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Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.


Principal journalist of the Tribune


PREMIER Dr Hubert Minnis said if re-elected the Free National Movement would offer housing concessions to all new Bahamian landlords who build owner-occupied housing worth 300,000. $ or less.

“This applies whether you intend to build on private land or on government land that you have received or purchased,” he said at an FNM rally on Saturday.

“There will be no tariffs on construction materials. For all these residential constructions, there will also be no value added tax on construction materials or on the value of the construction contract.

“This will benefit many potential owners. This will help create a construction boom.

Dr Minnis also said the accounting firms have completed the first review of applications for the Prospect Ridge community, a community geared towards young professionals. The government received just over 1,500 applications for the project.

Dr Minnis said he was determined to bring the program to Eleuthera, Exuma, Abaco and Andros as well.

“Those who buy land in these developments will not have to pay tariffs on building materials, furniture and appliances. In addition, they will not have to pay property tax for five years.

“We are also very advanced in the development of the Carmichael Village subdivision. The development and subdivision will provide 365 lots for Bahamians to build houses. These will be built under concessions granted by the government. The Ministry of Housing has already issued letters of intent to around 100 people. The majority of these new homeowners have since obtained commitments from financial institutions to build their homes, ”he said.

The FNM has maintained a sustained rally schedule since Dr Minnis announced the September 16 elections. Saturday’s rally in New Providence came after the prime minister staged events in Cat Island and San Salvador, areas long represented by Liberal Progressive Party leader Philip “Brave” Davis.

While on Cat Island, Dr Minnis told supporters he had been “reliably informed” that his party had won the advance poll.

“And I know Thursday we’ll take the rest – and Cat Island is ours,” he said.

Although FNM rallies are meant to be drive-thru events, some people got out of their cars and crowded in front of the rally stage with minimal social distancing on Saturday. People also got out of their cars during the Family Island gatherings.

Dr Minnis also said that a second Minnis administration would enact a home port law to encourage cruise lines to make the Bahamas their home port.

“This will bring many more visitors to the Bahamas, a significant economic opportunity for you,” he said.

He also pledged to improve business for tourism operations in a variety of ways, although he did not say how he would achieve this. “We will allow visitors to arrange taxi and tour transportation directly with licensed Bahamian cruise providers and land visitors so that taxi and tour drivers can earn much more money directly,” he said. he declared.

“We will make it easier for visitors to make reservations for dining, entertainment and heritage tourism directly with Bahamian companies licensed for cruises and land visitors.”

“Many of these arrangements will allow Bahamian providers to receive their full payment for these services instead of having to pay large sums of commission to non-Bahamian intermediaries.

“We will make it easier for retail stores to sell resort wear, souvenirs and other products by attracting more hotel and cruise passengers to their stores. ”

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BEL MOONEY: The lover’s web of deception makes me bitter https://letrasenredadas.com/bel-mooney-the-lovers-web-of-deception-makes-me-bitter/ https://letrasenredadas.com/bel-mooney-the-lovers-web-of-deception-makes-me-bitter/#respond Fri, 10 Sep 2021 21:30:59 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/bel-mooney-the-lovers-web-of-deception-makes-me-bitter/

Dear Bel,

I am a gay man in my thirties. So far, a meaningful romantic relationship has eluded me. Not because I don’t want to, but because the right person just didn’t come.

Although I have a successful career and a strong circle of family and close friends, I am not very confident so I find it difficult to meet people romantically.

For the past few years, I’ve had a very relaxed relationship with a bisexual man, seeing myself once or twice a year with no connection between the two.

Earlier this year, we saw each other and things have changed. He makes me feel so special that I can’t resist.

On a recent weekend, we held hands and acted like more than just friends with perks.

He has a relationship with someone else, a woman, who is in a long term relationship with another man.

He would clearly like more with this girl, who also works for him. I’m a little on the side. He sees me in secret when he can’t see her.

Although she doesn’t know he’s bisexual, she must have guessed. One of her previous male lovers told her, but she rejected the “lie”.

Why doesn’t she leave her longtime partner for her boss? He treats her very well. His family is making the deal easier, which I suspect has something to do with his money and his generosity.

It frustrates me to see him being exploited and it makes me bitter that I just want to spend time with him for who he is, not for his money.

I put my cards on the table and shared my feelings with him. He was gentle; says he has feelings too – but ultimately doesn’t want any additional complications just yet.

What do I do? He was the first man who made me feel that way, but I’m really hurt and frustrated by the situation.


This week, Bel advises a gay reader whose boyfriend is dating another woman – who doesn’t know he’s bisexual

Oh what a tangled web we weave, When we first practice deceiving ‘is a wise quote.

It comes from an epic poem by Sir Walter Scott titled Marmion: A Tale Of Flodden Field, which tells how one of Henry VIII’s courtiers, Lord Marmion, pursues his desire for a wealthy woman, Clara.

He and his mistress, a delinquent nun (yes, really!), Devise a ploy to trap Clara’s fiancé. Things get chaotic and, although Marmion beats Clara’s intention in a duel, he loses because she retires to a convent rather than endure his attentions.

