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We wasted no time getting things started, with the 2021 season kicking off with 12 home games in 13 days. The team will now hit the road for 12 games at Winston-Salem and Aberdeen, which will be the franchise’s first time playing in either city. The Crawdads will return home for a six-game series against Greensboro starting Tuesday, June 8.

On June 12, the team will be wearing special jerseys commemorating the Hickory miracle. In 1944, the region was hit by one of the worst polio epidemics in the country but lacked a hospital to treat patients. The National Childhood Paralysis Foundation (later known as March of Dimes) arrived in Hickory and consulted with local health officials who together decided the town needed a hospital and quickly .

They chose a site just a mile from where LP Frans Stadium is now home to their hospital. Staff including dietitians, doctors and nursing students (known as angels of mercy) were brought in from across the country to help. Construction began the day the plans were drawn up. Lumber trucks, carpenters, electricians and plumbers were all called in. Those without a skilled trade lent a hand when needed by painting, hammering, and cleaning up trash and debris. Prison work assignments were made with the contingent of men digging water trenches and the group of women taking care of cooking and laundry duties. WHKY distributed lists of items the hospital needed, including beds, linens, washing machines and refrigerators. The community delivered, bringing all the requested items and more volunteers to staff the hospital.

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