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Lincoln Park Announces 2021-’22 Show Series

MIDLAND – The Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center returns to theater audiences with a new series of nine award-winning productions for the 2021-2022 season. The Highmark Blue Cross / Blue Shield Subscription Series includes two plays, two dance performances and five musicals. The series opens October 8 and ends July …

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Deadly Baling Twine | Letters

Letter to the Editor icon2 The deadly baled twine As a horse owner, nature lover, and conservationist, it’s amazing to realize what we don’t know about wildlife. Recently I became aware of something that had never occurred to me about baling twine. With baling twine, most horse owners use it, …

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“The media” does not exist – Aldergrove Star

Please stop using the term “The Media”. There are millions of different media outlets around the world that publish in print, broadcast on television and broadcast on radio. People seem to think that each of these mediums – and then some – are all working together in a conspiracy centered …

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