So be careful everyone!

When you lie, you build a domino structure of complications that eventually get out of hand.

Does something like this not happen in the life of the man you love? He lies to his mistress who, in turn, lies to his longtime partner, whom she will not leave. What a turn it would be if he also talked about pigs, and had his own share on the side.

During this time, you have no one else, but you are forced to gaze longingly, knowing that she is the chosen one. It must be horrible for you and I am sorry that you are being used in this way by this handsome, rich and successful man.

Because we just can’t put an end to it: you are used. Understandably reluctant but (I think) empowered by the new intensity of your feelings, you have told your man exactly how you feel.

How did he respond? In fact, he said gently, “Yeah, okay, sure – I love you too and all that – but not right away, thank you.” He is ready to chain you because you give him sexual pleasure and he enjoys your company.

But I suspect you’ll always be the runner-up – and in the end, you’ll get hurt by the man who wants it all and usually gets it.

Of course, you are “hurt and frustrated” because this relationship is going nowhere. If you’d been more “friends with benefits” by meeting twice a year for sex, it doesn’t matter what he did with the rest of his time.

But now you are entangled in a web of lies woven by two people, a man and a woman, both of whom are determined to their own satisfaction.

Please don’t let these spiders eat you. You have so much going on for yourself and you should step back now and try to find someone new who will treat you fairly.

How could his father spend his savings?

Dear Bel

Since our daughter was little, my husband and I have set aside part of our income in a bank account, part of hers from her part-time job in a store and money from her childcare allowance. .

She is now 18 and preparing to go to college, so we gave her access to the account.

My husband was very hesitant and I quickly understood why. He spent almost all the money on Match Attax football cards.

To say that I am livid is an understatement. He says they are his heirloom to her because they “will be incredibly precious when I die” – but the fact that he has gone behind our back is so overwhelming.

My daughter left home angry to stay with her boyfriend’s family and I don’t know what to do.


Thought of the day

Just do one little thing: just love.

Just do one little thing: don’t judge.

Just do one little thing: don’t be sad.

Just do one little thing: forgive.

Based on a hymn by Irina Denisova, a leading choir director and composer in Belarus and now a nun at St. Elizabeth’s Monastery in Minsc

Disappointment is one of the worst feelings in the world, especially when it’s someone you think you know and love who lets you down.

Such disillusion leaves a bitter taste, which never quite goes away.

‘How can you do that?’ means “How can you be so weak and selfish and how come I never realized it was in you?” We are unhappy that our judgment has been called into question.

Nothing could make these cards worth your daughter’s loss of respect for her father. He was as dumb as he was dishonest, but that doesn’t just make him bad or crazy – although I bet he was made very sad realizing how weak he was. Didn’t he think he would be discovered?

He needs to do whatever it takes to fix it, including selling his precious cards as soon as possible. The value of the items we collect and cherish is never fixed, so it is illusory to assume growth.

The only thing worth appreciating here is the love and respect for his wife and daughter. In time, you will both forgive him – because you have to. It is the imperfect human being with whom you share your life. But he better prove he’s worth it.

I despair of my new love

Dear Bel

My question is very complex and I can only say that it makes me despairing.

During the lockdown, I became friends with a woman and we walked and talked every day, and we even texted each other between times.

The only stumbling block is that I am a married man – with my wife for 30 years – a loveless marriage, which has been the case for years.

We don’t sleep together and are therefore more friends than husband and wife. I want to leave her and move in with this woman. What should I do?


This is one of the shortest emails I have ever received, and there are so many questions I wish I had answered.

I take this to suggest to readers that while the long letters give me a difficult task to edit, I need a few details when you write.

You, Peter, don’t even tell me if you have a family. Or when you met the other woman and if she is married. Or if your wife has any idea that all this walking and talking has taken place. Do you see?

No more Bel Mooney for the Daily Mail …

Every letter in this column is a unique story, but yours has as many holes as one of my moth sweatshirts. But it is easy to imagine that you are in love. I believe that we “fall in love” many times in a lifetime; by “love” I mean a feeling of intensity. This lady could be your new life partner.

Or she could be a wonderful person whose appeal has been heightened by the heightened atmosphere of the lockdown.

Either way, I’m old enough to believe that a 30-year marriage shouldn’t be abandoned because of a new passion.

You call marriage “without love,” but by that you mean sexless, because you always call your wife your friend. And old friends need consideration too.

If the marriage has run its course, then this conversation needs to take place with your wife. It cannot be dodged.

But “hopelessness” can be compounded by lasting guilt. Treat your wife with the love you felt when you met her and then you will have the moral strength to face it.

And finally…So happy family found each other

A few months ago, I mentioned “ancestry” websites and DNA and admitted that I really didn’t want to find new parents. Now Wrote: “You must receive so many sad letters, so here is one that is amazing, amazing and most importantly happy.

She continues: “I was an illegitimate child, born in 1946. My mother died when I was 12 but I had my grandfather, my uncle and my much older brother at home, so I didn’t. have never lacked a male presence.

