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Egyptian author Nadia Wassef talks about opening the first independent bookstore in her home country; and her latest book in which she celebrates books and booksellers.

Nadia Wassef has seen a lot in her 40s. Born in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, she was seven years old in 1981 when the Muslim Brotherhood assassinated President Anwar Sadat and MP Hosni Mubarak became President of Egypt. She was 37 when the Arab Spring toppled the dictator in 2011.

A year after Abdel Fattah el-Sisi took power in 2014, she moved to the UK. Before that, Wassef had spent most of his life on Zamalek, an island in the middle of the Nile west of Cairo. It was here that she and her sister Hind decided to open their first bookstore, Diwan.

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She immortalized the experience in her book, Shelf Life: Chronicles of a Cairo Bookseller, to be released on October 5 – the German edition was released on September 13 under the title Jeden Tag blättert das Schicksal eine Seite um (Every day the destiny turns a page).

The idea of ​​a bookstore

The inspiration for the store came at a time when Wassef was feeling depressed and frustrated. “Our father passed away after a very long and hard illness,” she told DW.

Then at a dinner party with friends, she was asked a question: “If you could do something, what would you do?”

Wassef and his sister spoke in unison: they would open a bookstore. “I remember that night we sat there dreaming about it,” she said. “Hind, my sister, said, ‘It won’t be just any kind of bookstore, every shelf has to count, every book has to make a contribution.'”

As related in Shelf Life, the name Diwan was suggested to the co-founders by their mother Faiza. The word, Faiza explained, meant an anthology of poems in Persian and Arabic, but also meant a place where people gathered. It is used to connote a guest house and even an elegant sofa.

Diwani was also a word used to describe Arabic calligraphy, Faiza said, adding that the word would be easy to pronounce for English speakers, French speakers and Arabic speakers. Diwan was born.

Opened in 2002 as the only independent bookstore of its kind in Egypt, Diwan quickly became a huge success. Within a decade, it had stores in ten locations and approximately 150 employees. All this despite an ongoing revolution in the country.

Women doing business in Egypt

The chronicle of the Wassef bookstore is a testimony of the time. “In the past 10 years we’ve seen revolutions, we’ve seen one financial collapse, we’ve seen another revolution,” Wassef said. She refers to the Arab Spring that began in 2011, the brief democratic government that saw the Muslim Brotherhood rule the country, and the rise of the country’s current leader, El Sisi.

Wassef said he wrote the book, not only to better understand “my relationship with the city and the bookstore”, but to celebrate “a Cairo that existed 20 years ago”.

She describes the bookstore as “like a sister you might not get along with anymore, but you hang on to her because you know that only you have the same memory.”

Diwan was also her way of grappling with stereotypes, especially the idea that women in Egypt had problems doing business.

“Tell me how do men deal with being men [in business]”said Wassef, who decided she wouldn’t let these conventions get in her way.

“And I think when you operate in that mindset you keep moving forward,” she said, adding that her biggest challenge was universal: dealing with bureaucracy.

The importance of a bookstore

When the Arab Spring arrived in 2011, it was not, on the one hand, conducive to business.

“When you’re in the middle of a revolution and you don’t know if people are staying at home or going out, if the suppliers are going to deliver,” she recalls.

But on the other hand, bookstores like Diwan, with organized shelves and an adjacent cafe, thrive on discussions and ideas, on the freedoms she says are restricted in El Sisi’s Egypt.

Wassef tries to move away from the black and white nature of politics: “The problem with human beings is that we think in dualities. We think in oppositions because it’s easy. Unfortunately, the easy answers are nice, but they don’t give you much. “

This is partly why Diwan sold not only books in Arabic, but also in English, French and German, signifying a dialogue between cultures rather than a “clash of civilizations” – as in Samuel’s flagship book. Huntington of the same name.

Bookstores “are important in our lives,” Wassef said, because sometimes they are the source of an irreplaceable community that cannot be found by clicking an online order button.

“Bookstores anchor us, they help us travel safely, because we can come back,” she added. “You go and you come back. And that’s one of the things that’s extremely empowering.”

Shelf Life is therefore a “tribute to books and bookstores”. And, like Egypt, Diwan has certainly seen more than his fair share of change.

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Will Texas change the design of its license plates? Curious Texas Investigates https://letrasenredadas.com/will-texas-change-the-design-of-its-license-plates-curious-texas-investigates/ https://letrasenredadas.com/will-texas-change-the-design-of-its-license-plates-curious-texas-investigates/#respond Wed, 15 Sep 2021 14:34:07 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/will-texas-change-the-design-of-its-license-plates-curious-texas-investigates/

For more than a century, Texas state issued license plates have been affixed to cars of all shapes, sizes and colors.

The first plates, published in 1917, were made of sheet iron with white numbers on a dark blue background and the letters “TEX” stamped vertically on the right side.

In 1918, the plaques were circular. In 1932, they were green. For about two decades, the yellow was mixed with white or black patches. And in 1999, the state launched red, white, and blue plaques.

