-people/ https://letrasenredadas.com/how-to-be-a-better-ally-of-disabled-and-neurodivergent-people/#respond Thu, 22 Jul 2021 15:51:56 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/how-to-be-a-better-ally-of-disabled-and-neurodivergent-people/

How to be a better ally of disabled and neurodivergent people

By Luke Grayson-Skinner

  • Neurotypical: not exhibiting or characterized by autistic or neurologically atypical thought or behavior patterns.
  • Neurodivergent: mental or neurological function different from what is considered typical or normal (frequently used in reference to autism spectrum disorders); not neurotypical.
  • Infantilize: treat (someone) like a child or in a way that denies maturity in age or experience.
  • Erasure: removing all traces of something; obliteration.

For a short time, the first language of the person (disabled or impaired person) was seen as better and more inclusive than the first language of identity (disabled person). As a person with a disability and neurodivergent, I find identity-focused language to be better and much more validating.

My differences make me who I am. My disabilities are a big part of who I am. Saying “I am disabled” or “I am dyslexic” sounds more accurate than “I am a person with a disability”.

Yes, I am a person. However, I also identify with my differences.

There are some main barriers for people with disabilities:

  • Attitude: stereotypes and stigma
  • Communication: written and auditory information is often difficult to process on its own
  • Physics: steep stairs, curbs and ramps
  • Policy: deny access to reasonable accommodation
  • Programmatic: inconvenient and inconsistent meeting times or variable accessibility arrangements
  • Social: much less likely to have a job or have a higher level of education
  • Transportation: lack of access to someone driving or away from a bus stop

Given these barriers, below are some ways in which people can become better allies for people with disabilities and neurodiverse.

One, don’t assume that you get it or that you are right. Whatever your second or third hand experience, unless it’s your body and your brain, you will never get it completely.

Second, people with disabilities and neurodivergent understand themselves, their friends, and a very large part of these demographics better than anyone else. However, two people do not have exactly the same symptoms with the same diagnosis.

Third, make all of your spaces fair. Provide quiet spaces where a busy person can go to calm down. Be open to explaining more what you mean, or to explaining it in a different way. Things are not automatically widely understood as someone understands them. Capitalize each word in a hashtag (#BlackLivesMatter). This way people can easily read the words instead of spelling everything out.

Other ways to create fair spaces include adding image IDs or image descriptions to all of your images (a black background with words written in yellow). Use high contrast when creating a chart. This is useful for everyone, especially people who are color blind who cannot see letters that closely match the background.

Fourth, don’t make decisions that affect or influence marginalized communities without including us in discussions within your organizations. If someone is not at the table, ask yourself why this group is not represented. One way to start is to reach out to people with disabilities and simply ask for their help in improving accessibility.

Fifth, don’t use people with disabilities as your own inspiration to overcome challenges. Yes, everyone has their own struggle, but people with disabilities are too often used as inspirational stories on social media. My story is rarely inspiring. He is rarely happy. If someone says “you are so amazing doing this” or “this is so inspiring, I wish I could be more like you”, I instantly leave the conversation and not wait so patiently for a moment to escape the interaction.

Sixth, never have lower expectations for a person with a disability. We are often underestimated or seen as the odd one out in any group because we are seen as less capable than our able-bodied counterparts.

Seven, understand that a person’s disability does not define them but can be an important part of their identity. I am more than my illnesses; however, they are still a very important part of my identity.

And eight, stop being afraid of disabilities. Often times, people have unconscious biases when it comes to interacting with a person with a disability. The prejudice is that we are different, and things or people that are different scare people. Consciously or unconsciously, this is something that has been ingrained in our culture from the start. Like most things, it takes time to get past that prejudice where you correct yourself and challenge those inherited beliefs.

As someone with multiple permanent disabilities, any of these actions would be extremely helpful for me to actively participate in things that I want to be a part of that directly affect my community. I would have been a bigger part of my community if things had been more accessible.

Your tax-deductible donations allow FāVS to publish every day.

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Snow Angels Season 2 Review – But Why Tho? A community of geeks https://letrasenredadas.com/snow-angels-season-2-review-but-why-tho-a-community-of-geeks/ https://letrasenredadas.com/snow-angels-season-2-review-but-why-tho-a-community-of-geeks/#respond Wed, 21 Jul 2021 12:30:39 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/snow-angels-season-2-review-but-why-tho-a-community-of-geeks/ Reading time: 3 minutes

Season 2 has only just begun, and our main characters find themselves in a mess when they unexpectedly encounter humans outside the trenches. Snow Angels Season 2 # 2 is a ComiXology Original written by Jeff Lemire, with illustrations by Jock and letters by Steve Wands.