“When mom passed away, I was living with my uncle and aunt, who were like parents to me. Overall, I have had a pretty happy life.

A’s cousin is passionate about DNA-based genealogy research, so the two women took some tests and A discovered a first cousin, M, whom she had no knowledge of.

Contact Bel

Bel answers weekly readers’ questions about emotional and relationship issues.

Write to Bel Mooney, Daily Mail, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT, or email bel.mooney@dailymail.co.uk.

A pseudonym will be used if you wish.

Bel reads all the letters but regrets not being able to enter into personal correspondence.

“As a first cousin can only be related by parents or grandparents, we have come to the obvious conclusion – that the relationship must be through my father,” she adds.

The only thing A ever knew about his father was that he was in the Royal Air Force. She got in touch with M – and found out her father had been in the RAF for 25 years and had been stationed for some time in the county where A lives.

“Having got his name and a bit of history, I then checked second and third cousins ​​on the DNA list – and found that through these more distant cousins , I shared DNA with M’s grandfather, ”she writes.

‘I feel like I’m in the middle of an episode of Long Lost Family! Sometimes I have a sad moment that I never knew my father (he died in 1996), but most of the time I walk around with a smile on my face. I am also very grateful that M and I have decided to put our DNA results on Ancestry. ‘

In wartime and post-war times, A’s story was not uncommon. Now she is so happy to see pictures of her father and to know more about the new members of her family.

Reading his story also made me happy. A reminder to always be open to good surprises.

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In Turkey, a water tomb becomes a park https://letrasenredadas.com/in-turkey-a-water-tomb-becomes-a-park/ https://letrasenredadas.com/in-turkey-a-water-tomb-becomes-a-park/#respond Wed, 08 Sep 2021 09:00:26 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/in-turkey-a-water-tomb-becomes-a-park/

A pre-dawn thunderstorm had purified the air and brought comfortable temperatures after days of 100-degree heat. As we exited the port of Seddulbahir, I could see, on the Asia Minor side of the Dardanelles, the hilltop site of the ruins of ancient Troy – first excavated by Heinrich Schliemann in 1870. Behind us, on the European side, rose the Canakkale Memorial to the Martyrs, an austere marble arch with four columns dedicated to the 250,000 Ottoman victims of the Gallipoli countryside. Much of the peninsula has been turned into a national park, preserved as it was a century ago. Scattered among pristine beaches and rugged pine-covered hills were cemeteries and memorials commemorating one of the bloodiest campaigns of the war.

The skipper of Eftelya Dina headed southeast towards the site of the Majestic, just off Cape Helles, keeping an eye on a large screen that displayed sonar images of the seabed. The entrance to the Dardanelles is littered with British and French ships, Mr Kasdemir told me: They include HMS Goliath, a pre-dreadnought battleship, like the Majestic, which an Ottoman torpedo sank two weeks before the loss of the Majestic and which now lies mostly buried in sediment at a depth of 207 feet. (The pre-dreadnought classification refers to boats built before the commissioning in 1906 of the HMS Dreadnought, a faster, more heavily armed ship that revolutionized naval warfare.) After 20 minutes, we anchored both boats. Then I put on my wetsuit, strapped on my tank and vest and, along with the three Turkish officials and two dive guides, dived into the sea.

The water temperature rose from 74 degrees at the surface to 60 degrees as the wreck approached, although my wetsuit protected me from the cold. Soon I found myself hovering over a field of entangled iron and steel – a vast underwater dump, or graveyard, stretched for hundreds of yards to the bottom of the sea.

Visibility was surprisingly clear, considering the currents that often flow through the area. As I followed Deniz Tasci through the wreck, I could make out the ship’s curved and intact stern, the remains of several decks, two sturdy standing chimneys and one of the ship’s two masts, lying on the port side of the ship. .

Towards the remains of the bow, a long tube tilted steeply upward – possibly one of four 12-inch MK-8 naval guns that pounded Seddulbahir to cover Australian and French ground troops landing at Cape Helles. I spotted a huge cylinder that could have been part of one of the ship’s steam turbine engines, and cigar-shaped torpedoes covered in rust, but with their explosive warheads still in order.

Mr. Kartal had told me earlier that divers had counted “more than 200 torpedoes” scattered around the Majestic alone. There is almost no chance that these will explode without a powerful jerk, but the experienced guides stay close to the divers and discourage them from touching anything.

The wreck was teeming with marine life, including double-banded sea bream, silvery, oval-shaped fish adorned with two parallel black bands along their heads and caudal fins; cuckoo wrasses, with bright blue scribbles on their elongated orange bodies; pig-tooth corals, fungal organisms growing inside the hollow spaces of the wreck; and pink and orange tubular sponges hanging from many surfaces. Halfway through the 35-minute dive, one of my companions pointed a flashlight at a vault-like space in the wreckage, where an octopus, now fleeing the unwanted intrusion, had secreted itself. .