Texas license plates have undergone a long colorful evolution since their first use in 1917.(EVANS CAGLAGE / 160043)

Today, Texas state-issued plaques have a solid white background with simple black lettering, a far cry from the latest picturesque designs.

That’s why a reader asked Curious Texas, “Will today’s black and white license plates ever turn into something pretty?” “

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, which designs and issues state license plates, does not intend to change the design of its plates.

The current plaque design, released in 2012, is called “Texas Classic”. In addition to its simple black and white lettering, the plaque has a star in the upper left corner, “Texas” at the top and “The Lone Star State” at the bottom.

Former state official Joe Pickett had dozens of old Texas license plates on the walls of his new office on the Capitol.  In the middle row are two plates from 1933, burnt orange on white on the right, commemorating the University of Texas, and white on brown on the left, honoring Texas A&M University.

Its simplicity meets “the highest public safety standards,” said Wendy Cook, spokesperson for the department.

According to the Texas DMV website, the Texas Classic design is also the country’s first with high-visibility security threads embedded in the sheet metal. This makes it easier for law enforcement to spot legitimate plates, the agency said.

Another reason for the simplicity of the current design is that some drivers have complained that the colors of the previous plates collided with the color of their cars.

The latest design, dubbed “Lone Star Texas,” was red, white and blue with a desert landscape. When it was released in 2009, it began seven-character plate numbers after the state ran out of six-character combinations.

With its red, white and blue color scheme, the "Lone Star Classic" license plate design - immediate predecessor of the current one "Classic texas" plaque - surely sent shivers of patriotism down the spines of many motorists.
With its red, white and blue color scheme, the design of the “Lone Star Classic” license plate – the immediate predecessor of the current “Texas Classic” license plate – has surely sent shivers of patriotism down the spines of many motorists.(Tom Fox / Staff Photographer)

Another recognizable plaque design is “Panoramic Texas,” which featured a space shuttle, an oil derrick, and a riding cowboy. Introduced in 1999, Panoramic Texas plaques were also the last with numbers stamped instead of printed. Approximately 31.5 million sets of these plaques were issued prior to the launch of “Lone Star Texas”.

For anyone who wants a special design, the Texas license plate supplier DMV offers designs for an annual fee. Previous designs of state-issued plates may not be designed for new cars, Cook said, but they may be available for some older cars.

“Vehicles that are at least 25 years old can be issued with a general design that meets the license plate requirements in effect for the same year the vehicle was manufactured,” she said.

However, there is no rush to get a new set of plates when a new design is released. According to Cook, to save taxpayer dollars and avoid waste, drivers can keep their current plates for as long as they want, unless they need to be replaced for aesthetic or readability reasons.

What should we study next?

Tell us

What are your questions about the culture, people and institutions of North Texas and the rest of our great state? Help us investigate stories that interest you.

No question is too big or too small. Let’s get started. Visit this link to ask your question and vote on the questions we should answer.

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Scarlet Nexus Patch 1.03 Released, Adds Bigger Font Size, Camera Distance, Lock And More https://letrasenredadas.com/scarlet-nexus-patch-1-03-released-adds-bigger-font-size-camera-distance-lock-and-more/ https://letrasenredadas.com/scarlet-nexus-patch-1-03-released-adds-bigger-font-size-camera-distance-lock-and-more/#respond Wed, 15 Sep 2021 13:51:59 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/scarlet-nexus-patch-1-03-released-adds-bigger-font-size-camera-distance-lock-and-more/
Scarlet Nexus Feature 2

Bandai Namco has released a brand new patch for Scarlet Nexus which will update its version to 1.03. According to the team, patch 1.03 adds a larger font size, as well as camera distance, aim assist, and lock options.

Additionally, it introduces smoother and faster protagonist starting movements outside of battles. Additionally, it contains various bug fixes (which Bandai Namco did not specify).

In order to showcase these new additions, the publisher has released the following trailer.

As always, Steam will download update 1.03 the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its full changelog.

Scarlet Nexus patch 1.03 patch notes

  • Added new game options
    – Camera position and tracking speed option
    – Enemy lock aim assist option (left stick control on / off)
    – Enemy lock camera speed option
    – Text size adjustment option (brain chat messages / system log)
    – SAS activation animation toggle option
  • Smoother and faster protagonist starting movements outside of combat
  • Bug fixes

Also be sure to read Pieter’s review for this game.

Jean Papadopoulos

Jean Papadopoulos

John is the founder and editor-in-chief of DSOGaming. He is a fan of PC games and strongly supports the modding and indie communities. Prior to creating DSOGaming, John worked on numerous gaming websites. Although he is a diehard PC gamer, his gaming roots can be found on consoles. John loved – and still loves – 16-bit consoles and considers the SNES to be one of the best consoles. Still, the PC platform has conquered it on consoles. This was mainly due to 3DFX and its iconic dedicated 3D accelerator graphics card, Voodoo 2. John also wrote a next level thesis on “The Evolution of PC Graphics Cards”.
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PM COMMITMENT TO HELPING NEW OWNERS: Minnis unveils range of dealerships to kick off homebuilding explosion https://letrasenredadas.com/pm-commitment-to-helping-new-owners-minnis-unveils-range-of-dealerships-to-kick-off-homebuilding-explosion/ https://letrasenredadas.com/pm-commitment-to-helping-new-owners-minnis-unveils-range-of-dealerships-to-kick-off-homebuilding-explosion/#respond Tue, 14 Sep 2021 10:36:10 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/pm-commitment-to-helping-new-owners-minnis-unveils-range-of-dealerships-to-kick-off-homebuilding-explosion/

Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.


