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The artist plans to complete the installation by June 12. The art object consists of 432 soccer balls which contain calligraphic motifs of the name of the championship, Gazprom, and of the international social program for children “Football for Friendship” and its values: friendship, equality, justice, health, peace, dedication, victory, tradition and honor. The winner’s balloon will be added to the calligraphy once their identity is known. Balls form an open art space in which anyone can create unusual content for their audience.

In the future, the art installation will cease to exist as a physical object and will be reborn as a digital work of art in NFT format. The digital prize and the winner’s ball will be awarded to the player who scores the best goal in the 2020 UEFA European Championship. Young ambassadors of the “Football for Friendship” program from all countries participating in the European Championship will participate in the award ceremony. The award hologram will be on display at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.

The “Tournament Goal” winner award will be the first digital trophy in football history. By combining physical perception and digital reality in a true work of art, it will be a creative embodiment of the spirit of UEFA. EURO 2020: a global event that brings together people from all over the world around sport.

“Today is a very important day because for the first time in football history the UEFA best goal trophy EURO 2020 The championship will not just become a physical item but a digital NFT trophy. Thanks to the support of Gazprom, official sponsor of the Championship, we have the opportunity to present Russia at world level and get the trophy for the best master of this sport ‘- says Pokras Lampas.

“This is not the first time that Gazprom, which has been a trusted partner of UEFA for many years, has offered initiatives that contribute to the development of football around the world,” said UEFA Marketing Director , Guy-Laurent Epstein.

“Gazprom’s tournament goal prize is a unique prize in football history and we hope there will be a lot of great goals to choose from over the next month.”


SOURCE Gazprom International Children’s Social Program Football for Friendship

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Another Downtown Napa South Food Redevelopment Plan | Local News https://letrasenredadas.com/another-downtown-napa-south-food-redevelopment-plan-local-news/ https://letrasenredadas.com/another-downtown-napa-south-food-redevelopment-plan-local-news/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 20:00:00 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/another-downtown-napa-south-food-redevelopment-plan-local-news/

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However, the redevelopment has not progressed. In March, Brooks Street sold its stake in the property to Rossi, with Holcomb remaining a partner.)

At the time of his investment, Rossi said the original idea of ​​creating a destination with market stalls, an indoor hall and artisan shops, “was too grand a plan” to be considered financially. This left the project stuck, he said.

Chris Vecera of Naysayer Coffee Roasters said he’s had an eye on the Food City Project for some time.

“We love the neighborhood component of Food City,” he said. “I think this will be a great project… a cool, safe, comfortable, welcoming and fun place.

In addition to coffee, he plans to offer pastries and other food options. Vecera said he hopes to open by fall.

Naysayer is currently located at the First & Franklin Marketplace in downtown Napa. In addition to the Food City location, “Our coffee will continue to be served (downtown) to some extent,” he said.

An old walkway in the Food City center, which was covered at one point, will be reopened, Rossi said. Seats and other improvements will be installed.

The new storefront elevations will be designed “to reflect the modern art style of the original building,” which dates from 1952, Rossi wrote.

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How Mary See and her family created a California classic – Daily News https://letrasenredadas.com/how-mary-see-and-her-family-created-a-california-classic-daily-news/ https://letrasenredadas.com/how-mary-see-and-her-family-created-a-california-classic-daily-news/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 15:06:20 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/how-mary-see-and-her-family-created-a-california-classic-daily-news/

A line of shoppers in front of a See’s Candies store in San Francisco. (Photo courtesy of See’s Candies)

This retailer has never changed its color palette. The typeface used for the logo dates back a century. The clerks still give free samples to every customer, as they have for years. But a strong e-commerce model now strengthens the 250 brick-and-mortar stores, and new products are launched every month.

It’s See’s Candies at 100, a company that has mastered the recipe for business success by combining 20th century customer service with 21st century business acumen – and dressing it all in nostalgia.

RELATED STORY: See’s Candies celebrates its centenary by opening a boutique in Seal Beach

“I like to say that we sell joy and it never goes out of style,” said CEO Pat Egan.

The company celebrates the big 1-0-0 throughout the year with a century-old assortment of chocolates, commemorative mugs, toy boxes and trucks, limited edition candies, #TwitterParty virtual prizes and numerous loving memories.

