Donald Trump “Never give up! ” sign.

Slate home page editors spend a lot of time researching editorial photos to put on our site. Sometimes these searches give unexpected results: random, confusing, and fascinating photos that don’t belong on the homepage, but are too good not to be shared. Every week, we will share the strangest son photo.

What search term was used to find this on Getty?
“Donald Trump”

What were you hoping to find?
A photo of the former president, who continues to do his Trumpy thing, even though he no longer dominates the headlines (or blocks people’s Twitter feeds) like he once was.

What did you find instead?
Donald Trump standing at a lectern, displaying a sign that reads “Never give up!” in a looping script. He proudly wields it, like a child showing off an art project, and although the canvas faces outward, it seems he uses it to exhort himself as much as the crowd.

It’s baffling to see this script, dubbed the “bridesmaid font,” outside of its natural Etsy / Instagram / Pinterest habitat, where it typically adorns wedding invitations and “Rosé all day” wine glasses. . The image is so incongruous that at first I thought the sign could be photoshopped, but it’s real. The sparkling, chic but relaxed cursive is a sharp counterpoint to Trump’s signature “dictator chic” style: the square suits and bright red ties, the huge eponymous gold signs on its properties, the emphasis on architecture ” classic ”, etc.

What’s the real story here?
On January 3, 2020, the photo was taken during an Evangelicals for Trump rally at the Ministerio Internacional El Rey Jesus mega-church in Miami, one of the largest Hispanic churches in the country. The visit followed an op-ed in Christianity Today calling for Trump’s impeachment and was part of his campaign strategy to solidify his evangelical electoral base and attract more Latino supporters.

According to Insider, the “Never give up! The sign was offered to Trump at the rally by an evangelical supporter who had helped relieve hurricanes in Florida.

Sure, sure, but what did Trump think of the sign?
” I like this. It’s pretty cool, ”Trump said at the rally. “I never give up. We will never give up.… My administration will never stop fighting for the Americans of faith.

Why is this the weird photo of the week?
Clearly, Trump, who still refuses to admit defeat in the 2020 election, has taken this advice to heart.

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