With the final issue ending with Milli and Mae Mae finding a giant robot, narrowly escaping the cold grasp of death and encountering the first humans they saw outside the trench, Snow Angels Season 2 # 2 starts explosively. The aliens attack the robot and take Milli and Mae hostage. However, they are surprisingly indifferent to the tarnished robot or whether the two girls were in some way controlling it. And unable to understand their foreign language, Milli and Mae can only guess what will happen to them.

It’s hard not to spoil this problem, so all I can say is that this is certainly another example of a great Lemire plot. Seeing more humans is surprising, but what is even more surprising is who they are and what new information they bring. But Lemire never shows his hand; there’s still a lot to learn and the breadcrumbs Lemire lets us make the cliffhanger at the end even more nerve-racking.

And while there is a lot of information in these new characters that Mae and Milli aren’t aware of, like how much of a lie the trench is, it looks like the girls aren’t just overwhelmed. They know things these strangers don’t, and it keeps our main characters from getting too weak in the face of all of these new truths. While not in power here, they still have their minds about them nonetheless and Milli is just as chatty as you would expect from a teenage girl.

Suffice it to say that the dialogue remains faithful to our characters. Milli and Mae support each other constantly; it’s the only family they have left after all. Their manner of speaking is particularly evident when compared to other humans with whom they interact. It just adds a lot more personality to their characters. My only problem with the dialogue is that some of them seemed a bit foreign, especially considering what’s going on towards the end of the issue. But while the dialogue and events don’t line up exactly, the dialogue nonetheless advances the plot, so I can’t complain too much.

Jock has been the artist throughout this series, so nothing should come as a surprise in the art department. The frozen world of Snow angels comes to life perfectly under Jock’s hand. The world is made up entirely of ice and snow; the landscape is a wash of powdery white blues that seem to last forever. The robot and the other humans contrast sharply with the backgrounds, largely made up of shadows and dark, earthy colors. While most panels are bathed in cool tones, the little tech stands out from the panels with warmer tones. Overall, Jock’s artwork and colors complemented well with Lemire’s tale from the very beginning and continue to do it justice even in Snow Angels Season 2 # 2.

Snow Angels Season 2 # 2 comes with surprising new information that no one will see coming. But Lemire isn’t revealing everything yet. There are still a lot of mysteries to unravel and I can’t wait to see what lies in store for Millie and Mae right now.

Snow Angels Season 2 # 2 is available now exclusively on ComiXology.com.

Snow Angels Season 2 # 2


Snow Angels Season 2 # 2 comes with surprising new information that no one will see coming. But Lemire isn’t revealing everything yet. There are still a lot of mysteries to unravel and I can’t wait to see what lies in store for Milli and Mae right now.

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Gabriela Camou and Miguel Kaufmann die in Surfside condo collapse https://letrasenredadas.com/gabriela-camou-and-miguel-kaufmann-die-in-surfside-condo-collapse/ https://letrasenredadas.com/gabriela-camou-and-miguel-kaufmann-die-in-surfside-condo-collapse/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 21:46:00 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/gabriela-camou-and-miguel-kaufmann-die-in-surfside-condo-collapse/

Miguel Kaufmann and Gabriela Camou, a married couple from Uruguay, at their niece's wedding.  They are among those who died in the Surfside building collapse.

Miguel Kaufmann and Gabriela Camou, a married couple from Uruguay, at their niece’s wedding. They are among those who died in the Surfside building collapse.

A week after the collapse of Champlain Towers South, Bernardo Camou was determined to go to Surfside. After days of waiting for news, he wanted to be close to his missing older sister, Maria Gabriela Camou, 64, and her partner, Miguel Kaufmann, 65, as first responders searched for them in the rubble.

“I couldn’t just sit here with my arms folded. That’s when I made the decision to go, ”said Bernardo, who flew to Miami with his older sister, María Inés.

The couple decorated the Memorial Wall on Harding Avenue, attaching an Uruguayan flag – blue and white stripes and a golden sun – to the chain-link fence. A cascade of pale pink roses, white baby’s breath, and dark green leaves framed photographs by Gabriela and Miguel. In one image, the couple smile from the pews of a niece’s wedding. In a black and white shot, a young Gabriela beams between the ears of a horse. A yellow handwritten note with “GABRIELA” in black letters at the top is attached to the flag.