The black and white decor of Sees’s Candies stores hasn’t changed much from 1937 until today. (Photo courtesy of See’s Candies)

“I come in happy. I’m leaving happy, ”said Vinny Kalia, a customer turned employee, summarizing his work days since becoming a See’s sales associate at the North San Jose store just a few months ago. He remembers his grandmother taking him with him when she bought his favorite, See’s Peanut Brittle, one of the original recipes. “It brings back so many memories. I feel like a 5 year old boy.

Because Mary See remains the face of See products and stores, many customers know both the history and the popular Bordeaux sweets. But a dive into the history of the company dispels some myths and sheds light on some fascinating chapters.

RELATED STORY: We went inside the See’s Candies factory to see how a real chocolate factory works

First of all, the woman behind this sweet tradition was not a Californian by birth. She was an Irish Canadian, born in Ontario. She and her husband ran a resort and raised three children. When she was widowed at the age of 64, she moved to the United States to live with her son and family in Pasadena.

Mary See in the garden of her family’s home in Pasadena at 426 S. Marengo St. (Photo courtesy of See’s Candies)

Her son Charles A. See was already in the chocolate business but saw the potential of his mother’s homemade confectionery. Using his recipes for Victoria Toffee, Maple Walnut Creams, and Chocolate Walnut Fudge, he founded the first store in Los Angeles in 1921. (That’s right, San Franciscans. Although the head office is located in the Bay Area For decades, See’s didn’t expand north until 1936. But rest assured: all this succulent chocolate comes from Guittard, based in the Bay Area.)

See’s survived the Depression years using a strategy of slash prices and discounts for volume purchases, according to a company story written by author Margaret Moos Pick. The company had already started offering mail-order and Los Angeles delivery via See’s motorcycle – with a sidecar decorated as one of the “dainty white shops.”

The coronavirus era shutdown was only the second time See’s Candies has suspended operations in its 99-year history. The rationing of World War II caused the first shutdown; a 1943 advertisement published by See encourages purchases of candy and war bonds. (Photo courtesy of See’s Candies)

During World War II, then-general manager Ed Peck argued that it would be wiser to stop making candies like California Brittle than to reduce the amount of then-rationed butter used in each batch. In the end, he recommended maintaining the level of quality but rationing sweets instead, allocating each store a certain amount.

When the candy was gone, the doors would close for the day or the week. One store posted this note at holiday time: “Sold out. Fresh sweets on December 27. Give war bonds for Christmas.

The post-war years saw rapid expansion for See’s. Mary See’s grandson Laurence, a Stanford graduate who took over when her father died, saw the potential of California’s booming suburbs – and shopping malls. The first center opened in Town & Country Village in Sacramento, the next in Lakewood Mall near Long Beach.

By the late 1950s, See’s had 124 stores and a new Northern California candy factory in southern San Francisco. In the 1960s, stores expanded outside of California.

And in 1972, the family sold the business to Warren Buffett, the famous Berkshire Hathaway investment guru, who called the lucrative See “the prototype of a dream business” – a business that ” provided us with a lot of money for acquisitions and opened my eyes to the power of brands, ”he told shareholders.

See’s Candies helped launch the retail pop-up. These kiosks were located at Eastridge Mall in San Jose in 2007. (Archives of Maria J. Avila / Bay Area News Group)

From the 1980s until this century, See’s continued to embrace trends in consumer tastes, from premium truffles to kid-friendly sour candies to sugar-free chocolate. On the business side, the company offered online sales, opened kiosks in airports and shopping malls, expanded its volume sales program, and installed double counters in many stores to speed up transactions, especially during the holidays.

Then, in March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, forcing See’s to halt production as it had only done once before – during World War II.

The day before the shelter-in-place order in California took effect, forward-looking customers flocked to stores in See to purchase hand-decorated chocolate eggs and gift boxes while they could. One of them was Ingrid Kambe, who said: “It would be traumatic without our Easter candy from See!

During the shutdown, See’s donated 100 tons of candy across western states to hospitals, healthcare workers, first responders, food banks and nonprofits, according to Egan.

