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Elias Gonzalez

Senior Vice President and Vice President Marcella David announced the four recipients of Columbia’s 2022 Excellence in Teaching Award earlier this month.

She also noted that all four have fascinating teaching ideologies that have helped students embrace the spirit and passion they each have for their respective subjects.

Susan Kerns, Associate Professor, Film and Television Arts

Originally from Iowa, Kerns wanted to teach since she was little. Kerns said she fondly remembers a teacher who gave her unused worksheets that she used play “school” with during summer.

“It seemed strangely magical,” said Kerns, who is also associate chair of her department. “It was something that stuck with me that education could be exciting and fun and it could be play. It didn’t just have to take place in a proper classroom.

Today in Kerns’ class she said the students helped her see professionalism in the film industry differently.

“Filmmaking can be kind of a dream job; there are usually bad behaviors that people [in the industry] let it go and the next generation won’t have it, and I think that’s great. It was great to work with younger people because they keep me on my toes when it comes to my assumptions about what professionalism is,” Kerns said.

Kerns also teaches film and media theory at Columbia.

“I love teaching theory,” Kerns said. “It opens students’ eyes to seeing films and the content they deal with, the way they are shot, the way they are put together and their relationship to society.”

Tasha Oren was Kerns’ Ph.D. to advise from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and Catherine MacGillivray was Kerns’ master’s advisor at the University of Northern Iowa. Kerns said she credits both mentors for why she received the Excellence in Teaching Award.

Be recognized as one of the Excellence in Teaching Awards recipients feel good, Kerns said. She said she bought a new dress as a reward for her win because she thinks it’s important to celebrate achievements.

Jackie Spinner, Associate Professor, Communications

“I’m grateful for the recognition,” Spinner said. “Especially in the last two years of the pandemic.”

spinner said it three children aged three, seven and nine influenced her growth as a teacher during “incredibly difficult times” for students and teachers.

Spinner said humanity is a two-way street between her and her students and is central to her teaching style.

“I tried to be compassionate in the face of these difficulties, but I also had to ask for grace from my students as I juggled work and life in a pandemic,” Spinner said. “All of this makes the award more meaningful.”

Spinner said Neil Henry, one of them graduate professors at the University of California-Berkeley is a mentor for her.

“Neil was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had,” Spinner said. “Neil’s passion for journalism was contagious, and I hope mine is too.”

Spinner emphasizes journalistic credibility, an ideology that challenges students to think beyond their personal experiences and relate to the experiences of others, arguing that if a journalist loses their credibility, they can never get it back.

“That’s the one area where I’m adamant. You can’t cut corners in journalism when it comes to trust,” Spinner said.

Terri Griffith, Adjunct Faculty Member, Humanities, History and Social Sciences

Since teaching for about 20 years, assistant professor Terri Griffith said she was surprised when she received the Excellence in Teaching Award – the first time she received an award from the college.

“In some ways, I don’t think it’s fair to have received this award when I did because everyone worked so hard during the pandemic,” Griffith said.

Griffith, who also teaches in the Art and art history, noted the support of that of the department Associate President, Joan Giroux, for helping her extend her teaching through the college. Griffith planned for Queer visual culture lessons during the pandemic and also worked to develop classes around LGBTQ+ activism and history in discussion-based classes.

“I learned that for many [my] students, the classroom might be the only place they went out,” Griffith said. “It’s their only safe space…I’ve had more than one student who didn’t speak on Zoom and only participated in the chat because they were in a house where they couldn’t chat these things out loud.”

While Griffith said being recognized now is meaningful, she also said “everyone has won this trophy” for their work on the pandemic.

Chris Eliopoulos, Associate Professor of Education, Design

Associate Professor Chris Eliopoulos is a professional illustrator and cartoonist. He teaches illustration, digital illustration, children’s books and cartooning classes in middle school.

The award committee said Eliopoulos’ encouragement of the importance of student mental health, combined with positive reinforcement through creative engagement, was key to being chosen as the recipient.

Eliopoulos, a 2007 graduate who studied fine arts, previously worked as editor of the Columbia Chronicle from 2012 to 2014.

Eliopoulos clients and publishers include Disney Animation Studios, Nickelodeon and Simon and Schuster.

The Teaching Award Committee is made up of Associate Professor Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin, Professor Elizabeth Davis Berg, Associate Professor Anne Marie Mitchell, Assistant Professor Khalid Long, Assistant Professor Florian Hollerweger and Assistant Professor Onur Ozturk. Adjunct faculty members Kristi Bramlett and Jeffery Christian are also on the committee. Ames Hawkins is an ex officio member.

Quentin Coulombier on the art of designing film titles https://letrasenredadas.com/quentin-coulombier-on-the-art-of-designing-film-titles/ Mon, 16 May 2022 09:57:31 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/quentin-coulombier-on-the-art-of-designing-film-titles/

True to his cinematographic training, Quentin Coulombier likes to set the scene for a discussion around typography: “Sunday evening – 9:23 p.m.; looking for a good movie to watch, browsing streaming sites, pages full of posters. Some of them will hold your attention more than others. In this situation, Quentin argues that the typography used on movie posters is just as important, or almost as important as the imagery.

In fact, Quentin would go so far as to argue that typography should be considered along with sound and image as the third crucial ingredient in the art of cinema. With his experience creating lettering for a wide range of film projects (Larry Clark’s latest film among them), he’s quite the expert on the subject. Along with hands-on experience, the typographer wrote his master’s thesis on the myriad uses of typography in film. It’s a font of knowledge when it comes to movie fonts, so we decided to trust it.