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Slasher 101: My Heart Is A Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones https://letrasenredadas.com/slasher-101-my-heart-is-a-chainsaw-by-stephen-graham-jones/ https://letrasenredadas.com/slasher-101-my-heart-is-a-chainsaw-by-stephen-graham-jones/#respond Tue, 31 Aug 2021 18:22:40 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/slasher-101-my-heart-is-a-chainsaw-by-stephen-graham-jones/

Jade Daniels – or JD – is a horror-obsessed loner who staggers through the final months of her senior year of high school in rural Proofrock, Idaho. She writes extra homework on “Slasher 101” for her history teacher to improve her grades, works as a county babysitter after school, and avoids being home too often. Sometimes she camps in the dilapidated remnants of Camp Blood, the site of a real-life slasher incident, eagerly awaiting the age of eighteen so she can leave town or the start of another murder cycle. .

So when a couple of young tourists disappear at the same time as a conglomerate of wealthy families, the Founders, innovate on the other side of the city’s lake for their “Terra Nova” housing project, Jade cannot believe. to his luck. The signs line up, including the arrival of Letha Mondragon, which Jade assumes must be the last fresh girl: she is beautiful, naive, kind, to make you blush. Sadly, the city’s gruesome stories influence the direction of this burgeoning horror film, and getting stuck in the cycle isn’t as relieved as it is in Jade’s fantasies.

My heart is a chainsaw, at the most obvious level, is a gloriously metafictional love letter to slasher movies. Each chapter has a referenced title, such as “Don’t Go In the Woods,” and is followed by one of Jade’s brief “Slasher 101” reports. through the rules of his favorite genre. What if you start to guess from the emphasis on “gender rules” that My heart is a chainsaw aims more than just reflection tropes: you are there. The simultaneous adoration of Stephan Graham Jones for as well as the review of “the slasher” shines through the entire book in a well-balanced measure.

A central theme revolves around what people use stories for: how we frame our experiences through the stories that snuggle under our skin, especially when we need it most. Jade’s attachment to slashers is interwoven with her traumatic childhood and her thirst for revenge and survival. However, it’s worth noting that she can’t begin to imagine herself as the protagonist – the last vengeful girl – for at least the first half of the novel. On the one hand, she doesn’t consider herself pure enough, as the “right” kind of girl… but on the other, she longs to be rescued for once in her life. And she thinks she would love to witness a bloodshed in the name of justice, a complicated and complicated desire.

Stories are there for Jade when nothing else is. I appreciated that the novel doesn’t pathologize the connection it makes between trauma and horror fandom – instead, it’s presented as reasonable and vital. Likewise, the fact that Jade is, in her own words, half Indian (and queer, at least it seems) is just an occasional background rather than a narrative. causal. While at the end of the day, she can’t fit her personal slasher cycle – both supernatural and mundane at the same time – into the rule structure she’s clung to, the stories she loves give her a foothold for. survive, as well as a language to communicate trauma. to the people who come into his life. (Isn’t that, on some level, why we all read books like these?)

Spoilers follow.

However, while the close-up third-person perspective locks the narrative into Jade’s perception of the world, the book itself isn’t really about maturity … but parenthood. Jones imbues the novel with a powerful sense of the care adults owe children while also mercilessly describing the ways the community, with few exceptions, failed to take care of Jade. She portrays herself as an adult and in conflict “don’t take me in the name of authority” with people like Mr. Holmes the history teacher or Hardy the sheriff, but Jones’ precise attention to description and to dialogue allows the reader to see around him. Jade corners do not. The public witnesses the efforts that specific people make to take care of themselves, as much as they allow, even if it is far from enough. Because as a whole the community To failed Jade.

The novel’s implicit argument for the collective care responsibilities of adults is brought out in one particular scene. After Letha shares the contents of Jade’s letters with Hardy, implicating Jade’s father for sexual abuse, Mr. Holmes tries to engage with Jade on terms she defines – using horror movies like metaphor – and asks her why she never wrote him an article about a rape revenge film. As Letha and Hardy are more concerned with holding her father accountable, Mr. Holmes takes a look at how Jade sees se In history. He questions her about the rules of the genre and why she does not consider rape-revenge as falling within her legal jurisdiction.

Finally, Jade said,

“The reason Rape Revenge isn’t a slasher is that the slasher and the last girl should be the same person. […] The final girl and the spirit of vengeance are in opposition, not the same combination. It would – it would be like Batman took off his hood and was the Joker. It just doesn’t work.

Balancing the fact that Jade is a seventeen year old girl who deserves access to care and support alongside her powerful and dedicated self is something Jones deals with with genuine fondness. “Tenderness” may be a weird word to use about a slasher novel with a brutal third act body count, but given Jones’ accusation of crappy fathers and the implicit argument for the potential of shitty fathers. men do better with girls, it seems appropriate. After all, when the fleas fall and the tropes dissolve, Jade brings a machete to her rapist father. She plays her revenge as a hybrid slasher and final girl.

But the novel does not end there.