Gabriela Camou and Miguel Kaufmann travel to Miami about three times a year from their native Uruguay to see their son, wife and two grandchildren who live in South Florida. They often stayed long periods in the city.

But the married couple disappeared into darkness and rubble when their Champlain Towers South condo collapsed on June 24. A lifeless Gabriela was found on July 8. Her husband, Miguel Kaufmann, 65, was found a day later.

Maria Gabriela Camou was born from Jorge Camou Jerónima and Maria Inés Font Sarasola, according to genealogical records. She had three other siblings: Mauricio, Maria Inés and Bernardo. Mauricio, the older brother, died in a plane crash decades ago.

She grew up in Montevideo, the coastal capital of Uruguay, and attended Colegio Jesus María, where she was taught by nuns. She finished her high school years at an Italian school in the city.

WhatsApp image 07/17/2021 at 11:29:20 p.m. (1) .jpeg

In summer and winter, Gabriela and her siblings vacationed in the family country house. She was a skilled jockey, Bernardo recalls, and rode a horse through the picturesque rural landscapes. Sometimes the family would travel to Punta del Este, one of Uruguay’s most famous seaside towns on the Atlantic Ocean.

After graduating from high school, she took a secretarial course and started working as an administrative assistant. This is how she meets her future husband Miguel Leonardo Kaufmann, a hardworking businessman who lost his father as a teenager.

“He took on his shoulders the responsibility of providing for his family, his mother and his brother,” Bernardo said. “And he must have started adult life, at 16, without having finished his studies.”

But his brother-in-law was hardworking, lively and intelligent, and made a career in different companies. At one point, he owned land and cultivated silver eucalyptus trees. He bought and managed parking lots in coveted areas of the city. He was also a great conversationalist who could talk about any topic, Bernardo said.

“He had very firm and determined ideas,” he said.

After about two years of dating, the young couple got married. Gabriela was a Christian and Miguel was a Jew. A priest and a rabbi blessed the start of their marriage.

Miguel and Gabriela had three children together: Mauricio, Sofia and Bruno. The couple raised them in Christianity and Judaism, giving them space to follow the religious beliefs that resonated the most with them. They invited their family and friends for birthdays and games to the house they built together.

After having children, Gabriela became a devoted stay-at-home mom to her children. Together with her husband, she encouraged them to continue their studies and find professional and educational opportunities outside of Uruguay.

Gabriela and Miguel were members of the Nautilus Yachting Club, a water sports club in Montevideo, and occasionally cycled around town. She danced the ballet and made a fantastic apple strudel. She always visited other people’s homes with a cake or dessert in her hand and took long walks around Carrasco, the seaside district where they lived. Bernardo sometimes came to swim in the pool and chat.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-17 at 11:21.14 (2) .jpeg

“Most of the time she greeted me with a big smile from ear to ear,” he said. “She showed me with a smile that she loved me, that I was important to her. It was as if she was caressing my soul.

Miguel and Gabriela got along well, he says, and had been married for forty years when the Champlain Towers collapsed. The couple had recently moved into a beachfront apartment in Punta Carretas, another seaside district in the south of the capital filled with condominiums with ocean views, he added.

Gabriela spoke daily with their children, spread between the United States and Europe. He missed her three children and five grandchildren deeply.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-17 at 11:25.05 (1) .jpeg

Bernardo visited the memorial almost every day of his visit, bringing fresh flowers to the photographs of his sister and husband. Before returning home, he bought two rosaries from the Saint Joseph Catholic Church, which lost worshipers in the collapse. The one he attached to the memorial.

“And I have one,” he said, taking the rosary out of his chest pocket at his home in Uruguay.

“She was a great and wonderful person outside and inside. She was beautiful, divine and I miss her, ”he said.

Gabriela Camou and Miguel Kaufmann were buried together, side by side, the same way they slept for forty years.

WhatsApp image 07/17/2021 at 11:31:43 p.m. (1) .jpeg

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Syra Ortiz-Blanes is a Puerto Rican journalist who covers Puerto Rico and Latin America for El Nuevo Herald and Miami Herald via Report for America. She graduated from Columbia Journalism School in May 2020. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and others. Syra Ortiz-Blanes is a Puerto Rican periodista. Cubre Puerto Rico y Latinoamérica para El Nuevo Herald y Miami Herald a través de Report for America. Graduated con una maestría de la Escuela de Periodismo de Columbia in May of 2020. Su trabajo ha aparecido en The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, y otros.

