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FARMINGTON – It’s not often that life goes as planned.

For better or worse, we carry the same cards all the way through, whether we happily trotted the path our parents envisioned for us, or squeezed out of the road, the mud flying appropriately.

Of course, the fairing is not necessarily the wild card in the deck. For some, straying from the road simply puts them back on the right path, no matter how messy it is.

For Meredith Mustard and Judy Foss, the fairing got them home. To each other, to their jobs and luckily to Franklin County, on a quiet hill just outside of town.

Judy Foss (left) and Meredith Mustard (right) of Two Imagine Studios.

Together, Mustard and Foss form Two Imagine Studios, a catch-all creative hub that serves as a business entity for longtime friends. While the name has a meaning (an alignment, a brotherhood, a past life, perhaps), the company almost never fits perfectly into a single title. Creativity rules the lives of the two women, manifesting in their homes, clothes, gardens and livelihoods. Two Imagine offers workshops, coaching, place cards for your dream wedding, stockings on your fireplace, your sister’s birthday card, or framed fine art hanging in your bedroom.

“Just sitting across from each other and working on a project… it was just magic… it was absolute magic,” Foss said.

A pairing of the works of Judy and Meredith.

It wasn’t always magic between the two. For 16 years, they did not speak to each other, estranged from each other by different business styles and major life events. Although they each continued to make art, they did it separately, without any awareness of what the other was doing. Years later, they realized that their lives were mirrored from the start, which made the reunion even more meaningful.

After a long healing process, Two Imagines was born again, this time from their separate homes – Foss in Maine and Mustard in Pennsylvania. The women would take turns traveling New England to meet and create art together, often once a month. Finally, Mustard made the decision to join Foss on his hill in Maine, bolstering the success of Two Imagine in the basement studio of Foss’ house.

The company hasn’t changed much since its beginnings in the early 1980s, but Foss and Mustard leave plenty of room to experiment with new ideas or artistic style. From blind calligraphy and ink scarf (“… it’s about relaxing people”) to intricately designed stockings (“I went looking and found nothing. … so I sat down and made mine ”) the clear blue sky of Maine is the limit for Two Imagine.

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