The first thing he emphasizes are the easiest typographical elements to miss from a film – the sign on a storefront, graffiti on a wall, a train ticket or a handwritten letter . “As a background entity, it may just be there, not essential to understanding the story,” says Quentin. Creating eye-catching type in this context isn’t necessarily the goal, rather it should blend into the background, adding the final veneer to the fictional world constructed in a film. “They are necessary for the projection of the spectator in an atmosphere of everyday life”, he adds. “Text and fonts are there to help invoke or revoke the notion of reality, to shape fiction.”

Then there is the text that is added to the images, for example the opening sequences, “where the titles, quotes or summaries certainly help to lay the foundations of the narration”. It’s Quentin’s specialty. When he designed the title of Larry Clarke’s latest film A day in a life, he notes that while the “shapes of the letters” are the most obvious thing to consider, they were not necessarily the most important. When you design a title for a film, it’s also about time and rhythm, space and composition,” he says. In that sense, it’s very different from working within the 2D confines of a movie poster, where composing an eye-catching yet static format is the primary concern.

Jesse Danna, Jesuit baseball star, LSU and Pelicans, has been a winner at every level – Crescent City Sports https://letrasenredadas.com/jesse-danna-jesuit-baseball-star-lsu-and-pelicans-has-been-a-winner-at-every-level-crescent-city-sports/ Sat, 14 May 2022 17:08:30 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/jesse-danna-jesuit-baseball-star-lsu-and-pelicans-has-been-a-winner-at-every-level-crescent-city-sports/
Jesse Danna with an LSU 1939 SEC Championship baseball.

Jesse Danna was a boxing champion at 15, but it was ultimately in baseball that he made his mark. He was a champion in a lightweight boxing division, but when it came to throwing a baseball, he was a real heavyweight.

The little southpaw was his team’s top pitcher at every level of competition, including high school, American Legion, college and the pro ranks.

Danna first appeared in the New Orleans sports pages in 1933 as a competitive boxer at St. Aloysius High School. The 15-year-old fought in the 112-pound class, recording four knockouts in ten winning decisions leading into the state tournament. The scrappy freshman won the state title with five wins in his weight classification.

Danna swapped his boxing gloves for a baseball glove in the summer of 1933 when he was an outfielder for the St. Aloysius-based American Legion team.

After transferring to Jesuit High School, Danna played for their Legion team in 1934, becoming the go-to pitcher in coach Gernon Brown’s critical games. Danna was the winning pitcher in the City, South Louisiana, and State playoff games as the Jesuits won the state Legion title.

The Blue Jays moved through the Sixth Regional Tournament in Little Rock, followed by the Western Division where Danna beat Wichita and Seattle. Jesuit earned a spot in the Legion World Series in Chicago. After defeating Cumberland, Maryland, in the first contest for the Jesuits’ 18th straight win of the season, Danna lost a 13-inning heartbreaker in Game 2. Cumberland defeated Jesuit in the deciding championship match.

Danna was a second-team All-Prep player for Jesuit High in 1935, when the Blue Jays won the city and state championships.

The Jesuit went undefeated in 1936 and won both city and state prep titles. The team featured eleven players who earned All-Prep honors, including Danna and seven other first-team members. The Blue Jays had seven future professional players, including major leaguers Charlie Gilbert, “Fats” Dantonio and Connie Ryan, as well as future major league scout George Digby. The 1936 team was ranked the best high school team of all time in the New Orleans area by the Timetable-Picayune in 2003.

Danna enrolled at LSU in 1937 and played a freshman ball season followed by three-year lettering on the varsity team. He quickly established himself in trainer Harry Rabenhorst’s starting rotation.

As a junior in 1939, the little southpaw helped the Tigers win their first SEC baseball championship with a 10-2 conference record. Danna was credited with five of the wins. He posted fifteen strikeouts in one of his wins. During his senior season, the Timetable-Picayune called Danna “one of the greatest pitchers in Louisiana State college baseball history.”

Danna enrolled in medical school in the fall of 1940, a promise he made to his father. After seeing a scouting report, Brooklyn Dodgers manager Leo Durocher asked Danna to join the team at the end of the 1941 season. He stayed for six weeks but never signed a contract with the Dodgers. .

After convincing his father to try professional baseball, Danna signed with the New York Giants in 1942 and was first assigned to their Jersey City branch of the International League. His contract included a $5,000 bonus if he stayed with the team before July 1. However, the Giants released him before then. He signed with the Atlanta Crackers mid-season but broke his left hand when hit by a line drive. When Atlanta wanted to send him to a lower ranking to rehabilitate, he exercised an option in his contract to have him released if he did not play for Atlanta. Danna returned home to New Orleans where he signed with the Pelicans, then affiliated with the St. Louis Cardinals, for the remainder of the season. He won just two of 11 decisions for the entire season.

The New Orleans Pelicans, an affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1943, offered Danna a comeback contract. He had a stellar year with a league-leading 22 wins and only 7 losses. He posted a 3.16 ERA, slightly behind Ed Lopat’s league-leading 3.05. He was the last Pelicans pitcher to win 20 or more games. Danna’s catcher with the Pelicans was her former Jesuit teammate “Fats” Dantonio. The Pelicans finished in second place, four games behind the Nashville Vols. It was their best result since 1935. The Pelicans lost the playoffs in five games against Nashville.

Over the winter, Danna took a job with Pendleton Shipyards in New Orleans, where he also played for their semi-pro team. In late April 1944, he signed with the Pelicans, but his season was not as favorable as the previous year, as he finished with an 11-18 record for the last-placed Pelicans.

Danna won 17 games for fourth-place New Orleans in 1945. The Pelicans advanced to the playoffs and upset the league-leading Atlanta Crackers in the first round, with Danna earning two of the wins. But the Pels ended up losing to Mobile in the final round.

The Pelicans repeated their fourth-place finish in 1946, with Danna leading the team with 15 wins. The Pelicans, who had become an affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, pushed regular-season champion Mobile to seven games in the first round of the playoffs, but ended up losing. Danna received votes for MVP honors from the Southern Association.