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NIGHTWING # 82 and a glimpse into the Flying Graysons past https://letrasenredadas.com/nightwing-82-and-a-glimpse-into-the-flying-graysons-past/ https://letrasenredadas.com/nightwing-82-and-a-glimpse-into-the-flying-graysons-past/#respond Tue, 20 Jul 2021 13:09:45 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/nightwing-82-and-a-glimpse-into-the-flying-graysons-past/

DC Comics’ Night Wing # 82 is a relatively simple question. It takes the turn of the final of Night Wing # 81 and explains how this might be possible. Yet in just one issue, writer Tom Taylor, pencil sketchers Bruno Redondo, Rick Leonardi and Neil Edwards, inker Bruno Redondo, Andy Lanning and Scott Hanna, colorist Adriano Lucas and letterer Wes Abbott, (what a huge creative team for this issue!) show us that we can be wrong about the characters who initially seemed to be “the bad guys”. Spoilers ahead for the previous issue, Night Wing # 81.


Taylor is having a lot of fun in this issue. It’s both a candid look at the lives of Nightwing’s parents, the Flying Graysons, and a thriller-style story by Tony Zucco. With this issue, Taylor shows us how Nightwing and Melinda Zucco could be linked. In short, Taylor confuses things a bit. Melinda tells Nightwing that her father didn’t have another child, but then we hear a story that contradicts that. And later, when John Grayson talks to Tony Zucco, it feels like John Grayson and Taylor are overplaying their hand a bit. “Please accept that oversized fluffy bear and all the condescension that goes with it,” says John Grayson. It appears that Grayson’s talent for taunting was honed in a later generation. But overall, this issue is about the beautiful legacy the Graysons have created. It’s about how their lives touched more people than we realize. And Taylor shows us where Dick’s motivation and desire to do the right thing comes from.


It’s no surprise that this number has a huge artistic team. It’s because Night Wing # 82 change artistic styles to tell his story. When Meili Lin, Melinda’s mother, begins her story, the problem shifts to an older style than we’re used to. It’s a fantastic way to take us back to another era. The most notable change is the use of Ben-Day points. Redondo often uses Ben-Day points in their art. They are often used as accents. In this issue, in modern scenes, they are more visible on Melinda’s shirt. But the Flying Graysons scenes are supplemented with Ben-Day points. It makes the whole section feel like it’s straight out of the 1940s.


Of course, using Ben-Day points is also part of the job of the coloring department. But Lucas goes above and beyond. It almost seems that the scenes showing the Flying Graysons were portrayed using the four-color staining method. Even colors that are not cyan, magenta, yellow, or key (black), appear to be a muddy combination of those colors. Again, this is a fantastic way to step back in time. Lucas is also keen to put these scenes in juxtaposition with modern scenes. Scenes of Nightwing, Melinda and Meili talking are shown in deep reds and light blues. The evolutions of coloring in the comic book industry are fully exposed in this issue.

Nightwing Taylor DC Comics


Abbott’s lettering is always a joy to see. Its sound effects are simple but effective. With each new issue, the freshness of its sound effects is more and more impressive. No shot feels quite the same, and Abbott always uses new fonts for new situations. But one of the best parts of Abbott’s lettering in Night Wing # 82, is in a scene of the Flying Graysons doing tricks in the circus. The word balloons stretches high, then plunges low, before rising again. Our eyes, scanning the page, mimic the movement of the Flying Graysons on the trapeze. It’s a simple trick that works wonderfully.

DC Comics’ Night Wing # 82 is surprisingly fun for a problem that deals with a nasty story. It’s because this creative team always finds beauty in the little moments. We come out of this issue, more in love than ever with the Graysons, and we wonder what this team’s sequel is for Nightwing! To pick up Night Wing # 82, DC Comics release on July 20, at a comic book store near you!

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Folk musician Stan Rogers honored on Canadian stamp https://letrasenredadas.com/folk-musician-stan-rogers-honored-on-canadian-stamp/ https://letrasenredadas.com/folk-musician-stan-rogers-honored-on-canadian-stamp/#respond Mon, 19 Jul 2021 16:13:39 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/folk-musician-stan-rogers-honored-on-canadian-stamp/

By Denise McCarty

New Canada Post stamp commemorates singer-songwriter Stan Rogers. The permanent rate stamp is issued on July 21 in a booklet of 10.