As with the retaliation for the imagery of Alice on the Lake in Jade’s narration, or the continued references to the Scream movies, the triumphant moment when the last girl ends the party isn’t the conclusion. Jade’s friends and supporters are mutilated or dead; his city is about to be consumed by water or fire; she was filmed directly killing her father. The novel ends with an image of her trapped on the roof of the dam management station, watching a mother bear cover her cub’s body to protect it from an aggressive male thug – an act of protection she doesn’t has not believed since she was a child.

The final of My heart is a chainsaw left me with the impression that I too had plunged into the open air through the chaos – suspended there under the night sky, suspended in smoke and fire. Jones offers no clear resolution for Jade or her community, torn to shreds by the incursion of wealthy strangers and the miserable secrets of child abuse and neglect.and reverberations of systemic violence against Indigenous peoples — held in the city’s present and past. Instead, the reader should bring these threads together and sift through the emotions the novel elicits. I closed the painful book of tenderness for Jade, but also nauseatingly troubled – haunted, one might say, by these complicated remnants of justice and trauma.

My heart is a chainsaw is available from Gallery / Saga Press.

Lee Mandelo is a writer, critic and editor whose main areas of interest are speculative fiction and queer literature, especially when the two coincide. They took out two books, Beyond the Binary: Genderqueer and Sexually Fluid Speculative Fiction and We Wuz Pushed: On Joanna Russ and the Radical Truth, and in the past I have edited for publications like Strange Horizons Magazine. Other works have been featured in magazines such as Telling the Stone, Clarkesworld, Mountain peak, and Ideomancer.

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The 15 best spy movies of all time https://letrasenredadas.com/the-15-best-spy-movies-of-all-time/ https://letrasenredadas.com/the-15-best-spy-movies-of-all-time/#respond Tue, 24 Aug 2021 19:47:00 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/the-15-best-spy-movies-of-all-time/

Just six months after “Goldfinger” and nine before “Thunderball,” James Bond co-producer Harry Saltzman came up with a much less exotic alternative for audiences exhausted by ejection seats and the great adventure. Harry Palmer, unnamed in Len Deighton’s novels, longs for even a low-level adventure. Freshly ground coffee is its only flaw. A good day’s work means as little interaction as possible with superiors, all animatronic parodies of British heroism, as much as possible. The Fresh Air comes with a friendly reminder that it is just the desktop drone with the most exploitable criminal record.

As Palmer, Michael Caine takes it all as paid detention, with the famous Curry & Paxton mounts turning his half-awake eyes into arrogant little security cameras. He doesn’t think he’ll get away with anything – he never has – but he knows his mission regarding the mysteriously reappearing scientists is going to get worse in ways he doesn’t even have. started to understand. Of course, nightmarish, yes.

All three of Palmer’s theatrical films are worth looking for. “Funeral in Berlin,” directed by fellow Bond fellow Guy Hamilton, is the most cunning and gritty. “Billion Dollar Brain,” a thumb-aching project for felt Ken Russell, goes unsettling gonzo. But “Ipcress”, shot alternately as staging and hypnosis by Sydney J. Furie and cinematographer Otto Heller, remains the best of the group.

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Letters to the Province, August 24, 2021: Why Did the Liberals Call an Election? https://letrasenredadas.com/letters-to-the-province-august-24-2021-why-did-the-liberals-call-an-election/ https://letrasenredadas.com/letters-to-the-province-august-24-2021-why-did-the-liberals-call-an-election/#respond Tue, 24 Aug 2021 01:42:47 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/letters-to-the-province-august-24-2021-why-did-the-liberals-call-an-election/

The minority government we had pressured the government of the day to work together to address the chronic, long-term problems that Canadians have lived with for decades, writes Jo-Anne Berezanski

Content of the article

When we listen to the media coverage, the reason for the election is a political winning bet based on provincial elections that dismiss the sitting premiers with a majority.


Content of the article

The Liberals returned to power in 2019 with a minority creating a coalition government. So why only after two years did Justin Trudeau call an election. Personally, I think the federal government that we had worked for average Canadians. Our vote actually counted and held the government of the day “accountable” and Canadians learned the intricacies behind resignations, appointments and punitive actions in the House by all parties.

Living Through Harper’s Conservative Majority Canadians did not hear about many of the irreversible actions taken by the Conservatives until they were ousted and Canada had to recover from the damage done by their majority.

The government we had pressured the government of the day to work together to address the chronic, long-term problems that Canadians have lived with for decades. So call an election amid the pandemic, the crisis in Afghanistan, climate change experienced firsthand in BC under a dome of heat and wildfires, runaway inflation, growing federal debt; First Nations issues are now becoming dominant Canadian issues, ask the question, would we know that under a majority?


Content of the article

Perhaps the heat in the kitchen was too much for the Liberals. Call an election, remove the House, so politicians can get on buses and planes to make promises to fix these issues instead of taking the last few years to dig and sort out some of them?

He is a Canadian who hopes to return a coalition government and not a Liberal “majority”.

Erin O’Toole best described this election when he said there were many parties in contention but only two choices. Let’s prove him wrong, let’s tell all these politicians that democracy is government for the people, by the people.