After starting the 1947 season with the Pelicans with a 4-4 record, Danna was released to lead the Class D Valley Rebels (Georgia) in the Georgia-Alabama League. He was also on the list as a player. He finished with an 18-6 record and led the league with a 2.15 ERA in about half a season. Valley finished in third place and went on to win the playoffs against Opelika. Danna’s brother, Charlie, was the team’s catcher. They were both named to the league’s post-season all-star team.

A well-respected coach in the Georgia-Alabama League, Danna was offered another contract as Valley’s skipper in 1948. He was credited with turning young, inexperienced pitchers into winners. He had no problem inserting his own name into the roster, as he posted a 22-6 record and a 2.06 ERA. He was the winning pitcher at both ends of a doubleheader three times. The team finished in first place in the regular season and won the playoffs by defeating Newnan in the first round and sweeping Carrollton in four games in the Finals. The Danna Brothers appeared in a mid-season All-Star Game pitting Alabama players against their Georgia foes.

Following her success over the previous two years with Valley, Danna had ambitions to rise through the ranks as a manager in the professional ranks. Valley President Fob James had nothing but praise for Danna, “Jesse is a good discipliner and a smart baseball man. His 1948 club was made up largely of rookies sent to the club by the Boston Red Sox. Big league scouts and other former baseball men say Danna did a great job teaching these rookies baseball like you would find at any professional baseball club.

However, with Valley in last place in mid-May 1949, Danna was released as manager, ending his hope of managing at higher levels. For the rest of the season, he was able to become a player with Class C Thibodaux in the Evangeline League and then Class C Helena in the Cotton States League. It was the last season of his career.

Danna’s minor league career record was 113-81, including 69 wins with the Pelicans.

New Orleans native George Strickland, Danna’s teammate with the Pelicans and later a major league player and manager with the Cleveland Indians, had the following assessment of Danna: “He didn’t throw particularly hard. . It was a type of control. I think he might trap you. He might throw it next to you if you looked at enough junk.

Danna used his managerial experience to coach the NORD-DH Holmes team to National Rookie League national championships in 1954 and 1955. He was inducted into the Diamond Club Hall of Fame in 1975.

In 2005, Danna died at age 87.

Vegan ice cream recalled for undeclared tree nuts https://letrasenredadas.com/vegan-ice-cream-recalled-for-undeclared-tree-nuts/ Thu, 12 May 2022 18:51:18 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/vegan-ice-cream-recalled-for-undeclared-tree-nuts/

BROOKLYN, NY (WRIC) – Van Leeuwen, a Brooklyn-based ice cream company, is voluntarily recalling nearly 2,000 pounds of non-dairy ice cream that may contain unlisted allergens in the ingredients.

The recall was reportedly initiated after a customer responded and reported the issue. The cause of the contamination is under investigation.

According to a statement from the United States Food and Drug Administration, the product – 14 ounce non-dairy frozen dessert “Oat Milk Brown Sugar Chunk” – may contain traces of cashews and pistachios, which can potentially cause a reaction. allergic in people. with nut allergies.

The product, which has been distributed nationwide, comes in a 14-ounce white package with orange lettering and an orange lid. It is marked with lot number @21V194 and has an expiration date of January 13, 2023, both of which are listed on the bottom of the packaging.

The recall does not apply to products with different lot numbers or expiry dates, and does not apply to any other products manufactured by Van Leeuwen.

Retailers who have this product on hand are asked to stop sales immediately and contact Van Leeuwen. Consumers who purchased it should return it to where it came from for a full refund.

2023 Range Rover Sport unveiled with epic weir climb https://letrasenredadas.com/2023-range-rover-sport-unveiled-with-epic-weir-climb/ Tue, 10 May 2022 18:00:55 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/2023-range-rover-sport-unveiled-with-epic-weir-climb/

The 2023 Range Rover Sport made its world debut in the most spectacular fashion, undertaking a difficult ascent of a 193m weir weir against a torrent of water flowing at 750 tonnes per minute.

The new model tackled the Kárahnjúkar Dam with James Bond stuntwoman Jessica Hawkins at the wheel, having conquered Iceland’s volcanic landscape, rock climbs and flooded tunnels during testing.

Beyond theatrics, the new Range Rover Sport redefines sporting luxury, effortlessly combining assertive, instinctive on-road performance with signature refinement, progressive design sophistication and connected convenience.

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The third-generation model is the most advanced and dynamic to date, with a suite of powerful and efficient powertrains including a range-extending 6-cylinder electric hybrid, a powerful new V8 and Ingenium 6-cylinder hybrid gasoline and diesel engines light.

Pure electric propulsion will be introduced in 2024 as Land Rover continues its electrification journey. It will be available in SE, HSE and Autobiography specifications, with a First Edition available throughout the first year of production.

Dramatic proportions accentuate the distinctive character of the Range Rover Sport, with short overhangs, a strong front end and steeply raked windows front and rear. The sculpted exterior is also detailed with exquisite finishes.

These include a stealthy grille and digital LED lighting units, which create a distinct daytime running light (DRL) signature. The eye-catching designs, the slimmest ever fitted to a Land Rover, sit above a sculpted twin-opening lower bumper.

Sleek design cues echo at the rear, incorporating a sculpted tailgate with a full-width feature bearing Range Rover script. Uninterrupted LED graphics introduce surface LED technology to a production vehicle for the first time.

A signature shoulder line runs the length of the vehicle, accentuated by new lower fender detailing and the longest spoiler ever fitted to a Range Rover. The clean lines are enhanced by flush glazing and beautifully executed door handles.

Range Rover Sports 2023
Range Rover Sports 2023

You’ll also find a hidden waist rail finish and a laser-welded roof for a precise, technical and sophisticated appearance. These design-friendly technologies also contribute to excellent aerodynamic performance.