A few weeks later, he announced that the company had reconfigured the way candy was made and sold safely, with fewer employees in the production shops. Social distance sales resumed in May outside the front door in a limited number of stores.

“We ask you to be patient as we pick up the pace,” he said.

By the end of the year, See’s had significantly increased its online sales to customers ordering from home. In-room shopping was back, although the number of customers was limited. And employees had started handing out the legendary free samples again – prepackaged for added security.

In this centennial year, as the pandemic draws to a close, See’s is organizing ribbon cuts for new stores in Southern California and Las Vegas. The most recent opened on May 7 at Seal Beach on the Orange County coast.

For those keeping track, this is store # 251 for Mary See, the kind grandma with a knack for making candy.

Customers shop on May 7 at the all-new See’s Candies at Seal Beach, the company’s 251st centennial store. (Paul Bersebach, Orange County Register / SCNG)

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The font library market is witnessing the highest growth in near future by major key companies – Adobe Systems, Extensis, Apple, Microsoft, Dyna Font, Morganite https://letrasenredadas.com/the-font-library-market-is-witnessing-the-highest-growth-in-near-future-by-major-key-companies-adobe-systems-extensis-apple-microsoft-dyna-font-morganite/ https://letrasenredadas.com/the-font-library-market-is-witnessing-the-highest-growth-in-near-future-by-major-key-companies-adobe-systems-extensis-apple-microsoft-dyna-font-morganite/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 11:23:59 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/the-font-library-market-is-witnessing-the-highest-growth-in-near-future-by-major-key-companies-adobe-systems-extensis-apple-microsoft-dyna-font-morganite/

the Font Library Market The 2021 Report is a comprehensive, professional and in-depth market research that provides significant data for those seeking insight into the Font Library industry. The market report provides the specifications, key strategies, future prospects, and cost structure of the industry. The report also highlighted the future trends of the Font Library market which will impact the demand during the forecast period.

This report contains a comprehensive analysis of the market and is assessed using validated volume and value data from three approaches, including the revenue of leading companies. It ends with accurate and authentic market estimates taking into account all parameters and market dynamics. Every crucial and decisive detail for the development and restriction of the market is mentioned in detail along with solutions and suggestions which may affect the market in the near future. Market segmentation is studied specifically to give in-depth knowledge of additional investments in the market.

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Font Library Market: A Competitive Perspective

Competition is a major topic in any market research analysis. With the help of the competitive analysis provided in the report, players can easily study the key strategies adopted by the major players in the Font Library market. They will also be able to plan counter-strategies to gain a competitive advantage in the font library market. Major and emerging players of the Font Library market are closely studied considering their market share, production, revenue, sales growth, gross margin, product portfolio, and others. important factors. This will help gamers familiarize themselves with the moves of their toughest competitors in the font library market.

Top Companies Cover In This Report: – Adobe Systems, Extensis, Apple, Microsoft, Dyna Font, Morganite, Proxima Software, Hanyi, Founder Type, RightFont, High-Logic

The font libraries market is segmented as follows:

Breakdown by product type:

  • Type of research
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Breakdown by application:

  • Embedded Software
  • Personalization service
  • Demographic Database Solutions
  • Other

Geographic segmentation

1) North America (United States, Canada, Mexico),

2) Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines),

3) Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Russia),

4) Central and South America (Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia),

5) Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Iran, South Africa, Israel, Egypt, Nigeria, Iraq),

6) Other regions (Australia, New Zealand).

The study objectives of this report are:

* To analyze the condition, capacity, cost, price, demand and supply, production, profit and competition of the font library.

* Study the component-based font library industry (solutions and services)

* Showcase the development of the global font library regionally and globally.

* To strategically profile key players and thoroughly analyze their development plan and strategies.

* Study competitive developments such as mergers and acquisitions, new partnerships, new contracts and new product developments.

Answering a Key Question in the Font Library Market Report

• What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Font Library market?

• What are the different marketing and distribution channels?

• What is the current CAGR of the Font Library market?

• What opportunities is the Font Library market leading in the market?

• Who are the main competitors in the font library market?

• What are the main results of SWOT and Porter’s five techniques?

• What is the size and growth rate of the Font Library market during the forecast period?

Who should buy this report?

