Derek Chauvin, Georgia, Pride: Your Friday Night Briefing

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Good night. Here is the last one at the end of Friday.

1. Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison for the murder of George Floyd, a rare reprimand against a police officer who killed someone while on duty.

The ruling ended a case that sparked protests across the country against police abuses against blacks. It happened more than a year after a widely shared video captured the former Minneapolis police officer resting his knee on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes.

Judge Peter Cahill handed down the sentence after the final and moving statements of the Floyd family, including her brother Philonise Floyd, who said her family had already “been given a life sentence” and Gianna Floyd, George’s 7-year-old daughter. Floyd, who said in a pre-recorded video: “I ask about him all the time.”

Chauvin, speaking for the first time, expressed his condolences to the Floyd family. His mother said that her son “is a good man”.

2. The Ministry of Justice sues Georgia for its new electoral law, a major step for the Biden administration to confront states that have adopted voting restrictions.

The Justice Ministry’s complaint states that Georgian law does discriminate against black voters and seeks to show that state lawmakers intended to do so. The law gives the Republican legislature and governor a mind-boggling assertion of power in elections.

While some GOP lawmakers have turned to legislation to shift the balance of power, some Republican allies have taken a different approach: diehard conservative spies have infiltrated progressive groups in an attempt to manipulate politics and reshape politics. electoral card. They also targeted moderate Republicans and basically anyone seen as a threat to Trump’s hard-right agenda.

3. Donald Trump’s family business could face criminal charges of an investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney.

The district attorney’s office has informed lawyers for Trump that it is considering criminal charges against the Trump Organization in connection with the benefits the company has given to a senior executive, Allen Weisselberg. If the case goes ahead, District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. could announce charges as early as next week, according to several people.

A Trump Organization indictment would be the first criminal charge stemming from Vance’s lengthy investigation into the former president and his business connections.

4. An intense search for survivors extended until a second day in the rubble of the collapsed condominium building near Miami Beach.

As of Friday afternoon, up to 159 people were still missing after the Champlain Towers complex collapsed in Surfside, Florida. The death toll has risen to four, officials said, and it is still unclear how many more were inside the building at the time of the collapse. Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said officials “still have hope” of finding survivors in the tangled concrete.

The Champlain Towers complex has drawn a mix of residents only in Miami – beach-seeking New York retirees, struggling young families, Orthodox Jews and well-connected South American immigrants. “I knew them all,” said one survivor who lived in the building for 20 years.

5. President Biden promised Ashraf Ghani, Afghan President, that the United States will support a secure future for the country amid the withdrawal of US and international troops.

Biden assured the Afghan leader that the administration will continue to support the country with security assistance. Despite a growing threat from the Taliban and a possible civil war in the weeks and months to come, Biden’s message remains clear, officials say: the U.S. military will leave by 9/11. A Times photographer recently captured elite Afghan forces as they disrupted Taliban operations. in Helmand, one of the most unstable provinces in the country.

Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris made her first visit to the southern border, where she visited a migrant processing center in El Paso. She was immediately criticized: Republicans said she should have gone there sooner, and some Democrats argued that she should have visited another hard-hit location along the border.

6. Meet Dragon Man, a new species of ancient human who lived at least 140,000 years ago, say scientists.

A team of researchers have discovered a huge fossilized skull in northeast China belonging to a mature man who had a huge brain, massive browbones, sunken eyes and a bulbous nose. The skull had been hidden in an abandoned well for 85 years, after a worker found it at a construction site and hid it. The new species, Homo longi, is nicknamed “Dragon Man”, for the region of Dragon River where the skull was found.

The team said that Homo longi, not Neanderthals, was the extinct human species most closely related to our own, Homo sapiens. A number of experts questioned this conclusion. Many still believed the discovery could help reconstruct the human family tree.

7. US government has no explanation for 143 UFO sightings over the past two decades, a new report found. This does not exclude extraterrestrial activity.

Of these, 21 reports of unknown phenomena may demonstrate technological capabilities unknown to the United States. The subjects of the report are also believed to be beyond the technological capabilities of Russia, China, or other earthly nations. The government presented a plan to develop a better program of observation and data collection on future unexplained phenomena.

The report is likely to fuel theories. In a guest essay, Chris Carter, the creator of “The X-Files” television series, explains why he’s skeptical.

8. Last year, Pride was a muted celebration. This year is back and full of firsts.

The incumbent First Vice President in a pride parade. Inaugural pride parades at places like Haddon Township, NJ And there’s Carl Nassib, who made history this week by becoming the first active NFL player to declare himself gay. He says he has long aspired to make a difference in the world.

Many activists argue that the wearing of rainbow flags can only go up to a point. A t-shirt briefly available at Gap stood out with the use of the thought-provoking logo of the Lesbian Avengers, a radical activist group that peaked 30 years ago. Its story turned out to be more complicated than a corporate appropriation case.

There are many ways to celebrate this weekend. In New York, the city is in full swing, with parties, demonstrations and family celebrations.

9. Maybe this is the perfect summer cocktail.

For our wine critic Eric Asimov, pastis is the perfect summer aperitif. Popular in the south of France, pastis is both the name of an anise-flavored alcohol and an easy drink that requires adding only cold water to this liqueur. And the brew has some fun built-in – adding water to the alcohol quickly makes it milky and pearly in a transformation known as ladle.

“Drinking pastis in the summer,” writes Asimov, “gives the wisdom to understand that rest, and not undue exertion, is the preferred course of action. “

Committing to just a few key ratios in memory can make home mixology a snap. Here are three equal parts drinks to get you started.

10. And finally, can you decipher these codes?

Erik and Martin Demaine, a father-son team of “algorithmic typographers”, have concocted a whole series of mathematically inspired typefaces that are also puzzles. The main app is fun.

A font, a tribute to mathematician and juggler Ron Graham, draws its letters from the motion patterns traced by bullets thrown into the air during juggling Things. And today, Sudoku font debuted, based on puzzles whose unique solutions reveal letters of the alphabet.

“If we get stuck on a problem, we like to find an artistic way to represent it,” said Erik Demaine.

Have a smart weekend.

David Poller photos compiled for this briefing.

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