The new Dynamic model brings Satin Gray alloy wheels with the addition of Satin Burnished Copper finishes for the bonnet vents and side ingots, while the grille and Range Rover lettering are finished in Matte Graphite Atlas.

With unique front and rear bumpers and bespoke lower cladding finished in body colour, the Dynamic offers the most dramatic interpretation of the Range Rover Sport formula.

Inside, a new interior features a cockpit-like cabin that offers excellent visibility while cocooning the driver with a tall, sloping center console and intuitive technologies.

Innovative and durable material choices include tactile and lightweight Ultrafabrics premium textiles finished in attractive new Duo Tone colourways, while a unique textile option that extends to the dashboard and door detailing is also available .

Alternatives include luxurious grained leather, Windsor leather or supple semi-aniline leather. These tactile materials pair perfectly with the new Moonlight Chrome interior finishes. Next-generation cabin air purification is also available.

Those looking for luxury will find it in the 22-way adjustable heated and ventilated power memory front seats with massage function and wing head restraints. Flagship seats provide the ultimate support for long journeys.

Rear passengers benefit from ergonomically optimized seat geometry, with a 31mm increase in legroom and 20mm in knee room. Powerful Meridian audio options are available, including a 29-speaker audio system.

It comes with a new subwoofer and up to 1,430W of amplification power, including four headrest speakers that allow people traveling in the vehicle’s four main seats to enjoy sound zones personal.

Range Rover Sports 2023
Range Rover Sports 2023

Active Noise Cancellation plays its part here, reducing the effect of road and tire noise entering the cabin for the ultimate in cabin refinement or to allow occupants to enjoy the undiluted soundtrack provided by the powertrain of the new Range Rover Sport.

The new Range Rover also includes the latest Pivi Pro infotainment system, deployable door handles with proximity sensing, soft door closing and approach unlocking. The automated step lock guarantees safety.

For 2023, the Pivi Pro infotainment features a high-resolution 13.1-inch floating curved touchscreen, controlling everything from navigation to media and vehicle settings. Haptic feedback improves the system.

The Pivi Pro display is complemented by a 13.7-inch interactive driver display, with high-definition graphics that echo the main system, and a reconfigurable layout so drivers can see the information most important to them.

Amazon Alexa functionality, while wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto both come as standard, meaning smartphones can be stowed away on the dedicated wireless device charger.

On the road, the luxury SUV also introduces more advanced chassis technologies than ever before, including an Integrated Chassis Control system designed specifically for the new Range Rover Sport.

All-wheel steering and torque vectoring by braking will feature on the P510e Electric and P530 hybrid powertrain lineup and bring with them a new 48-volt Dynamic Response Pro electronic active roll control system.

It works hand in hand with the latest generation of Dynamic Air Suspension, which introduces switchable volume air springs for the first time. An electronic active differential is also included.

Configurable programs will also provide the ability to customize drive modes, tailoring the on-road and off-road driving experience.

Inside the 2023 Range Rover Sport (overseas model shown)

Every new Range Rover Sport comes with a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission and intelligent all-wheel drive, Land Rover’s latest Terrain Response 2 system and, for the first time, All-Terrain Adaptive Cruise Control .

Driver assistance systems include emergency braking, 3D surround camera including front and rear parking sensors, wading detection, ClearSight ground view and maneuvering lights, cruise control speed monitoring, driver monitoring, lane keeping assist and traffic sign recognition.

The 2023 Range Rover Sport lineup comes in several diesel variants, including the SE D250 ($139,160), Dynamic SE D300 ($151,026), Dynamic HSE D350 ($168,638), Autobiography D350 ($191,141). $) and the D350 First Edition ($196,359).

The plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) model is the $198,097 Dynamic HSE P510 – offering 125 km of extended EV range and 375 kW of power. The range of petrol models will be launched in 2023 and will be available in SE 360, Dynamic SE P400 and HSE P400.

The latter will also be available as the HSE P530 (just like Autobiography and First Edition), powered by a 390 kW V8 biturbo and capable of 0-100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds with Dynamic Launch activated. All prices are over on the roads.

The new Range Rover Sport is available to order now.

FICTION: Shameless Shewa – fired because she’s pregnant https://letrasenredadas.com/fiction-shameless-shewa-fired-because-shes-pregnant/ Sun, 08 May 2022 09:42:03 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/fiction-shameless-shewa-fired-because-shes-pregnant/

I saw myself punching Anwuli’s face as I typed my answer – hitting the keyboard with hard, fast blows – as fast as 100 words per second! That was how badly I wanted to punch her in the face.

I felt overwhelmed and wanted to bring out the injustice and anger I felt in my response. I copied everyone’s copy-able to the founder of the organization to the gateman (apologies… no one at the door).

But just as I was about to send the email, I freaked out and deleted everything!

My answer would lead to my summary dismissal! I still cared. Second, I still need to get my monthly salary.

I typed another long epistle. And I deleted it again! I spent the rest of the day, sitting in my chair, typing and deleting, rephrasing and rephrasing until 5 p.m.

When I got home, Grandma and Aunt Iwa were lying on the couch. Sheri and Charles just announced their engagement. Adeiwa was in the dining room, helping the five children with their homework, while Sheri’s sister-in-law cooked dinner for the family.

I fell on my bed, cried and slept.

I was four months pregnant and the morning sickness that was starting to go away all came back the next morning. I couldn’t lift my leg or hand, so I called in sick.

“This is not acceptable, Shewa. You have a question to answer. Don’t use illness as an excuse,” Naffy replied over the phone.

Sheri who was listening to our conversation snapped, “What?!!! What kind of organization is this???…give me the phone, let me talk to her, she asked…looking more shocked than angry.

