Exclusive State Theater Tour Provides Final Glimpse of Historic Cinema Palace Before Restoration

After consolidating ownership of the 68-year-old North Point State Theater in 2020, Adrian Cheng announced his conservation plan to preserve Hong Kong’s last cinema palace and transform it into an art-steeped landmark. and film culture.

The meticulous project will restore the historic Category I site while the iconic parabolic rooftop exoskeleton farm will be retained. But before the theater closes for renovation, The culture of tomorrow, a non-profit organization belonging to the New World Group, specially hosted an immersive event for visitors to see before it returns with a new look in 2026.

Entitled “Discover the State Theater in All of Us,” the tour allows visitors to participate and explore the exclusive history of the theater through a variety of activities. Visitors can feel like they’ve traveled back in time to the heyday of theater in the 1950s.

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At the entrance, visitors can experience what it’s like to buy a ticket at the lobby box office and receive a vintage-style movie ticket. Visitors also have the chance to see the theater’s beginnings as the Empire Theater and how it grew into a palace-level international performance venue.

To further fuel your nostalgia, more than 100 relics and memorabilia from the State Theater are on display and help present the cultural landscape of the past. These include 1950s movie flyers, old midnight screening tickets, balcony and stall seating tickets, staff uniforms, postcards, advertisements, tapes, movie posters. and more.

The interior and exterior of the State Theater Mall has also been restored to its original condition, with movie posters on the exterior wall, a pavilion based on the office of founder Harry Oscar Odell, the classic performance scene from the Empire Theater, a large model of the parabolic beam and even a barber shop still in its original condition.

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