Dilip Chhabria fights for entrepreneurs, against Vaze

Famous Mumbai-based car designer Dilip Chhabria once again spoke exclusively to Republic TV on Thursday about the shocking developments of Vazegate’s racket and extortion racket. In the past, he had revealed shocking details of how he had also been the victim of the former rogue cop’s “vasooli” racketeering operation from the CIU office of the Mumbai police. Chhabria, who has struggled with legal issues for a few years, accused former Mumbai police APIs Sachin Vaze and Riyaz Kazi of allegedly torturing him to extort money from him before he was jailed for more than 100 days. A complaint to this effect was sent to Maharashtra CM by Dilip Chhabria.

“Vaze is demonic”: Dilip Chhabria

Dilip Chhabria said: “A person like me has been a proven entrepreneur for the past 30 years and has developed some of the most iconic cars in the world. At least the CIU should have done some research and asked for an explanation or could have called me. You don’t have to land in someone’s office to arrest them, especially someone known to have global stature. This is exactly what happened to me. I was shocked, in fact, on several occasions my mouth went dry as it was my first time going to a police station and that too being present in front of Mr. Vaze. I have to tell you that his personality must be like what she is, but when he actually speaks he is “demonic”.

Should all cases be examined under Sachin Vaze?

Dilip Chhabria said: “During the last 30 years of my career, I have been very much in love and impressed with the police because I have had interactions with a number of projects and have always been impressed with them. scholar and their presentable communication. I would like an investigation, not only of my case but in other cases as well, not for retaliation, but what I am looking for is that it should be a deterrent for future actions against entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are what the country needs and every country aspires to have them because we create jobs. In my case, these guys shut down my unit which was unrelated to the unit that was the subject of the complaint and it was all done illegally. To top it off, they denied closing my unit. Because I was imprisoned, my family was targeted, my son was on the run for 3 months which also 20,000 km on the road. I only hope that the current administration will take the complaint to the logical conclusion and do us the justice that we entrepreneurs deserve ”.

“We are proud of the Mumbai police; Vaze gang of bad apples’

When asked if a few rogue cops had brought the Mumbai police into disrepute, Dilip Chhabria said: “Absolutely, in fact, I would be the standard bearer of the police’s reputation. We were proud of the Mumbai Police and I am still very proud of them because it maybe takes a few bad apples to have this situation and it was unfortunate that these officers were in control. Even if you want to make a genuine complaint about a small case, FIRs are never recorded so easily. And what was more infuriating about me was that I filed a formal complaint with all the respective police departments, 10 days before the FIR was filed against me. I think what the Mumbai police need is the validation of their reputation they have acquired over the past few years. 99% of the cops are really good, they have genuine feelings for the citizens and want to help them. The reputation that has been tarnished must be cleaned up. The kind of episodes that happened with me, I’m appalled. Will I be considered more of a role model? or would I be someone who has been guided and asked to come out of my own country? ‘

Should Mumbai Police send a strong message to regain the trust of citizens?

“I have been praised for having the courage to come out and express my point of view because when the reputation is damaged it is important to send a strong message and you have to have the courage to face the rectification. It is important to the country and to the state. It is a wonderful state and I was born and brought to this state, but the way I was managed by a team is immoral. I agree that they need to do something really drastic to resurrect the image of Mumbai Police which is known to be one of the best police forces in the country. I interacted with all the police commissioners and senior officers and I have done enough work for them on the basis of an investigation because it is my job and I love to do things for the Mumbai Police. They obviously need to correct this, “said Dilip Chhabria.

Is there an update from the Mumbai Police to re-investigate the DC case?

The famous car designer said: “I addressed the letters regarding my cases to the respected police stations to the Chief Minister, Home Secretary, Chief Secretary, Police Commissioner and DGP of Maharashtra, I haven’t heard anything official from them because of yet. I met the joint CP. I presume, unlike what happened in November 2020, when the whole department didn’t follow through to my complaint, which actually came from me. I hope that the lesson and this exercise will not be repeated “.

“Like I said, I’m not looking for personal retaliation at all. My job is to look to the future. I’m a creative person, we create the future and I don’t want to be engulfed in negativity. It is important to create a deterrent for the cops not to target people like me. Hang me if I am wrong. I have been wronged, look into it and make sure justice is served to the people who testified bad complaints in collusion with disgraced MUmbai police officers, ”said Dilip Chhabria.

(Image credits: ANI / PTI)

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