“Please take it easy, I don’t want to mess things up…” I begged Sheri.

“No way…I can’t allow you to go into this office,” she insisted. “Do you know that you can sue them for violating your right to see a doctor? What if you collapse along the way?

She took the phone from me and barked into the handset. “She’s sick… She’s sick….”

“I’m her sister, and I’m telling you, she can’t be in the office today. She is sick.”

Sheri refused to simmer, so I hung on to the bathroom, got dressed, got my ginger tea, and dragged myself out of the house, against Sheri’s warning.

As I was about to enter the office, I passed out at the entrance. That’s all I could remember. The moment I opened my eyes, I was on a hospital bed and a doctor dressed in white was standing over me.

Sheri was by my side giving me the ‘I told you’ watch.

“How did I get here?”

“……Your crazy boss is in the lobby…she’s the one who brought you here. Ask him….”

The doctor told me that I had threatened to have an abortion and that I had to be confined to compulsory bed rest.

“Threat of abortion? Isn’t that a threat of miscarriage? »


“What are the causes?”

“Stress,” says the doctor, no more, no less. The expression in his eyes showed no desire to explain further. “I’ll send the nurse to get your medicine,” he said and left.

And then Naffy and Mariam, Ruth’s secretary came in. Naffy leaned against the wall, while Mariam sat on the chair. Sheri sat down at the foot of my bed.

“Please take it now. It’s for the well-being of the baby,” said a nurse who came in a sky blue uniform.

Naffy’s eyes met mine. I tried to look away, but she held my gaze for a moment, then looked at her colleague.

“Baby?” she whispered.

I quickly motioned to the nurse, with my eyes, not to reveal more. But the loudmouthed nurse didn’t understand, she continued instead; “You should thank God you didn’t lose your baby…at this point the baby’s most important organs are forming…you really need to rest.”

I kept coughing to distract the nurse. Sheri even searched the room pretending to fetch water, all in an attempt to stop the nurse from spilling the milk…but it seemed too late. Naffy seemed to have understood my secret.

”Are you expecting a baby?’ Naffy asked when the nurse left.

‘Not really…”

“So what baby was she talking about?”

“We were watching a soap opera about a woman who nearly had a miscarriage because her employer threatened to fire her,” Sheri lied.

“Oh…I see, why would she fire her. Hadn’t they made a deal before she signed the contract? Nafy replied

I was dying of nervousness. My heart rate tripled and I sweated profusely. Her eyes told me what her reaction would be if she found out. I thought I had to open up to her once and for all. I’m tired of living a lie.

At 1 p.m. sharp. Naffy and Mariam left.

************************************************** ************************

At the end of my bed rest, I went back to work; and for the first time in four months, I felt energized. I could run into the mountains and move them. All the mood swings that accompanied the first trimester were gone.

Anwuli and Stanley were busy chatting when I entered the office. But only Stanley answered my greeting. A few minutes after I sat behind my desk, I noticed that my computer was no longer working. I had thought it was because of the tea that had poured into it the day Anwuli snatched the teacup from me.

Then the HR manager called me into the boardroom. It was already a bad omen!

Anwuli and Cordelia, looking like a jury, sat down on the other side of the chairs arranged around the huge mahogany table, And Naffy began:

“Weren’t you asked the day you were employed that you weren’t allowed to get pregnant in the first two years.”

My heart was beating so hard. Hard!

“Yes”, I tried to gather my courage. I couldn’t deny anything anymore. Whatever happens should happen!

”So what is it?” She took out a paper and put it on the table. I grabbed it with shaking hands.

My eyes were blurred and blinded with tears, I couldn’t see or read the letters. The tears fell on the ink and the blue ink washed off some parts. But I could partly read the handwriting

Threatened abortion, first trimester: Hospitalized for compulsory bed rest.

“So you’ve been pregnant all along, and you haven’t revealed it?” Cordelia said.

I gave no answer.

“Why didn’t you reveal anything,” she asked again.

“I was going.”

“Go to?” Naffy asked “When?” After giving birth? It’s very inappropriate. Haven’t you been warned not to get pregnant, for at least the first two years? »

‘Have you told us, we would have made a special arrangement for you, but that amounts to deception, dishonesty, misrepresentation and offering misleading information,’ Cordelia listed.

Absolutely! Naffy approved.

“We’re supposed to summarily fire you, but out of compassion, we’ll ask you to resign, so as not to tarnish your record.”

“I’m sorry, but this has in no way affected my ability to achieve my key goals.”

“It’s not a question of competence. It’s because of your dishonesty,” Naffy enthused.

I fixed my gaze on Cordelia and heard nothing but hypocrisy in her voice. The same HR manager Cordelia, who did nothing to defuse the conflict between Anwuli and me, even after I repeatedly pointed out her attitude; the same Cordelia now talking about being compassionate, tarnishing my record?

Okay, I haven’t told the whole truth about my status, but what kind of women’s rights organization won’t protect a pregnant woman’s right. Does pregnancy turn off a woman’s brain?

I had 48 hours to send in my resignation letter. I didn’t get a chance to be suspended or write a letter of apology, but a dismissal. Isn’t that using a cutlass to kill a mosquito? What about tempering justice with mercy? Where are the altruistic values ​​of feminism or the defense of women’s rights? I thought what Tunbi did was painful. But it hurts more because it is an organization that presents itself as defenders of women’s human rights. This seems to me to be a parody of human rights, a caricature of justice.

I wanted to be a feminist, but not that kind!

Naffy and Cordelia logged my file. Meeting over.

Now I knew why my computer stopped working. I had been judged! I packed my bags and left with a strange mixture of grief and relief at the same time.

Sheri’s head was spinning when I told her the news. She said she would take the matter to court.

I sent a letter of apology, but I received a termination letter that said “:

You are hereby discharged without notice for serious misconduct – deception, offering misleading information, similar to perjury, a crime punishable under Article….