Principal journalist of the Tribune


PREMIER Dr Hubert Minnis said if re-elected the Free National Movement would offer housing concessions to all new Bahamian landlords who build owner-occupied housing worth 300,000. $ or less.

“This applies whether you intend to build on private land or on government land that you have received or purchased,” he said at an FNM rally on Saturday.

“There will be no tariffs on construction materials. For all these residential constructions, there will also be no value added tax on construction materials or on the value of the construction contract.

“This will benefit many potential owners. This will help create a construction boom.

Dr Minnis also said the accounting firms have completed the first review of applications for the Prospect Ridge community, a community geared towards young professionals. The government received just over 1,500 applications for the project.

Dr Minnis said he was determined to bring the program to Eleuthera, Exuma, Abaco and Andros as well.

“Those who buy land in these developments will not have to pay tariffs on building materials, furniture and appliances. In addition, they will not have to pay property tax for five years.

“We are also very advanced in the development of the Carmichael Village subdivision. The development and subdivision will provide 365 lots for Bahamians to build houses. These will be built under concessions granted by the government. The Ministry of Housing has already issued letters of intent to around 100 people. The majority of these new homeowners have since obtained commitments from financial institutions to build their homes, ”he said.

The FNM has maintained a sustained rally schedule since Dr Minnis announced the September 16 elections. Saturday’s rally in New Providence came after the prime minister staged events in Cat Island and San Salvador, areas long represented by Liberal Progressive Party leader Philip “Brave” Davis.

While on Cat Island, Dr Minnis told supporters he had been “reliably informed” that his party had won the advance poll.

“And I know Thursday we’ll take the rest – and Cat Island is ours,” he said.

Although FNM rallies are meant to be drive-thru events, some people got out of their cars and crowded in front of the rally stage with minimal social distancing on Saturday. People also got out of their cars during the Family Island gatherings.

Dr Minnis also said that a second Minnis administration would enact a home port law to encourage cruise lines to make the Bahamas their home port.

“This will bring many more visitors to the Bahamas, a significant economic opportunity for you,” he said.

He also pledged to improve business for tourism operations in a variety of ways, although he did not say how he would achieve this. “We will allow visitors to arrange taxi and tour transportation directly with licensed Bahamian cruise providers and land visitors so that taxi and tour drivers can earn much more money directly,” he said. he declared.

“We will make it easier for visitors to make reservations for dining, entertainment and heritage tourism directly with Bahamian companies licensed for cruises and land visitors.”

“Many of these arrangements will allow Bahamian providers to receive their full payment for these services instead of having to pay large sums of commission to non-Bahamian intermediaries.

“We will make it easier for retail stores to sell resort wear, souvenirs and other products by attracting more hotel and cruise passengers to their stores. ”

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Jana Traboulsi’s Kitab al-Hawamish explores the art of ancient “hyperlinks” https://letrasenredadas.com/jana-traboulsis-kitab-al-hawamish-explores-the-art-of-ancient-hyperlinks/ https://letrasenredadas.com/jana-traboulsis-kitab-al-hawamish-explores-the-art-of-ancient-hyperlinks/#respond Tue, 14 Sep 2021 06:43:34 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/jana-traboulsis-kitab-al-hawamish-explores-the-art-of-ancient-hyperlinks/

Traboulsi – who works as an artist and educator in Lebanon – is among a list of eight finalists for the V&A Jameel Prize, all of whom have made works inspired by the Islamic tradition. This year marks the first time that the award has included contemporary design among its potential winners.

Kitab al-Hawamish, or Book of Margins, was created in 2017, when Traboulsi was commissioned to create a room for Beirut’s cultural center Dar El Nimr. After gaining access to the centre’s collection of ancient manuscripts and books, Traboulsi became fascinated with some of the design and calligraphy devices she found.

“There are a lot of design features – and not just from an aesthetic point of view, although aesthetically most of the books were amazing – in terms of functionality,” she says. “I discovered crazy navigation systems, signs that tell you something about different habits or readings, and a totally different relationship to orality.”

Several elements in particular caught his attention, including the use of diagonal writing in the margins of historical or religious texts, to provide readers with additional interpretation or context for the stories. Traboulsi draws parallels between this and modern use of hyperlinks, which also give readers the opportunity to delve deeper if they wish.