“When Stan Rogers took the stage, guitar in hand, his presence was electric. Standing six feet tall, with a deep, rumbling voice that rose and fell like waves on a Nova Scotia shore, he put his heart and soul into every word he sang. Poetry set to music, his ballads lay bare the lives of sailors, ranchers, miners and others whose stories have captured his imagination, ”said Canada Post in the June-July issue of its magazine Details for collectors. .

The stamp, designed by Steven Slipp and illustrated by Peter Strain, shows Rogers singing and playing guitar in the foreground and a view of Fogarty’s Cove in Nova Scotia in the background.

These images are based on photographs.

The performance image is from a photo taken by Paul Coates at the Calgary Folk Festival in the early 1980s, and the view from Fogarty’s Cove is based on a photo by Darren Calabrese. Rogers’ debut album, released in 1976, was called Fogarty’s Cove and included a song of the same name.

The cover of another album, Between the Breaks… Live, recorded and released in 1979, inspired the letters of Rogers’ name at the top of the stamp, according to Canada Post.

The design is completed with Rogers’ years of birth and death, 1949-1983, listed under his name on the right, and the name of the country and a maple leaf image on the lower right.

The maple leaf has the letter “P” inside, indicating that the stamp pays the base rate for national letters (currently 92 ¢).

Rogers was born Stanley Allison Rogers on November 29, 1949, in Hamilton, Ontario. While growing up in Ontario, he spent his summers in Nova Scotia.

Rogers learned to play the guitar at the age of 5, performed in coffee shops as a teenager, and began his professional career in 1969.

Based on his biography on the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame website (www.cshf.ca), Rogers made a name for himself in Canada by playing his own songs on CBC radio and the John Allan Cameron Show on television. He has also performed at prominent folk festivals, often with his brother Garnet.

The website said Rogers made his first appearances in the United States in 1978, “which quickly led to comparisons with folk icons like Burl Ives and Bob Dylan.” Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary declared him “an extraordinary talent” and influential Tom Paxton called him “the Woody Guthrie of Canada”.

On his way home from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas, Rogers died on June 2, 1983, following a fire aboard Air Canada Flight 797 on the ground at the Greater Cincinnati Airport. He was 33 years old.

Among other honors, Rogers received the Canadian Conference of the Arts Diploma of Honor for Outstanding Persons in Service to the Arts in Canada in 1984, and was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2019.

The Stan Rogers Folk Festival that bears his name, which normally takes place every summer in Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada, was founded in 1997.

Rogers is also known through his music. Canada Post said “he left a legacy of 11 albums, most of them released posthumously, which kept his music vibrant and alive for nearly 40 years.”

In addition, Canada Post has included the titles of some of its best-known songs in a wave-like pattern on the postmark of its official Day 1 envelope of the new stamp. Among these is the Northwest Passage, sometimes referred to as Canada’s unofficial national anthem.

Coverage was canceled in Rogers’ hometown of Hamilton, Ont., With a postmark illustrated with a line drawing of a guitar that was custom built for Rogers. In total, 8,000 FDC were produced.

Lowe-Martin printed the stamp using six-color offset lithography in 180,000 booklets of 10. The stamp measures 32 millimeters by 40 mm.

The stamp booklet (Canada Post product number 414170111) and FDC (414170131) are available from Canada Post at www.canadapost.ca/boutique, and by mail to Canada Post Customer Service, Box 90022, 2701 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, ON K1V 1J8 Canada; or by phone from the United States or Canada at 800-565-4362, and from other countries at 902-863-6550.

They are also available from many new stamp dealers and Canada Post agent in the United States: Interpost, Box 400, Hewlett, NY 11557.

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No words: the social enterprise said to remove the mural with a positive message https://letrasenredadas.com/no-words-the-social-enterprise-said-to-remove-the-mural-with-a-positive-message/ https://letrasenredadas.com/no-words-the-social-enterprise-said-to-remove-the-mural-with-a-positive-message/#respond Sun, 18 Jul 2021 23:57:27 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/no-words-the-social-enterprise-said-to-remove-the-mural-with-a-positive-message/

“We can’t help everyone. But everyone can help someone.”