Sheri put on her legal cape, ranting all kinds of legalese, punching holes in their action… “It’s illegal!” It is illegal for them to obtain your doctor’s report without your consent. We’re going to file a complaint…” she fumed…

“Plaintiff vs. Accused Injury Claims

Case 1: Obtaining the medical file without the employee’s consent

Case 2: Denial of employees’ right to seek emergency medical care

Case 3: Manslaughter, Discrimination

Case 4: Non-disclosure of actual organizational policies…etc.

It was illegal for them to have insisted that you come to the office when you were not in good physical condition. They made your illness worse by preventing you from seeing a doctor when you needed it most. They haven’t even paid your medical bills! This is unacceptable, women have the right to work even when they are pregnant. This is a misnomer for a so-called equal opportunity advocate/employer. »

Those words brought me back to hope….the mood swings disappeared. And I thought justice was not too far away!

(To be continued)

You can read the latest edition HERE

Shameless Shewais a story by Shewa and Sheri. Both are single mothers who live in a society that judges them. As Sheri continues to search where and what to hide behind, Shewa decides to stop hiding or withering under the condescending gaze of society. She was ready to stop shedding tears, but to shed the scales of self-judgment and begin a journey of self-realization. Going against societal norms, will she change the norms or will the norms change her?

Abiose A. Adams, journalist, creative writer and senior program manager at the Cable Newspaper Journalism Foundation, can be reached at [email protected]

Author Disclaimer: This story is purely a work of fiction. Any coincidence of the characters with real people is strongly regretted.

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HAPPENIN’ OTSEGO: Craft Fair for Mother’s Day 05-07-22 https://letrasenredadas.com/happenin-otsego-craft-fair-for-mothers-day-05-07-22/ Fri, 06 May 2022 22:42:31 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/happenin-otsego-craft-fair-for-mothers-day-05-07-22/

Mother’s Day Craft Fair

MOTHER’S DAY – 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Come celebrate spring and choose a special gift from local merchants. Southside Mall, 5006 St. Rt. 23, Oneonta. 607-432-4401 or visit www.facebook.com/southsidemall/

BLOOD DRIVE – 8 am to 1 pm Make a donation until May 19 for a chance to win a travel trailer that can accommodate eight people. Briggs Hall, Main Street Baptist Church, 333 Main Street, Oneonta. 1-800-733-2767 or visit www.redcrossblood.org

LOVE YOUR PARK – 8 a.m. – noon. Come clean up the trails, beach, campsites, mulch the gardens, paint and more to prepare the park for the season. Gilbert Lake State Park, 18 CCC Road, Laurens. 607-432-2114 or visit www.ptny.org/events/i-love-my-park-day

LOVE YOUR PARK – 9 a.m. – noon. Sign up to help plant flowers, clean up the park, spruce up buildings, build birdhouses, and more. Volunteers should bring work gloves, boots, leaf rakes and garden tools with owner’s name etc. Dress according to the weather. Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park, Davis Rd., Westford. 607-547-8662 or visit www.ptny.org/events/i-love-my-park-day

BIRD WALK – 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. Join DOAS Board Director and Treasurer Charlie Schheim and DOAS Bird Sightings author Sandy Bright for a spring bird walk. Susquehanna Greenway Trail, Silas Lane off Rte. 205 Oneonta. 607-397-3815 or visit doas.us/calendar/

EXHIBITION TOUR – 10:00am – 11:00am Grandparents and grandchildren are invited to join a special tour with Victoria Wyeth, granddaughter of artist Andrew Wyeth to explore the exhibition ‘Drawn from Life: Three Generations of Wyeth Figure Studies.’ Free. Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown. 607-547-1400 or visit www.fenimoreartmuseum.org

OPERA – 12:55 p.m. Watch live performances from the Metropolitan Opera, broadcast live at Oneonta. This week is the performance of ‘Turandot’ by Puccini. Cost, $20/adult. Lunch available for purchase separately from Soda Jerks. Show at Foothills Performing Arts Center, Oneonta. 607-431-2080 or visit www.foothillspac.org

WOODWORKING – 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Sign up for the “Green Woodworking with Emilie Rigby” class where participants will learn how to carve a spoon out of green wood that has not yet been seasoned. Bring a notebook and writing utensil, water and snacks, work gloves (optional), tools you have and want to discuss (optional). Cost, $75/non-member. As a reward, 1 unique wooden spoon that you made yourself. Cooperstown Arts Association. 607-547-9777 or visit www.cooperstownart.com

ART CLASS – 1:00 – 4:00 pm Join Arc Otsego for a beginner’s handwriting class. Cost, $35/person. Main View Pottery and More, 79 Main St., Oneonta. 607-432-1890 or visit www.facebook.com/MainViewGallery/

BOOK READING – 3pm – 5.30pm Tom Morgan will read from his books ‘Trial in Cooperstown. “Light refreshments will be served, books will be available for purchase. Proceeds from the open house benefit the Franklin Railroad and Community Museum, 527 Main St., Franklin. 607-829-2692 or visit www.facebook.com/franklinrailroadandcommunitymuseum/

SEMESTERS END BASH – 6 p.m. Celebrate the end of the college semester with live music from Brotality, Seeing Double and Fairpoint. Cost, $8 at the door. Proceeds go to support the Oneonta Teen Center. Foothills Performing Arts Center, Oneonta. 607-431-2080 or visit www.foothillspac.org

MATTERS TO THINK – 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. Join Victoria Wyeth, granddaughter of Andrew Wyeth, for a delicious buffet dinner and a fascinating PowerPoint presentation on the exhibition “From life: three generations of ‘Studies in the Figure of Wyeth’. Cost, $115/non-member. Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown. 607-547-1400 or visit www.fenimoreartmuseum.org

]]> Five things spotted as Liverpool unveil new Nike home kit for 2022/23 season https://letrasenredadas.com/five-things-spotted-as-liverpool-unveil-new-nike-home-kit-for-2022-23-season/ Thu, 05 May 2022 07:04:16 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/five-things-spotted-as-liverpool-unveil-new-nike-home-kit-for-2022-23-season/

Liverpool have released the first images of their new home shirt for the 2022/23 season, where the Reds hope to start the campaign as European and potentially Premier League champions.

