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Ludhiana: The municipal corporation has posted important information about authorized and unauthorized settlements in the city on its official website, but the language barrier prevents people from understanding it. Some of the information is in Punjabi fonts which are not readable for devices that do not have these fonts. An RTI activist claimed that the officials did it intentionally, so that the real information would not reach the masses.
Recently, the state government had questioned MC officials about legal and illegal settlements in the city. A report has been prepared and uploaded to the MC website. It contains information on licensed settlements as well as new and old ones that have been transferred to the civic body through the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) and Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (Glada) and development plans. planning of the MC. Details of illegal settlements were also mentioned along with their current status i.e. whether their developers have applied for regularization and completed the process.
An official said information was pulled from the four zones and lists by zone were uploaded. Some prepared it in English and some in Punjabi and the people who uploaded the data did not pay attention to the required fonts. Simply scanned documents could also have been uploaded to avoid confusion, he added.
RTI activist, Kuldeep Khaira, who fights against illegal settlements, said: “It is good that the officials have brought information into the public domain so that people can have knowledge before putting their hard-earned money. . But what’s the point if people can’t read it. This was done intentionally because they don’t want to share anything with people. Glada had been uploading colony lists to their website for so many years, and there were no font or language issues.
Haibowal resident Anoop Kumar said, “People don’t have time to download fonts first and then check the information. The authorities can at least download the fonts with the information.
Despite repeated attempts, Senior Town Planner SS Bindra could not be reached for comment.

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