Caterina Barbieri and Lyra Pramuk unveil new single, Knot Of Spirit – First song from Barbieri’s new label

Italian musician and songwriter Caterina Barbieri has just launched her new label – “Light Years” – through a track she collaborated on with American musical artist Lyra Pramuk who now lives in Berlin, Germany called “Knot of Spirit “. To announce the track’s release, the two took to their respective Instagram accounts to share a heartfelt note they captioned the unique cover, artwork, and artwork they shared as images. In the note, the two expressed their gratitude to each other and to their team and talked about the inspirations and experiences that drove them to create the masterpiece.

What is “Spirit Knot”?

Caterina shed light on the details. She mentioned that through this track she eloquently tried to give pain space and time. Lyra shared that Caterina’s music has been a great driving force for her over the years and that combining their sounds and musical knowledge into this track was a truly heartfelt operation. She further added that the past year of self-isolation has given all of us a lot of time to reflect and if anything specific has come out of it is the fact that we are all in a vicious process of creating ‘a world that is changing rapidly and continuously before our eyes. With the space we give to our pain and miseries, we will be able to create change in the world for good. It will be a lasting and long-term change. Sharing more details, they both credited Dasha Kuznetsova for her oil painting which was used as the unique cover, and an artist with the username tulpess for the hand-embroidered lettering. Caterina also expressed her gratitude to Jacob Jan Wise for designing the label’s logo and to OUTER agency and K7 Music label for making the project possible.

Caterina Barbieri shared with The Quietus what sparked this idea of ​​starting her label, what encouraged her and everything she hopes to achieve through this new venture. Being passionate about sustainability, she mentioned that in addition to music releases, her multidisciplinary platform will also cover art, fashion and visual media by consciously using upcycled or recycled materials, given the impact of the release. physical objects.

Who are these budding artists?

Caterina Barbieri studied electroacoustic composition for her bachelor’s degree and then studied classical guitar for her master’s degree, both from the Conservatory of Bologna, Italy. From the Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy in Bologna, she obtained another license with a thesis in ethnomusicology on Hindustani music and minimalism. Through it, Caterina tries to disclose in the field of the psychoacoustic properties of repetition. She is considered a composer with a very simple and minimal approach in the broad sense.

Lyra Pramuk, who was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, now calls Berlin her home. She was part of the church choir, she later became a classical music student at the Eastman School of Music. Growing up in a small, conservative town, she struggled to come forward as a gay man. When she returned to Germany, she had more time and space to understand her identity as a trans woman. There she also got involved in electronic music.

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