Supposedly inspired by the attitude of ‘Scouse solidarity’, the design is meant to ‘reflect the mentality of its people – a mentality which makes Liverpool truly unique’.

With prices frozen from last season, the all-red home shirt features intricate YNWA detailing on the reverse of the sleeve, meant to represent the resilient bond between fans and club.

READ MORE: Man City and Pep Guardiola face major injury concerns as Mohamed Salah gets his Liverpool wish

READ MORE: Barcelona hand in inevitable transfer verdict as FSG set to make ‘significant’ offer to Liverpool

But what else should you know about the new kit? And what’s there to spot now that it’s officially launched? Liverpool.com took a look.

97 emblem

On the back of the shirt, the 97 emblem surrounded by eternal flames sits proudly on the back of the neck in memory of those children, women and men who lost their lives in Hillsborough.

The change from 96 to 97 is in recognition of Andrew Stanley Devine, the 97th person unlawfully killed following the Hillsborough disaster.

Reveal Video

The official home kit “reveal video” (as is usually the case with every kit release these days) features a variety of familiar faces.

Jürgen Klopp, Jordan Henderson, Virgil van Dijk, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Curtis Jones, Luis Díaz, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ibrahima Konate represents the men, while LFC Women have manager Matt Beard, as well as key stars Missy Bo-Kearns, Taylor Hinds and Leighanne Robe.

Luis Diaz models the new Liverpool 2022/23 Nike home kit

The campaign video also features musician Scouse Kieo (Boss Nights) and local boxer Natasha Jonas. Meanwhile, local band Liverpool Stone were on hand to provide the soundtrack.

You can see even more images and photos of the kit launch on the blood red youtube channelwhile the official reveal video is available on Liverpool’s YouTube channel.

Jordan Henderson Verdict

“We are all so proud to wear the Liverpool FC shirt and be part of the swoosh family,” said Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson.

The family at the swoosh? That’s certainly what he calls it on a daily basis.

“We know exactly what this shirt means to our fans, and we can’t wait to wear it at Anfield,” added Henderson.

Harvey Elliott models the new Liverpool 2022/23 Nike home kit
Harvey Elliott models the new Liverpool 2022/23 Nike home kit


The Nike kit is “sustainably made”, with on-pitch and replica jerseys both made from 100% recycled polyester fabric, which is, of course, made from recycled plastic bottles.

Wondering how it works? Wonder no more. Plastic bottles are collected, cleaned and melted down to produce high quality thread for manufacturing. OK, maybe ask me a bit more… I have no idea what that means either.

New typeface

The club have introduced a new “LFC name and number style” for the back of the jersey, which is “inspired by the city”.

The lettering has a contemporary take on historic Liverpool street signs and will be worn for cup competitions and friendlies.

A nice touch, for a nice, clean and simple shirt design. A jersey worthy of quadruple champions? Time will tell us…

]]> Met Gala 2022: politics at the center of fashion’s biggest night https://letrasenredadas.com/met-gala-2022-politics-at-the-center-of-fashions-biggest-night/ Tue, 03 May 2022 07:00:00 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/met-gala-2022-politics-at-the-center-of-fashions-biggest-night/

OPINION: The politics are personal, even for the rich and famous who have enough status to be invited to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour’s annual Met Gala.

Long before some 600 celebrities began arriving on the steps of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in their Tuesday morning pomp (NZT), this year’s theme of ‘golden glamour, white tie’ was not going well.

The theme pays homage to America’s period of prosperity, industrialization, and growth from 1870 to 1890, a time that couldn’t be further from most people’s post-Covid reality.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who said he had been “dying to go” to the fundraiser “for years,” arrived on the red carpet wearing a jacket with front-ends. decorative arms and lapels that paid homage to New York transit.  system.

Getty Images

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who said he had been “dying to go” to the fundraiser “for years,” arrived on the red carpet wearing a jacket with front-ends. decorative arms and lapels that paid homage to New York transit. system.

It prompted slogans, tributes and a healthy dose of historical reflection from some members of the modern celebrity cult.

(Meanwhile, billionaire Elon Musk has simply come forward to say his pending US$46.5 billion (NZ$69 billion) purchase of Twitter will make it “more inclusive.” Yeah, c ‘is right.)

* Kim Kardashian wears Marilyn Monroe’s original “Happy Birthday, Mr President” dress to the Met Gala
* Met Gala: The must-have red carpet fashion of the stars
* These are the most iconic Met Gala looks of all time

New York Mayor Eric Adams, who said he was “dying to go” at fundraising for years, arrived dressed in a jacket with decorative forearms and lapels that paid homage to New York City’s transit system. The back of his coat read “End Gun Violence” in red letters.

Singer Alicia Keys wore a cape celebrating New York’s union history.

The theme of the exhibition that the Met Gala officially opens is “In America”, so it was fitting that former first lady, secretary of state and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was present. Clinton wore a red dress by designer Joseph Altuzarra.

She explained that her dress was hand-embroidered with the names of “brave” American women from the 19th and 20th century liberation movements, including Abigail Adams, Harriet Tubman and Eleanor Roosevelt.

“I think we’re all happy to be back together, supporting the museum and the Costume Institute — and celebrating not just fashion, but the spirit of America,” Clinton told Vogue hosts. on the red carpet.