Everyone gets the ear of the government under a coalition and only those who have rights or well placed get the ear under a majority. Make your vote count, so that we ordinary people have the ear of our elected officials. Let’s make them do what we do every day, understand it, and solve these chronic issues with a common thread of fairness and justice.


Content of the article

Jo-Anne Berezanski, North Saanich

No more hydrants needed

Wouldn’t it make sense for the government to design more fire hydrants in small towns? Especially those near large water sources?

Water trucking is an expensive and inefficient way to tackle an entire city fire.

Grant Husdon, Salmon Arm

Do they really care?

It is hard to believe that major political parties really care about the environment and climate change when they travel from coast to coast to coast to solicit votes from Canadians.

Wouldn’t it be much cheaper – financially and environmentally – to spend your time and money on media advertisements rather than renting and / or buying planes and flying them across Canada every day for a day? months (or more) before each election?


Content of the article

Jerry Steinberg, Surrey

Poor planning at BC Place

Kudos to BC Place and the BC Lions for your poor planning of seating and exit locations at the end of Thursday’s CFL game. Haven’t heard of social distancing?

It looks like you didn’t after seeing photos of people coming out in a tangled mess. You may have had people killed with COVID because of your complete lack of preparation. You’ve had 18 months to get it right and that’s what you’re saying.

I won’t go until it’s for dual vaccines only. It’s time for you to improve your game. You failed the Lions game miserably.

Bob Grennan, North Vancouver

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The day – It’s time to cut down all those dangerous dead trees https://letrasenredadas.com/the-day-its-time-to-cut-down-all-those-dangerous-dead-trees/ https://letrasenredadas.com/the-day-its-time-to-cut-down-all-those-dangerous-dead-trees/#respond Mon, 23 Aug 2021 04:10:13 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/the-day-its-time-to-cut-down-all-those-dangerous-dead-trees/

This tree has clearly been dead in the public grip for some time, “a Joshuatown Road tree tangled in a jurisdictional mess” (August 3). The tree has collapsed under its own weight and decay, but somehow it becomes the responsibility of the utilities? I do not agree, when in fact the elected representative of each city is charged by the statue of the state to appoint a guardian of the trees, and their responsibilities are to “have the care and the control of all. trees within the limits of any public thoroughfare ”.

So maybe there was some neglect on the part of the city before this tree collapsed. While driving around the area recently, I noticed a myriad of silhouettes of dead trees that suffered massive defoliation during a recent gypsy moth infestation. What remains carries heavy and dead limbs cantilevered on our roads. Collectively, there should be a public and private effort to remove these dead trees. They represent a risk if they fall on passing vehicles, risking injury and death.

Town fathers, forest rangers, public works officers and public safety officers should inspect these trees and collectively notify private owners, before it potentially becomes a problem of willful neglect and liability.

Dennis harlow


]]> https://letrasenredadas.com/the-day-its-time-to-cut-down-all-those-dangerous-dead-trees/feed/ 0 Whitecaps come home with 2-1 win over LAFC https://letrasenredadas.com/whitecaps-come-home-with-2-1-win-over-lafc/ https://letrasenredadas.com/whitecaps-come-home-with-2-1-win-over-lafc/#respond Sun, 22 Aug 2021 06:09:17 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/whitecaps-come-home-with-2-1-win-over-lafc/

Vancouver Whitecaps Cristian Dajome, above, and Los Angeles FC’s Mamadou Fall collide during the first half of an MLS soccer game in Vancouver on Saturday, August 21, 2021. THE CANADIAN PRESS / Darryl Dyck

Vancouver Whitecaps coach Marc Dos Santos knows there is work to be done – running for an MLS playoff berth and reconnecting with fans while doing it.

His club took a good leap forward on both counts on Saturday after coming back from behind to defeat Los Angeles FC 2-1, exactly 539 days after their last game in front of fans at BC Place.

After the final whistle, players and supporters gathered to sing the Ben E. King classic “Stand By Me”.

“We have to win back our fans,” Dos Santos said. “We have been far from them. We struggled. Victory is important just to get them back.

In his fourth game since his acquisition in late July, attacking midfielder Ryan Gauld managed a Ryan Raposo cross past LAFC goalkeeper Tomas Romero in the 89th minute to secure the victory.

“As we started out (at home) it was pretty good,” Gauld said. “The most important thing is not that I managed to score, it’s the three points. The goal is a bit of an added bonus.

Gauld came to the Whitecaps with the potential to make a difference on offense. He won last Wednesday, contributing to a 2-1 road victory over expansion team Austin FC. The 25-year-old was involved in both goals on Saturday.

Gauld believed he had scored in the 60th minute when he converted to an open net after a shot from forward Brian White hit the crossbar and ricocheted down. After video review, the goal was awarded to White when it was determined that the ball fell inside the goal line.

Acquired from the New York Red Bulls in June, it was White’s third goal of the year and second in the last two games.

For a second consecutive game, the Whitecaps (5-7-8) erased a 1-0 deficit at halftime. In the first-half stoppage time, Diego Rossi scored LAFC’s lone goal (6-9-5) from a penalty after defenseman Javain Brown mingled with LA’s Brian Rodriguez.

