Compile by Identity Letters is a ‘no-frills’ font family inspired by console typefaces

Humanistic sans serif font combines a large x height with striking serifs on certain letters such as “i” and “l”. “These serifs evoke the aesthetic of monospace fonts for programming,” explains Moritz Kleinsorge, founder of Identity Letters. “Even though Compiler is a proportional font, this detail improves glyph recognition and helps differentiate individual letters,” he adds.

Combined with vertical line ends, which allow for particularly even spacing, serifs create an extremely readable font – even in small sizes, you’ll be happy to hear.

If you are looking for a font for an identity that you are working on that requires a mechanical flavor without appearing austere, then. The compiler is that. You can also use it for websites, apps, business design, annual reports, signage, and many other areas with readable and impactful results.

Compiler includes an additional subfamily, Compiler Plain. Here, the signature letters lose their serifs and the “a” and “g” forms are simplified. “In this way, the shapes are neutralized,” explains Moritz. “The technical print fades into the background and the two families can be combined smoothly – you can, for example, use standard Compiler fonts for display sizes and Compiler Plain styles for body copy. ”

Compiler offers you eight weights in four variations: Upright, Italics, Plain Upright and Plain Italics. This brings the whole to a total of 32 fonts. Each style contains over 900 glyphs, including advanced typography tools such as proportional and tabular figures (doubled and old-fashioned) or small caps – something you will rarely find in this genre. Other glyphs are optimized for display sizes, such as circled numbers and various arrows.

There is also a set of glyphs designed for use on the web: with symbols for shopping carts, burger menus or checkboxes, which you can implement smoothly and consistently without resorting to third-party tools. (as an external icon font).

Powered by highly productive OpenType functions, Compiler is an “intermediate workhorse straight out of cyberspace”. Available at:

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