This study is directed to industry participants and stakeholders of the Font Library market. The report will benefit:

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To conclude, the Font Library Market report will provide clients with high yielding market analysis helping them to understand the market state and to come up with new market avenues to grab the market share.

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Chapter 12 Feasibility Analysis of a New Investment Project

Chapter 13 Conclusions

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Dreams of Hazara children smothered in attack on school https://letrasenredadas.com/dreams-of-hazara-children-smothered-in-attack-on-school/ https://letrasenredadas.com/dreams-of-hazara-children-smothered-in-attack-on-school/#respond Fri, 11 Jun 2021 06:26:00 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/dreams-of-hazara-children-smothered-in-attack-on-school/

This undated photo released by the family shows Hadisa Ahmadi, who was among nearly 100 people killed in bombings outside her school on May 8, 2021. Hadisa Ahmadi, 16, was a math genius, boasting her older sister Fatima.  Hadisa dreamed of becoming a mathematician and always solved her older sister's math problems, sometimes teasing Fatima that even though she was older, she just didn't understand math.  In her spare time, Hadisa wove rugs to earn money for her poor family and to pay for extra math lessons.  (AP Photo)

This undated photo released by the family shows Hadisa Ahmadi, who was among nearly 100 people killed in bombings outside her school on May 8, 2021. Hadisa Ahmadi, 16, was a math genius, boasting her older sister Fatima. Hadisa dreamed of becoming a mathematician and always solved her older sister’s math problems, sometimes teasing Fatima that even though she was older, she just didn’t understand math. In her spare time, Hadisa wove rugs to earn money for her poor family and to pay for extra math lessons. (AP Photo)


For four years, since she was 14, the notebook has always been within reach. Shukria Ahmadi titled it “Beautiful phrases” and put it all in there. A poetry she loved – sometimes a single line, sometimes long lines. Her designs, like that of a delicate pink rose. His attempts at calligraphy in plunging Persian letters.

Now the notebook is torn and burnt. It was with Shukria on the day three consecutive bombings hit her school in the Afghan capital Kabul. The explosions of May 8 killed nearly 100 people, all members of the Hazara ethnic minority and most of them young girls who had just left school.

Shukria has been missing since the explosion. “She took this notebook everywhere with her,” said her father Abdullah Ahmadi. “I don’t remember seeing her without. She would even use it to shield her eyes from the sun. Everything she loved is here.

The attack on the Syed Al-Shahada school has been heartbreaking for the Hazaras of Afghanistan, even after so many attacks against them over the years. It showed once again how Islamic State militants who hate them for their ethnicity or religion – they are Shia Muslims – were prepared to kill the most vulnerable among them.

The school, which covers grades 1 to 12, offers classes for boys in the morning and for girls in the afternoon. The attackers waited for the girls to invade all the exits at the end of their day.

Thirteen-year-old Zahra Hassani recounted how she was run over by the first explosion.

“I saw bodies burn, everyone was screaming,” she said. She saw another student raise his hand to call for help. “I was going to help him, then the second explosion happened, and I ran and ran,” Zahra said.

Speaking in the nearly empty school, Zahra held back tears and shook the hand of a friend, Maryam Ahmadi. “What is our sin? That we are Hazara? That we are Shiites? Said Maryam, who is unrelated to Shukriya. “Is it our sin that we are studying? “

Dasht-e-Barchi, the district of Kabul where the school is located, was built by the hopes of Hazaras. It has long been the capital’s main Hazara neighborhood, and after the fall of the Taliban in 2001, impoverished Hazaras flocked from their strongholds in central Afghanistan in search of jobs. Dasht-e-Barchi has swelled into a giant sprawl.

Syed Al-Shahada School murals promise students that education and hard work will pave the way for the future. “Your dreams are only limited by your imagination,” proclaims a large and bright slogan on a wall.

But the explosions erased the dreams of dozens of Hazara children there. Here are a few :

Nekbakht Alizada, 17, dreamed of being a doctor. “I want to help my family and I want to help the poor, like us,” his father Abdul Aziz told him.

14-year-old Noria Yousufi wanted to become an engineer, her father Mehdi said. The best word to describe her, he said, “Nice. “

Ameena Razawi, 17, always had a smile on her face, said her father, Naseem Razawi. She hopes to become a surgeon.