Instead of numbered pages, the designer says manuscript creators have often added keywords – the first word on the next page – at the bottom of each page, to facilitate continuous, rhythmic recitation, and save the speaker from any awkward pause when turning to the next section. His book also recreates the kind of “scar” found in an ancient parchment, where an animal skin was sewn together.

Divided into three chapters, Kitab al-Hawamish explores some of these marginal features and calligraphy, and includes an excerpt from a historic 10th century scribe’s book, as well as details on how to make parchment.

Traboulsi hopes the book will encourage visitors to the V&A – where all shortlisted works will be on display from September 18 to November 28 – to reflect on the perceived boundaries between design and art, as well as ask themselves what book design is all about. can and should look like.

“In magazines you have many types of reading, but not in books,” she tells CR. “One of my main revelations is how boring book design has become compared to what it used to be, and how uninteresting, not beautiful, a reading experience is. And also how in my area we have our understanding of good design which is European modernist design, as opposed to maintaining all that tradition which is a very rich reading experience.

vam.ac.uk; janatraboulsi website

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Maison & Objet: What’s new? Hobbies. – ArchiExpo e-Magazine https://letrasenredadas.com/maison-objet-whats-new-hobbies-archiexpo-e-magazine/ https://letrasenredadas.com/maison-objet-whats-new-hobbies-archiexpo-e-magazine/#respond Sat, 11 Sep 2021 10:02:47 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/maison-objet-whats-new-hobbies-archiexpo-e-magazine/

In hall 4 of Maison & Objet Paris 2021, three installations presented new products for the home, security and connectivity.

Maison & Objet Paris invited three guests to create a universe within the event that would touch on the notion of leisure (the installations are in hall 4 of the show). Elizabeth Leriche focused on residence; François Bernard, Founder & CEO of the Croisements agency, on protection; and François Delclaux, Founder and Director of the Un Nouvel Air agency, on connectivity.

The three guests also created an installation found in hall 3.

“BEING AT HOME” by Elizabeth Leriche

In the limited space allocated, Elizabeth Lerich used the release of exquisite new products to represent home comforts through design. She exhibited a pretty array of small essentials, benches and cushions, cozy and soft materials.

In the writing workshop, we are witnessing the return to office life now that the summer vacation is over. A selection of pens and notebooks, in a case focused on calligraphy and typography. In the DIY workshop, there is the energy of the creativity kit through many crafting and gardening materials. The bedroom area had a lounge-style space next to it, and the two dedicated areas worked well together to create a Zen atmosphere.

“We feel good at home,” said Elizabeth Leriche to the Maison & Objet press service. “The theme, which began even before the pandemic, is in total resonance with what we are experiencing. We wanted to show the internal nature of the house, its porous character ”. And the house is doing pretty well, thank you very much, since everyone is so interested in this sector. “It’s not a revolution, but we see these objects in a new light. It brings us renewed energy.

What’s new – Leisure. “TO BE AT THE HOUSE”. Courtesy of Maison & Objet.

In the bedroom / living room, an incredible suspension by Forestier named Capsules in suspension designed by Anon Pairot greets viewers. The lamps by Broste Copenhagen and Blomus can be found in the far right corner of the space, working in harmony with the pendant light.

The new products selected by Elizabeth Lerich show the intention; the emphasis on leisure is visible with the sheets of Dorothee Lehnen, En fil d’Indienne and Gabrielle Paris, to name a few. The soft textiles used by Mikmax Barcelona and the NOMA Editions furniture, mentioned in a previous article from our favorite brands of the event, and the tableware and ceramic objects by Sophie Masson Porcelaine and Clément Boutillon gave the room a natural touch as well. as wooden objects from Kristina Studio of the dam.

We especially enjoyed the feminine vibe as the artwork contributed to the calm aesthetic. A Woman’s Artwork from Tinystories Accompanied the Silhouette of a Woman by Mettehandberg Art Print.

What’s new – Leisure. “TO BE AT THE HOUSE”. Courtesy of Maison & Objet.
What’s new – Leisure. “TO BE AT THE HOUSE”. Courtesy of Maison & Objet.
What’s new – Leisure. “TO BE AT THE HOUSE”. Courtesy of Maison & Objet.

“PROTECT” by François Bernard and “CONNECT” by François Delclaux

Elizabeth Lerich has divided her installation into different rooms or specific spaces; however, the two Francis have kept for themselves a layout similar to that of a gallery. Leaving the reception area, we entered the room dedicated to connection by François Delclaux. Teleworking, the digital environment, the proliferation of applications, François Delclaux has dug into new products to facilitate our interactions with people and objects. It is “the era of all intelligent” where immediacy has become the norm.

In order to illustrate the evolution of IoT objects in a more simplified and ubiquitous way, he created an exhibition of objects that express how everything can now be used as an excuse to connect: air, sound, light, plants and our own sleep patterns.

What’s new – Leisure. “TO LOG IN”. Courtesy of Maison & Objet.
What’s new – Leisure. “TO LOG IN”. Courtesy of Maison & Objet.

