Dunfermline: MA Wilson and Sons truck returns home from Finland via Germany and France

A TRADEMARK of Dunfermline’s past made the 2,000 km journey home after languishing in a Finnish forest for almost 40 years.

A truck belonging to what was once one of Dunfermline’s biggest transport companies, ‘MA Wilson and Sons’, has just completed a long-awaited return to Scotland after being left to rot in the woods.

Anthony Mitchell, a local businessman, refused to believe that his 20-year dream of bringing the truck back to the Auld Gray Toun was impossible and that a chance discovery via a truck reporter in Finland set the wheels in motion. movement.

Revealing the origins of the project, he said: “As a child growing up in Townhill, I used to watch Wilsons trucks meander through the village they were based in.

“My dad drove one called ‘Silver Warrior’ (the trucks all had individual names) and I think at this point the company had about 50, all painted in a distinctive gloss black with silver lettering.

“Since then, I have been very interested in classic cars and trucks and have spent over 20 years trying to find one that I could renovate.

“By chance, I came across a photo of the remains of one of them through a Finnish road journalist called Likka Kekko.

“A Finnish company bought the truck in the 1980s from Wilsons to take it apart and investigate the tipping mechanism, but no longer needed the chassis afterwards.

“It was just left to rot in the woods on the outskirts of a small village called Pernio in Finland, about 130 km from Helsinki.

“My friends and colleagues told me that bringing him back to Dunfermline would be impossible and tried to talk me out of it, but it made me more determined to do it.

“It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do and the people who said to me, ‘This can’t be done’, only made me do it!

“I was delighted that he survived the long ferry trip from Finland to Germany, across Europe to Calais and a long motorway trip to Dunfermline and his original home. .

The haulage company, “ MA Wilson ”, was born in 1929 when a Townhill woman named Mary-Anne Wilson, a recently widowed mother of three sons and three daughters, bought a used Ford truck and started a delivery company in the village and its surroundings.

The company became affectionately known in and around Townhill as “My Wilson”.

It has gotten better and better over the years with major contracts in Fife’s booming mining industry among the reasons for its growth and success.

Anthony believes the truck will be very popular once the renovations are completed.

He said: “Although the truck is now safely back to Dunfermline after the long journey from Finland, the hard work to bring it back to its past glory must now be undertaken and it will take time to reach the high level. that I wish. .

“I know from my own experience of attending truck shows across Scotland that a Wilsons truck will be extremely popular, as I have seen for myself the value of when one from them has participated in such shows in the past. ”

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