One of the hosts was Hamish Bowles, editor of World of Interiors. He took the time to say, “Tonight our hearts are with the people of Ukraine and the victims of war and displacement around the world.”

Condé Nast, Vogue’s publishing company and major sponsor of the event, had donated to the Red Cross, he said, and encouraged “those who can to do so too”.

While most gala attendees wore ruffles, pearls, beads and an air of Old Hollywood glamour, British-Pakistani actor and musician Riz Ahmed arrived in an understated silk shirt and undershirt.

He topped them with a lace-up belt and a Cartier necklace, saying “it’s a tribute to the immigrant workers who kept the golden age alive”.

The Oscar-winning ensemble underscored the reality of the Gilded Age – a period in American history when rapid economic growth benefited the wealthy few, while leading to rampant exploitation of the majority. immigrant workers, especially immigrants of color.

Met Gala veteran Sarah Jessica Parker took a similar but more subtle approach, employing designer Christopher John Rogers to recreate a dress by Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley, the first black fashion designer in the White House.

Hobbs Keckley was a former slave who moved from Virginia to Washington DC in 1860 and became the official dressmaker for First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln.

“The idea was to highlight the dichotomy between the extravagant and exaggerated proportions of the period and the disparity that was happening in America at the time,” Rogers told Vogue.

If only Wintour had recognized the dichotomy between the extravagant wealth of his guests and their messages.

Meanwhile, singers Billie Eilish and Camila Cabello interpreted the Industrial Revolution as a springboard to talk about the climate crisis.

Eilish wore a custom Gucci corset dress made entirely from recycled materials – “so we didn’t have to waste a lot of stuff.”

“I just wanted to be as eco-friendly as possible,” she said.

Cabello wore a “completely recycled” white dress because “Gilded Age is ironic,” she said. “The age of industrialism and materialism has plunged us into a climate crisis.”

It would be gross underselling to say that Kim Kardashian’s dress is vintage. But hey… let’s talk about recycling.

She wore Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday Mr President” dress for just a few minutes, after following a strict diet for weeks to slip into the pure crystal number. Then she skillfully transformed into a replica of what she called “the original nude dress.”

Kardashian’s nod to the history and rise of women seen as sex symbols came as news surfaced that the United States Supreme Court had tentatively voted to overrule Roe v Wadethe landmark decision that legalized abortion nationwide in the United States.

]]> It took 5 weeks to paint these zebra striped Bugatti Chirons https://letrasenredadas.com/it-took-5-weeks-to-paint-these-zebra-striped-bugatti-chirons/ Fri, 29 Apr 2022 22:03:00 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/it-took-5-weeks-to-paint-these-zebra-striped-bugatti-chirons/

Every Bugatti Chiron is special, with the owner of each hypercar selecting their own custom specs in terms of paint color, interior scheme, trim options and more. But some Chirons are much more special than others, that’s where the brand’s Custom customization arm Between. His two latest creations are a Chiron Pure Sport and Chiron Super Sport which feature the same type of hand-painted Waves of Light liveries, each of which took five weeks to complete. And they are amazing.

Before we dive into these wonderful Chirons, a little background for their crazy zebra-like paint job. In 2011, Bugatti released the unique Veyron L’Or Blanc, which had a blue and white two-tone scheme inspired by the way highlights naturally fall on the car’s body. It was a spectacular thing to see, especially since the stripes are slightly asymmetrical; the L’Or Blanc also featured genuine porcelain interior trim and exterior accents.

The striped effect is very unique.


The process of creating Waves of Light is intense. First, the craftsmen create the 2D shapes that will form the stripes, which are applied to the body in the form of tape to hide what to paint with extreme precision. Accents are then hand painted, with multiple coats used to give the livery a deep sheen that mimics a reflection of light. Finally, layers of transparent varnish are applied. It’s a process reminiscent of the Divo “Ladybug” created last year, which was so complicated that Bugatti almost gave up.

It’s not the first time Bugatti has made L’Or Blanc-inspired cars either: a one-off Chiron ‘Zebra’ with shiny teal paint and dark gray stripes premiered in 2019, and there’s a Veyron. Grand Sport Vitesse with a red and black L’Or Blanc scheme.

Of the two Chirons the Super Sports is certainly the loudest, with California Blue as the base paint and Arancia Mira, a bright Lamborghini-sourced orange, used as the accent color. The reflective strips even extend into the Super Sport’s oval vent pattern on the front fenders, which looks super cool. Arancia Mira is also used on the (frankly ugly) 5-spoke wheels, the number 38 in the horseshoe grille and the lettering in the engine bay. Bright orange is also used for the interior, and the Super Sport has the Sky View roof option.

The carbon body of the Pur Sport alone costs over $300,000.


But it’s the Pur Sport’s specs that are truly amazing. Instead of painting, its body is finished in navy-tinted exposed carbon fiber, an option that alone costs more than $300,000. The Waves of Light stripes are Nocturne black paint, and they really do look like reflections at first glance. The stripes are applied in their own unique pattern for this Pur Sport, emphasizing its sleeker design. French flags are found on the fender endplates, and the 9 in the grille, fender accents and center caps are painted in French racing blue. The interior of the Pur Sport is upholstered in Beluga Black and French Racing Blue leather, and it also has the view of the sky.

Bugatti announced in January that the Production run of 500 units of Chiron was completely sold, with the last Super Sport and Super Sport 300+ models to be built by the end of 2022. We’re sure to see more wild Bespoke creations coming out of these final cars, but Bugatti will have plenty of opportunities for some spectacular creations after that. The Centodieci will go into production later this year, and the also sold-out Bolide will start shipping in 2024.

But the most exciting will be the first model to come from the new Bugatti-Rimac partnershipwhich will surely be electrified, more luxurious and more customizable than any Bugatti before it.