Market maker has a coffee table speaker with integrated induction charger as well as a vintage sound bar equipped with TWS technology allowing the same sound to be broadcast on several speakers. Kikkerland features a stand-alone phone holder with an ergonomic design that provides comfort when using mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

In the following room, François Bernard has divided his section devoted to protection into different categories: travel, resources, mobility, home, weather and personnel. He saw the idea of ​​protection as a metaphor for taking care of his property, his body and his environment. It crosses categories and offers inspiration for everyday objects that are both practical and beautiful. He presented products from Esschert Design, Air & Me, Héloïse Levieux, L’atelier des Tanneries, Slow Design, Bag All and more.

What’s new – Leisure. “PROTECT”. Courtesy of Maison & Objet.
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Vaccine Card Holders from Etsy, Amazon, Dagne Dover, and more https://letrasenredadas.com/vaccine-card-holders-from-etsy-amazon-dagne-dover-and-more/ https://letrasenredadas.com/vaccine-card-holders-from-etsy-amazon-dagne-dover-and-more/#respond Sat, 11 Sep 2021 09:00:00 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/vaccine-card-holders-from-etsy-amazon-dagne-dover-and-more/

With vaccination mandates rolled out across the country to help curb the spread of COVID-19, it’s time to tackle the elephant in the room. Vaccine cards given out after your last vaccine are large and fragile. They can easily be ruined by folding them or stuffing them into wallets that are too small for their little corners. Hell, I managed to just barely saving mine from getting soaked in a spilled drink at a bar. It’s just paper!

So in an effort to keep formal proof that allows you to enter bars, restaurants and office buildings, I figured it might be time to find wallets and card holders to protect yours. .

Leather pocket wallet

It is my current portfolio and it turns out that it’s the perfect size to hold my vaccine firmly. The full zipper keeps everything secure, while inside there are slots for all your cards. The outside pocket is also perfect for storing your ID card.

Leather vaccination passport holder

If you want something a little more robust, this genuine leather wallet can also keep your passport safe while you travel. The two inside pockets are ideal for holding credit cards and your ID. Each wallet is hand sewn and you can even personalize it with an embossed lettering on the front.

Custom Decorated Vaccine Card Holder

Bringing back the nostalgic days of decorating binders and notebooks, these transparent plastic lids are fully customizable. Add a color scheme, your favorite animal, your name, and even your favorite quote or saying for more style.

CDC MultiPass Fifth Element Vaccine Card Holder

I couldn’t help but put this holder on the list because I had seen “Leeloo Dallas, Multipass” jokes all over TikTok and Instagram. Well here is your chance to live your Fifth element fantasies. You can’t deny how fun it would be to show off a novelty when asked for vaccine proof.

This pouch, while not necessarily a card holder or wallet, can be your all-in-one pandemic wallet. It can easily hold your vaccination card, a bottle of hand sanitizer, and a mask or two. Throw it in whatever bag you take with you when you go and know you’ll be ready for anything.

Vaccination card holder key ring

If you’re still thinking of keeping things a bit simpler, this sleek, textured vinyl keyring is perfect. It has a swivel clasp, so you can attach it to bags and belt loops for easy access. Choose from brown or beige vinyl.

Bellroy Apex passport cover

You can also go big or go home when it comes to a wallet. Crafted in leather, this Bellroy RFID Wallet has space for your vaccine card, passport, credit cards, ID card and passport, as well as a slip pocket for cash. It also has a magnetic closure for added security.

Covid vaccination card holder

Then there is the classic plastic sleeve. While they’re not that exciting, they’ll do the trick to keep your card from getting destroyed. Get a 5-pack to give to friends and family – you can even buy your own sticker packs and decorate it yourself.

Scouted selects products independently and prices reflect what was available at time of publication. Visit our coupon site for more offers. If you buy something from our posts, we may earn a small commission.

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BEL MOONEY: The lover’s web of deception makes me bitter https://letrasenredadas.com/bel-mooney-the-lovers-web-of-deception-makes-me-bitter/ https://letrasenredadas.com/bel-mooney-the-lovers-web-of-deception-makes-me-bitter/#respond Fri, 10 Sep 2021 21:30:59 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/bel-mooney-the-lovers-web-of-deception-makes-me-bitter/

Dear Bel,

I am a gay man in my thirties. So far, a meaningful romantic relationship has eluded me. Not because I don’t want to, but because the right person just didn’t come.

Although I have a successful career and a strong circle of family and close friends, I am not very confident so I find it difficult to meet people romantically.

For the past few years, I’ve had a very relaxed relationship with a bisexual man, seeing myself once or twice a year with no connection between the two.

Earlier this year, we saw each other and things have changed. He makes me feel so special that I can’t resist.

On a recent weekend, we held hands and acted like more than just friends with perks.

He has a relationship with someone else, a woman, who is in a long term relationship with another man.

He would clearly like more with this girl, who also works for him. I’m a little on the side. He sees me in secret when he can’t see her.

Although she doesn’t know he’s bisexual, she must have guessed. One of her previous male lovers told her, but she rejected the “lie”.