In the first half, the Whitecaps were dominated by a 5-2 margin, but maintained a relatively even number of possessions. Their best offensive pressure came after six minutes, when Deiber Caicedo got three corner kicks in under two minutes.

The Whitecaps made two halftime substitutions, bringing in Gauld, who is yet to reach his full fitness level, along with midfielder Michael Baldisimo.

The last shots on goal were 7-3 for LAFC.

The victory comes just three days after this road victory over Austin.

“It was difficult, the recovery process,” Dos Santos said. “Thursday we arrived from a flight at 5 am, I felt destroyed on Friday. I felt really tired, so imagine the players. I don’t run like them. ”

The ‘Caps entered Saturday’s game undefeated since July 7. They extended this streak to eight games tied (3-0-5). The latest win brought them three points closer to seventh-seeded San Jose Earthquakes, which currently holds last place in the MLS Western Conference playoffs.

Vancouver is playing eight of its remaining 14 games at BC Place.

“We were together after the five consecutive losses, so the team becomes a family,” said Dos Santos. “Being on the road was a positive thing for that. If I get anything positive from being on the road, it’s how we came together as a group.

“I like the type of guy we have, amazing characters, very little ego in the locker room. It’s so important if you want to be successful.”

The Whitecaps played their last home game in front of fans on February 29, 2020 – a 3-1 loss to Sporting Kansas City. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, they have played the remainder of their home games this season at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah, where they amassed a 3-3-2 record.

NOTES: Special guests at the game included Dr Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer, 350 frontline workers and 21 Olympic athletes returning from Tokyo and staff from the gold medalist women’s football team.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on August 21, 2021.

]]> https://letrasenredadas.com/whitecaps-come-home-with-2-1-win-over-lafc/feed/ 0 NYCFC advocate fined for beautification https://letrasenredadas.com/nycfc-advocate-fined-for-beautification/ https://letrasenredadas.com/nycfc-advocate-fined-for-beautification/#respond Tue, 10 Aug 2021 21:43:05 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/nycfc-advocate-fined-for-beautification/

New York City FC defenseman Maxime Chanot (4) directs the ball away from his goal against Toronto FC defenseman Omar Gonzalez during the second half of MLS soccer action in Kissimmee, Fla. On Sunday 26 July 2020. Chanot was fined for “simulation” / embellishment “in Saturday’s 2-2 draw against Toronto FC. THE CANADIAN PRESS / AP-John Raoux

TORONTO – New York City FC defenseman Maxime Chanot was fined for “faking / embellishing” in Saturday’s 2-2 draw against Toronto FC.

The incident occurred in the 24th minute when Chanot mingled with Toronto winger Yeferson Soteldo near the sideline. They both fell and, trying to disentangle themselves, Chanot clung to Soteldo. The Toronto winger touched Chanot’s arm, trying to free himself. This prompted the NYCFC player to claim that Soteldo punched him in the face.

Soteldo has been reserved on the play. The MLS did not detail the size of the Chanot fine.

The MLS Discipline Committee also found Los Angeles Galaxy forward Kevin Cabral guilty of faking / embellishing in stoppage time in Sunday’s game against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Cabral was also fined an undisclosed amount.

Cabral fell while feigning contact with Whitecaps goalkeeper Maxime Crepeau as they both attempted to retrieve the ball.

Los Angeles FC have also received a warning after being found in violation of the league’s “mass confrontation policy” during their weekend game against the San Jose earthquakes.

Canadian Raheem Edwards and his LAFC teammate Latif Blessing were each fined an undisclosed amount for their melee actions.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on August 10, 2021.

]]> https://letrasenredadas.com/nycfc-advocate-fined-for-beautification/feed/ 0 Find a way back from suicide https://letrasenredadas.com/find-a-way-back-from-suicide/ https://letrasenredadas.com/find-a-way-back-from-suicide/#respond Mon, 09 Aug 2021 10:01:23 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/find-a-way-back-from-suicide/

I had written about my mother, a memory of our lives together. She was a terrible alcoholic. The manuscript looked like a betrayal. It was in April 2006. I was sick of suicide. I let myself hang from the fire escape and almost fell from the roof of my building. My girlfriend, Regan, was exhausted from the months of my decline. I only got worse, until finally my doctor told me I would die if I stayed out of the hospital. I had already taken a trip, after the day on the roof, to a Brooklyn hospital, but I had spoken to get out, and now five weeks had passed. I was taking the sedative Klonopin, but no antidepressant. I didn’t want to die. My friend Anne was a psychiatrist at Columbia Presbyterian, in the upscale neighborhoods; she was working in the psychiatric emergency room, and she insisted that I come there, that they take care of me. One day in early May, I called a car and drove into town. I didn’t take much with me. It was a bright, sunny day, and I could see the George Washington Bridge in the distance. The car stopped in front of the emergency room, I got out and tripped.

In the waiting room, I was sitting hunched over, my head in my hands and my elbows on my knees. Finally, a nurse came and led me to a wooden door next to which a policeman stood. It was the entrance to the psychiatric emergency room. The policeman knocked on the door, and a second policeman, who was waiting inside, opened it.

