Extended New Years celebrations at historic mansions

Ti Gong

Visitors to Sinan mansions for the festival season.

A New Year’s Eve celebration was launched in a historic district of downtown Shanghai over the weekend with free art installations and exhibitions.

The Sinan Mansions, the only historic, fully-preserved garden villa complex in the city center, kicked off its annual New Year’s season until February 28, 2022.

The ‘Loving the Tiger, Loving Together’ themed celebration is open to the public free of charge with exhibitions, street performances and various New Year and Spring Festival celebrations of the Year of the Tiger, which falls on February 1 .

An Iconic New Year’s Tree, an art installation consisting of 365 golden and silver phoenix trees was unveiled over the weekend with man-made snowfall to mark the start of the seasonal celebration.

An exhibition of modern Chinese ink paintings has been launched in the time zone of Sinan, a folk art gallery located in one of the historic mansions. Two young female artists created 39 paintings of mountains, rivers and birds as well as calligraphy works to showcase the beauty of traditional Chinese paintings.

Visitors are encouraged to send a postcard to loved ones during the Sinan Love Letter campaign. Each visitor to the mansions will receive a postcard which can be delivered free of charge in a decorated letterbox.

The mansions include more than 50 historic villas of various styles in Huangpu District. Many were former residences of celebrities such as poet Liu Yazi (1887-1958) and Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang (1894-1961). Some have been transformed into hotels, cafes, restaurants and shops.

Extended New Years celebrations at historic mansions

Ti Gong

Visitors pose with New Year’s decorations at the mansions of Sinan.

Extended New Years celebrations at historic mansions

Ti Gong

A store window makes an ideal background.

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