Why doesn’t she leave her longtime partner for her boss? He treats her very well. His family is making the deal easier, which I suspect has something to do with his money and his generosity.

It frustrates me to see him being exploited and it makes me bitter that I just want to spend time with him for who he is, not for his money.

I put my cards on the table and shared my feelings with him. He was gentle; says he has feelings too – but ultimately doesn’t want any additional complications just yet.

What do I do? He was the first man who made me feel that way, but I’m really hurt and frustrated by the situation.


This week, Bel advises a gay reader whose boyfriend is dating another woman – who doesn’t know he’s bisexual

Oh what a tangled web we weave, When we first practice deceiving ‘is a wise quote.

It comes from an epic poem by Sir Walter Scott titled Marmion: A Tale Of Flodden Field, which tells how one of Henry VIII’s courtiers, Lord Marmion, pursues his desire for a wealthy woman, Clara.

He and his mistress, a delinquent nun (yes, really!), Devise a ploy to trap Clara’s fiancé. Things get chaotic and, although Marmion beats Clara’s intention in a duel, he loses because she retires to a convent rather than endure his attentions.

So be careful everyone!

When you lie, you build a domino structure of complications that eventually get out of hand.

Does something like this not happen in the life of the man you love? He lies to his mistress who, in turn, lies to his longtime partner, whom she will not leave. What a turn it would be if he also talked about pigs, and had his own share on the side.

During this time, you have no one else, but you are forced to gaze longingly, knowing that she is the chosen one. It must be horrible for you and I am sorry that you are being used in this way by this handsome, rich and successful man.

Because we just can’t put an end to it: you are used. Understandably reluctant but (I think) empowered by the new intensity of your feelings, you have told your man exactly how you feel.

How did he respond? In fact, he said gently, “Yeah, okay, sure – I love you too and all that – but not right away, thank you.” He is ready to chain you because you give him sexual pleasure and he enjoys your company.

But I suspect you’ll always be the runner-up – and in the end, you’ll get hurt by the man who wants it all and usually gets it.

Of course, you are “hurt and frustrated” because this relationship is going nowhere. If you’d been more “friends with benefits” by meeting twice a year for sex, it doesn’t matter what he did with the rest of his time.

But now you are entangled in a web of lies woven by two people, a man and a woman, both of whom are determined to their own satisfaction.

Please don’t let these spiders eat you. You have so much going on for yourself and you should step back now and try to find someone new who will treat you fairly.

How could his father spend his savings?

Dear Bel

Since our daughter was little, my husband and I have set aside part of our income in a bank account, part of hers from her part-time job in a store and money from her childcare allowance. .

She is now 18 and preparing to go to college, so we gave her access to the account.

My husband was very hesitant and I quickly understood why. He spent almost all the money on Match Attax football cards.

To say that I am livid is an understatement. He says they are his heirloom to her because they “will be incredibly precious when I die” – but the fact that he has gone behind our back is so overwhelming.

My daughter left home angry to stay with her boyfriend’s family and I don’t know what to do.


Thought of the day

Just do one little thing: just love.

Just do one little thing: don’t judge.

Just do one little thing: don’t be sad.

Just do one little thing: forgive.

Based on a hymn by Irina Denisova, a leading choir director and composer in Belarus and now a nun at St. Elizabeth’s Monastery in Minsc

Disappointment is one of the worst feelings in the world, especially when it’s someone you think you know and love who lets you down.

Such disillusion leaves a bitter taste, which never quite goes away.

‘How can you do that?’ means “How can you be so weak and selfish and how come I never realized it was in you?” We are unhappy that our judgment has been called into question.

Nothing could make these cards worth your daughter’s loss of respect for her father. He was as dumb as he was dishonest, but that doesn’t just make him bad or crazy – although I bet he was made very sad realizing how weak he was. Didn’t he think he would be discovered?

He needs to do whatever it takes to fix it, including selling his precious cards as soon as possible. The value of the items we collect and cherish is never fixed, so it is illusory to assume growth.

The only thing worth appreciating here is the love and respect for his wife and daughter. In time, you will both forgive him – because you have to. It is the imperfect human being with whom you share your life. But he better prove he’s worth it.

I despair of my new love

Dear Bel

My question is very complex and I can only say that it makes me despairing.

During the lockdown, I became friends with a woman and we walked and talked every day, and we even texted each other between times.

The only stumbling block is that I am a married man – with my wife for 30 years – a loveless marriage, which has been the case for years.

We don’t sleep together and are therefore more friends than husband and wife. I want to leave her and move in with this woman. What should I do?


This is one of the shortest emails I have ever received, and there are so many questions I wish I had answered.

I take this to suggest to readers that while the long letters give me a difficult task to edit, I need a few details when you write.

You, Peter, don’t even tell me if you have a family. Or when you met the other woman and if she is married. Or if your wife has any idea that all this walking and talking has taken place. Do you see?