The ER psych was not a big space. There was a reception, a space with five or six cots and a few private rooms. One was mine. There was a small hard bed. Anne was on duty. She told me that she was glad I was there, but that it might take a few days to find me a room in the ward. Then Regan arrived. She sat with me as I signed the papers granting the hospital the right to detain me, even against my will, if it was necessary for my safety or the safety of others. Then it was time for her to go. I curled up on the bed.

There was always a policeman nearby. I was wearing a hospital gown. I ate the food, swallowed the pills, slept and waited for a bed in the room.

That first night, people came. It was the middle of the night. I was deeply asleep. Hands and arms lifted my body off the bed. Then I would go somewhere, moving through the hallways. Was I in a wheelchair? Sometimes my eyes were open. I heard voices and the sounds of machines. Someone said, “He can go home now. I learned in the morning that I had had a CT scan.

Monday morning, after three nights in the emergency room, Anne told me that a room had become available, and a little later a man arrived with a wheelchair and pushed me through the hospital. We got on an elevator, then through a walkway to another building, and from that building through another walkway to the New York State Psychiatric Institute, a place I had never heard of. to speak. We entered an elevator and went down to the fifth floor. At the end of the hall was a door. The door was made of steel and had a small window. A nurse inside unlocked the door and the man rolled me into the room. He handed some papers to the head nurse, whom I would know as Nurse D.

I got up and nurse D. showed me around. She showed me the nurses’ station; the drug dispensary; activity rooms; the dining room; a small gym with a stationary bike; the phones ; a quiet room, which was empty except for a mattress on the floor, where patients could cry or rest undisturbed; the medical examination room; and the common patient room – everything except the rooms, which were at the end of a hallway that was locked in the morning and kept closed until after dinner. We were not allowed to linger in our beds. The common room was furnished with sofas and chairs, a screaming television, and a computer for patient use. I spent several days there lying on a sofa. I had a black canvas bag, and every day I used it to carry personal items: a sweater for when the air conditioning got too cold, a toothbrush and toothpaste for when my mouth went dry. I also used the bag as a pillow. I took off my glasses and put them on a table, then lay down on a sofa and tried to sleep. Every twenty minutes, throughout the day and night, a nurse counted us, all the patients, noting our locations, checking us in. Were we safe?

There were several departments at the institute, one dedicated to schizophrenia and other strong psychotic illnesses, another for residents of the surrounding neighborhood, another for children and adolescents. The department I was in was called the General Clinical Research Unit, or GCRU. Many patients had volunteered there for clinical trials of new treatments. I was not on a research protocol. I was a clinical patient, admitted because I was in need. We were a handful with clinical status, and we became a circle within the larger group, wishing each other good luck, consoling each other, hoping for happy results, saying good luck when it was time for one of us to come out. , good luck, good luck in the world.

I remember a woman in her twenties named Sarah. (I changed the names of the patients mentioned here.) She seemed listless and nervous, and often sat motionless. She spoke in a monotonous whisper. She said she had survived several suicides and had been back and forth to the hospital since her parents divorced when she was twelve. I don’t remember anyone visiting her except for her father, who was sitting and playing board games with her, leaning over the table.

And there was Kathy, who was my age, was single and lived on disability assistance. She too had few visitors. She and I often sat together. His conversation was limited to the disease and its consequences. She scared me; they all did, with their stories of past admissions, drug charges and side effects, their perilous lives. Would I become one of them? Did I belong to them?

My doctor was Dr A. He was in his mid-thirties. He wore a tie and a white coat and was still harassed. He told me that a whole team would take care of me: doctors, nurses, psychiatric residents and social workers. He promised that they would improve me, that they would not give up and that I would be safe. I sat in the common room and looked at the Hudson. The sun was setting over New Jersey and the river was shining in the light. It was the evening. Regan had come for visiting hours. She had brought toiletries and clothes – pants and shirts, underwear and socks. Nurse D. separated the things that I could keep in my room from those that I could not. What I couldn’t keep, like my razor, she locked up.

I wouldn’t have used it, I would have told him, not to kill myself, not in the early days. I felt relief once I entered the room, and even impatience. I was out of immediate danger, out of danger, as we say – my own hurt to myself. I couldn’t relax my muscles or walk straight down the hall. I believed my life was ruined and that I would be locked up for a long time, but still couldn’t easily die in the hospital.

Maybe you spent some time trying not to die every day, alone somewhere. Maybe this effort has become your job for a lifetime. Maybe there is help from family and friends, from all the people who don’t quite understand that when you tell them that they will be better off if you are dead, you are saying a truth. Maybe you are alone in a room, lying on a bed, and your chest is tight and your breathing shallow; you are afraid to move; you get two or three hours of sleep every night and then wake up in fear. Maybe you pace. Maybe you keep pills in a jar or drawer, or hidden behind a box in the closet. Maybe you are afraid of the hospital. Who is not afraid of the hospital? We know, or think we know, his stories of lobotomy, shock therapy, and mind control experiences.

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