Community survey overwhelmingly rejects Edinburgh City Council’s low-traffic neighborhood proposals – your opinions online

Low-traffic neighborhoods turn out to be controversial

Community inquiry overwhelmingly rejects Edinburgh City Council’s low-traffic neighborhood proposals

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Something has gone wrong when a council consultation does not meet their own quality standards and therefore cannot be trusted and residents must then fund a strong and proper investigation that can be independently verified.

I think if a survey were carried out in all areas of Edinburgh you would get a similar result. I have yet to meet anyone who agrees with the chaos created by Macinnes and McVey!

The same amount of traffic is squeezed into smaller spaces and forced to drive slower by all of the new speed limits. It’s not rocket science if the volume of traffic seems higher and it seems more congested. McVey and Macinnes can make whatever claims they want, but due to their incompetence and waste of money Edinburgh is in need of funding, so the motorist is the easier target. Raise parking fees and make Sundays payable, low emission zones (paid of course) to be introduced in the city center and, of course, their ultimate goal is to introduce the congestion tax.

Common ground must be found. This comprehensive citywide approach is causing chaos. Don’t sell the city to the Sustrans. They don’t know the city or understand when they look at a map and decide on these changes.

Does anyone find it strange that the board’s biased investigation ended long before the independent investigation of Taylor Mackenzie began, and yet the results of the TM investigation were publicly released some years ago? weeks – but the council’s investigation has yet to see the light of day? What a tangled web.

Ironic that the national SNP government is crying foul over the democratic process while at the local level the Edinburgh CC coalition of the SNP / Labor / Greens is doing everything to ignore it. Instead of supporting the sale and development of the green belt, not modernizing infrastructure to truly support all of its citizens, it continues the implementation of Poundland, leaving gaping holes in existing paths and roads and riddling our beautiful city ​​with dangerous road changes, degrading conservation. and then preach that we don’t “… want to be like Copenhagen or Amsterdam…” These changes require real investment. Copenhagen £ 58 million, Amsterdam even more. This council must be able to act for its citizens and its businesses, and not to cast contempt and misery on companies in difficulty.

Unfortunately, many “upgrades” actually cause more safety issues, congestion, pollution and make travel more difficult in Edinburgh. They are also ugly. Apparently people have told me and I have to assume this is true that the Edinburgh council ‘planters’ use to close the roads will not be planted with flowers etc. nor maintained by the CEC, so they will become smelly garbage cans.

Where are the results of the council survey? The Gem investigation is very clear. I really hope the council will listen to him and put an end to this nonsense. They really have to stick to the basics and fix the paths and roads.

The council’s refusal to facilitate active travel on arteries, where people actually have to move, rather than sleepy areas / alleys, is causing one crisis after another. Bonkers policies.

This whole situation is nothing more than a huge danger, a waste of money and an abuse of power on the part of our advisers. Much ado, but no action, with those in power laughing until another waste of taxpayer money is signed.

Lesley Macinnes told over 1000 of us at Gyle Park last year that “it’s our fault that we don’t understand what’s best for us”. She says they have a “process” and they follow it. I say, after watching her at four council meetings, she’s an ill-informed fanatic.

The council was told that people just don’t want the LTN at all, so why are they wasting more of our money delivering or arguing to deliver, something that the locals, they are supposed to represent, don’t? do not even actually want? Looks like Macinnes and the council want this LTN and just intend to force it on the residents.

Because the investigation, no matter how professional, has not been officially approved by the board, they will simply ignore it. Hell, they’re even ignoring the officials they’re sanctioning, so this one doesn’t stand a chance!

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