No more Bel Mooney for the Daily Mail …

Every letter in this column is a unique story, but yours has as many holes as one of my moth sweatshirts. But it is easy to imagine that you are in love. I believe that we “fall in love” many times in a lifetime; by “love” I mean a feeling of intensity. This lady could be your new life partner.

Or she could be a wonderful person whose appeal has been heightened by the heightened atmosphere of the lockdown.

Either way, I’m old enough to believe that a 30-year marriage shouldn’t be abandoned because of a new passion.

You call marriage “without love,” but by that you mean sexless, because you always call your wife your friend. And old friends need consideration too.

If the marriage has run its course, then this conversation needs to take place with your wife. It cannot be dodged.

But “hopelessness” can be compounded by lasting guilt. Treat your wife with the love you felt when you met her and then you will have the moral strength to face it.

And finally…So happy family found each other

A few months ago, I mentioned “ancestry” websites and DNA and admitted that I really didn’t want to find new parents. Now Wrote: “You must receive so many sad letters, so here is one that is amazing, amazing and most importantly happy.

She continues: “I was an illegitimate child, born in 1946. My mother died when I was 12 but I had my grandfather, my uncle and my much older brother at home, so I didn’t. have never lacked a male presence.

“When mom passed away, I was living with my uncle and aunt, who were like parents to me. Overall, I have had a pretty happy life.

A’s cousin is passionate about DNA-based genealogy research, so the two women took some tests and A discovered a first cousin, M, whom she had no knowledge of.

Contact Bel

Bel answers weekly readers’ questions about emotional and relationship issues.

Write to Bel Mooney, Daily Mail, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT, or email bel.mooney@dailymail.co.uk.

A pseudonym will be used if you wish.

Bel reads all the letters but regrets not being able to enter into personal correspondence.

“As a first cousin can only be related by parents or grandparents, we have come to the obvious conclusion – that the relationship must be through my father,” she adds.

The only thing A ever knew about his father was that he was in the Royal Air Force. She got in touch with M – and found out her father had been in the RAF for 25 years and had been stationed for some time in the county where A lives.

“Having got his name and a bit of history, I then checked second and third cousins ​​on the DNA list – and found that through these more distant cousins , I shared DNA with M’s grandfather, ”she writes.

‘I feel like I’m in the middle of an episode of Long Lost Family! Sometimes I have a sad moment that I never knew my father (he died in 1996), but most of the time I walk around with a smile on my face. I am also very grateful that M and I have decided to put our DNA results on Ancestry. ‘

In wartime and post-war times, A’s story was not uncommon. Now she is so happy to see pictures of her father and to know more about the new members of her family.

Reading his story also made me happy. A reminder to always be open to good surprises.

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How to allow or prevent Windows from downloading the Font Catalog https://letrasenredadas.com/how-to-allow-or-prevent-windows-from-downloading-the-font-catalog/ https://letrasenredadas.com/how-to-allow-or-prevent-windows-from-downloading-the-font-catalog/#respond Thu, 09 Sep 2021 22:44:37 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/how-to-allow-or-prevent-windows-from-downloading-the-font-catalog/

If you want block windows of download fonts and font catalog data from third-party vendors, here’s what you need to do. Using Local Group Policy Editor and Registry Editor, you can prevent Windows 11/10 from automatically downloading font catalog data from any third-party vendor.

When you download and install a font on your computer, a temporary catalog is also installed. Windows uses this catalog to check for an update or new fonts from the corresponding vendor. On the other hand, Windows periodically searches and downloads fonts and font catalog from some vendors like Microsoft, Adobe, etc. If you don’t want that to happen, here’s what you need to change.

How to allow or prevent Windows from downloading the Font Catalog

To allow or prevent Windows from downloading the Font Catalog using the Local Group Policy Editor, Follow these steps:

  1. hurry Win + R to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type gpedit.msc and hit the Enter button.
  3. Move towards Fonts in the Computer configuration.
  4. Double click on the Activate font providers setting.
  5. Select the Enabled possibility of authorizing and Deactivated possibility of blocking.
  6. Click it Okay button.
  7. Restart your computer.

Let’s see these steps in detail.

To get started, you need to open the Local Group Policy Editor on your computer. To do this, press Win + R, type gpedit.msc, and press the Enter button.

Then go to the following path:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > Fonts

Here you can find a named parameter Activate font providers. You must double-click on this parameter and select Enabled to allow the download or Deactivated to block the download.

How to allow or prevent Windows from downloading the Font Catalog

Click it Okay button and restart your computer to get the change.

How to prevent Windows from downloading the Font Catalog

To prevent Windows from downloading the Font Catalog using the Registry Editor, Follow these steps:

  1. hurry Win + R > type regedit > press the Enter button.
  2. Click it Yes option.
  3. Move towards System in HKLM.
  4. Right click on System> New> DWORD (32-bit) value.
  5. Name it EnableFontProviders.
  6. Double click on it to set the value data.
  7. Enter 1 allow and 0 to block the download of the font catalog.
  8. Click it Okay button.
  9. Restart your computer.

To learn more about these steps, keep reading.

