Demolition of Mondragó beach bar remains unclear

When the Balearic Ministry of the Environment drew up the Natural Resource Management Plan for the Mondragó Natural Park, the fate of the Chiringuito beach bar Sa Font de n’Alis looked sealed. It would have to be demolished and replaced by a removable bar away from the beach itself.

From 2002, the Costas Authority had given permission for the chiringuito. Last year, that was not the case. The bar was not open and there were no beach services except for sunbeds and umbrellas. For next summer, the same situation should apply, but in the meantime, the dispute over the chiringuito continues.

The town hall of Santanyi has clearly indicated that it does not tear down the bar until he receives an official document from the Costas stating that there will never be another concession for the bar. No such document has been issued to date.

The town hall maintains that the bar is municipal property and does not renounce the possibility of using it. Maria Pons, the mayor, says the town hall has a public deed that shows the bar is municipal. If the concession were to be renewed, the town hall would continue as before by contractualizing it.

Pons explains that the town hall will demolish the bar if there is clarity from the Costas. A demolition project has been drawn up, but there has been no official notification regarding the concession.

Environment Minister Miquel Mir says the natural park’s management plan is clear in requiring demolition. He adds that after many years of City Hall and the Costas trying to establish who owns the property, “they haven’t been able to do that.” He argues that there is no supporting documents and that the town hall does not have the beach bar inscribed in its name.

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