Painted in black and red letters on a white background, these words are part of a mural on the side wall of a building on Kent Street in downtown Ottawa that houses the Highjinx social enterprise.

The second-hand store sells vintage and antique goods and also serves as a hub for homeless or low-income people.

A group of Carleton University students and alumni painted the mural during Ramadan as a gift.

“Having this wall with the tagline made our neighbors in the community feel welcome,” Highjinx co-owner Karen Nielsen said in a CBC radio interview. All in one day.

“We see, you know, all kinds of people coming into our backyard and feeling welcome and able to get help or food or just hang out somewhere they feel safe.”

Complaint Leads to Notice of Violation

Not everyone approved of the fresco. The City of Ottawa says it received a complaint, then discovered that no permit had been requested and ordered the mural to be removed.

The city has given the owner of the property, who rents to Highjinx, a July 14 deadline to withdraw it or apply for a residential mural permit. The deadline has been extended to give the Highjinx team more time to find a solution.

“We’re good neighbors. We don’t break the rules, so we’ll do whatever it takes,” Nielsen said.

“We think it is ridiculous and offensive to take a gift away because someone is offended by it.”

Nielsen admits that the students who painted the mural did not apply for a permit, despite obtaining permission from the building owner and the neighboring owner.

LISTEN: City of Ottawa asks social enterprise to remove mural

All in one day10:14City of Ottawa asks social enterprise to remove mural

Social enterprise High Jinx says the mural on its building sends a positive message about caring, but the city of Ottawa says it is breaking the rules of the bylaw and should be removed. We are discussing this disagreement with High Jinx and House of Paint. 10:14

Artist to paint a new mural

The city’s intervention prompted Nielsen to partner with House of PainT, an urban art festival that celebrates hip hop and graffiti, in an effort to save art.

Veronica Roy, executive director of the festival, said they will have to paint a new mural because the current one does not meet the requirements of the regulations that prevent residential murals from having “letters, messages or slogans,” to the exception of the signature, the logos or the name of a company.

Veronica Roy, director of the House of PainT festival, helps social enterprise Highjinx find an artist to repaint the mural with a visual representation of its existing message. (Kate Tenenhouse / CBC)

“I understand why the city has these rules,” Roy said.

“But I think there has to be some nuance on a case-by-case basis when it comes to a positive message like Highjinx’s on his building.”

Roy said the plan is to hire an artist who will work with the original painters to develop a design that includes a visual representation of the mural’s current message, since words are not allowed.

“It’s probably the best we can do with the system we have,” Roy said.

Roy said the city’s existing rules for residential murals are too strict and owners should be able to paint their own buildings however they see fit, as long as they are not offensive.

“Hopefully this will happen soon so it can be resolved, we can put it behind us, so we can become good neighbors again,” Nielsen said.

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McDowell Transit purchases new vehicle | Local News https://letrasenredadas.com/mcdowell-transit-purchases-new-vehicle-local-news/ https://letrasenredadas.com/mcdowell-transit-purchases-new-vehicle-local-news/#respond Sat, 17 Jul 2021 16:20:23 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/mcdowell-transit-purchases-new-vehicle-local-news/

McDowell Transit recently bought a new vehicle to replace the one that sank in the spring.

This was made possible through Director Jason Hollifield’s communication with the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The new vehicle is the same model and year as a wrecked one.

From now on, the new van is in service, so keep an eye out for it as it drives around town. McDowell Transit officials said they would also like to thank Master’s Hand Print Work for the work done on the lettering for the new vehicle. Master’s Hand will also update older vehicles with the McDowell Transit logo and the correct phone numbers. Vehicle doors will also now read “McDowell Transit” to ensure members of the public are aware that the system is open to the general public.

As a reminder, McDowell Transit will be closed to all cyclists on Friday, July 30, as the local system participates in the annual multi-county training opportunity in Mitchell County. McDowell Transit will provide a van as part of the training course.

The Roadeo is a training event organized by Mitchell County Transit. McDowell will participate with Mitchell, Yancey, Avery and Madison counties. McDowell Transit will participate in the following DOT approved training events: CPR & First Aid, Wheelchair Securing, Road Courses, Seat Belt Cutting, Passenger Assistance, Emergency Evacuation, Fire Extinguisher, Car Seats, Agents blood borne pathogens and pre-trip inspections (McDowell County vehicle will be used for this course)

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