First of all, you need to open Registry Editor. To do this, press Win + R, type regedit and press the Enter button. If it displays the UAC prompt, click the button Yes option.

With Registry Editor open on your computer, navigate to the following path:


Here you need to create a REG_DWORD value. To do this, right click on the System button and select the New> DWORD value (32 bits) option.

How to allow or prevent Windows from downloading the Font Catalog

Name it as Activate font providers and double click it to set the value data. Enter 1 to allow downloading and 0 to prevent Windows from automatically downloading fonts and font catalog data.

How to allow or prevent Windows from downloading the Font Catalog

Click it Okay button to save the change and restart your computer.

Why aren’t my downloaded fonts showing?

Windows does not show hidden fonts in the list when choosing a font in a program. To get rid of this problem, you need to search fonts in the search box of the taskbar, click on the search result, right click on the grayed out font and select the Spectacle option.

How do I access downloaded fonts?

You can easily access the downloaded fonts on your Windows 11/10 computer. Firstly, you can use them in any program like Paint, Photoshop, GIMP, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Second, you can open the Fonts panel using the taskbar search box to manage them.

How do I remove downloaded fonts from Windows?

To remove downloaded fonts from Windows 11/10, you need to use the Fonts settings panel in Windows settings. For that, search font settings and open the corresponding search result. Next, choose a font that you want to uninstall or remove and click on the button Uninstall button.

That’s all! Hope this guide has helped you prevent Windows from downloading third party font catalog data.

Read: How to download fonts from the Microsoft Store.

How to allow or prevent Windows from downloading the Font Catalog Source link

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In Turkey, a water tomb becomes a park https://letrasenredadas.com/in-turkey-a-water-tomb-becomes-a-park/ https://letrasenredadas.com/in-turkey-a-water-tomb-becomes-a-park/#respond Wed, 08 Sep 2021 09:00:26 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/in-turkey-a-water-tomb-becomes-a-park/

A pre-dawn thunderstorm had purified the air and brought comfortable temperatures after days of 100-degree heat. As we exited the port of Seddulbahir, I could see, on the Asia Minor side of the Dardanelles, the hilltop site of the ruins of ancient Troy – first excavated by Heinrich Schliemann in 1870. Behind us, on the European side, rose the Canakkale Memorial to the Martyrs, an austere marble arch with four columns dedicated to the 250,000 Ottoman victims of the Gallipoli countryside. Much of the peninsula has been turned into a national park, preserved as it was a century ago. Scattered among pristine beaches and rugged pine-covered hills were cemeteries and memorials commemorating one of the bloodiest campaigns of the war.

The skipper of Eftelya Dina headed southeast towards the site of the Majestic, just off Cape Helles, keeping an eye on a large screen that displayed sonar images of the seabed. The entrance to the Dardanelles is littered with British and French ships, Mr Kasdemir told me: They include HMS Goliath, a pre-dreadnought battleship, like the Majestic, which an Ottoman torpedo sank two weeks before the loss of the Majestic and which now lies mostly buried in sediment at a depth of 207 feet. (The pre-dreadnought classification refers to boats built before the commissioning in 1906 of the HMS Dreadnought, a faster, more heavily armed ship that revolutionized naval warfare.) After 20 minutes, we anchored both boats. Then I put on my wetsuit, strapped on my tank and vest and, along with the three Turkish officials and two dive guides, dived into the sea.

The water temperature rose from 74 degrees at the surface to 60 degrees as the wreck approached, although my wetsuit protected me from the cold. Soon I found myself hovering over a field of entangled iron and steel – a vast underwater dump, or graveyard, stretched for hundreds of yards to the bottom of the sea.

Visibility was surprisingly clear, considering the currents that often flow through the area. As I followed Deniz Tasci through the wreck, I could make out the ship’s curved and intact stern, the remains of several decks, two sturdy standing chimneys and one of the ship’s two masts, lying on the port side of the ship. .

Towards the remains of the bow, a long tube tilted steeply upward – possibly one of four 12-inch MK-8 naval guns that pounded Seddulbahir to cover Australian and French ground troops landing at Cape Helles. I spotted a huge cylinder that could have been part of one of the ship’s steam turbine engines, and cigar-shaped torpedoes covered in rust, but with their explosive warheads still in order.

Mr. Kartal had told me earlier that divers had counted “more than 200 torpedoes” scattered around the Majestic alone. There is almost no chance that these will explode without a powerful jerk, but the experienced guides stay close to the divers and discourage them from touching anything.

The wreck was teeming with marine life, including double-banded sea bream, silvery, oval-shaped fish adorned with two parallel black bands along their heads and caudal fins; cuckoo wrasses, with bright blue scribbles on their elongated orange bodies; pig-tooth corals, fungal organisms growing inside the hollow spaces of the wreck; and pink and orange tubular sponges hanging from many surfaces. Halfway through the 35-minute dive, one of my companions pointed a flashlight at a vault-like space in the wreckage, where an octopus, now fleeing the unwanted intrusion, had secreted itself. .

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