Arefa Hussaini, 14, had a slogan by which she lived: “Where there is a will, there is a way. She swore she would one day be a lawyer, but even while studying she worked as a tailor to help support her family, her uncle Mohammad Salim said.

Freshta Alizada, 15, shone in her classes and twice skipped a class, her aunt Sabera boasted. Freshta always told her family that one day she would become a journalist.

16-year-old Hadisa Ahmadi was a math genius and dreamed of becoming a mathematician, her older sister Fatima said. She still solved Fatima’s math problems and teased her by telling her that even though she was older, she just didn’t understand. Hadisa wove rugs to earn money for her poor family and to pay for extra math lessons.

13-year-old Farzana Fazili was her family’s joker, her brother Hamidullah said. She also wove rugs in her spare time to earn money for her family. When she wasn’t teasing her younger brother, she was helping him with his homework.

Safia Sajadi, 14, made clothes to earn money to pay for her English lessons, her father Ali said. Crying, he bragged that his daughter always got the best grades.

Hassina Haideri, 13, had always been in the kitchen helping her mother, says her father, Alidad. She loved to cook, but dreamed of becoming a doctor. She sold clothes she made in a nearby store to earn extra money for her family.

Mohammad Amin Hussaini said his 16-year-old daughter, Aquila, loved him better than anyone. She would read him poetry and hope to become a doctor.

At Syed-Al-Sahada school, the students who survived were crying and holding each other. Some were angry.

Maryam said the Hazaras had no hope in the government, which she said did nothing to prevent the attacks.

“Only God can have mercy on us,” she said. “From the others, we don’t expect anything.

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Review: Great literary Sahar Khalifeh remembers Palestinian grief and joy https://letrasenredadas.com/review-great-literary-sahar-khalifeh-remembers-palestinian-grief-and-joy/ https://letrasenredadas.com/review-great-literary-sahar-khalifeh-remembers-palestinian-grief-and-joy/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 14:42:07 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/review-great-literary-sahar-khalifeh-remembers-palestinian-grief-and-joy/

DUBAI: Five years ago, Michael Ang and Palestinian calligrapher Hamza Abu Ayyash created a tool to project calligraphy live in urban spaces. Called the Infl3ctor, it took the act of writing on paper and projected it onto the sides of buildings, creating ‘digital calligraffiti’.

Originally created for a project organized by the Berlin-based Public Art Lab, Infl3ctor has managed to merge calligraffiti and media art. “I was called in to help solve this problem of finding something where people can write calligraphy on buildings in real time,” says Ang, a Canadian artist and engineer known for his light objects and interactive installations. “And we had this idea of ​​creating a writing table, where everything you write in black is projected in white. So when you make a stroke with a pen or splash the page with ink, it goes straight up to the wall.

The Infl3ctor has since traveled the world and was at the center of a recent activation at Louvre Abu Dhabi, where visitors’ Eid messages were projected onto the walls of the museum and shared with family and friends. According to Alia Al-Shamsi, Acting Head of Cultural Programming at Louvre Abu Dhabi, the event – presented as part of “Abstraction and Calligraphy – Towards a Universal Language”, which runs through June 12 – represented a “different way for people to experience the art form” and to “see how calligraffiti evolved from traditional calligraphy”.

Originally created for a project organized by the Berlin-based Public Art Lab, Infl3ctor has managed to merge calligraffiti and media art. (Provided)

Perhaps more importantly, however, it revealed one of the many ways calligraphy has adapted to the modern era. Rather than remaining caged by tradition, some practitioners have sought to free calligraphy from the constraints of pen and paper. For Ang, that meant using the Infl3ctor to create temporary spatial interventions that not only embody the beauty of calligraphy, but allow viewers to be present in the moment.

“Part of my practice is to use current technology in a way that we connect more with the present moment, with our surroundings and with each other,” says Ang, assistant professor of interactive media at NYU Abu Dhabi. “So this pen-on-paper drawing process is almost like a respite, or a refuge, in this super stimulating digital realm. “

This focus on the present is of paramount importance to Ang. Although his artistic practice is linked to the technological world, which tends to “dissociate us from ourselves and our environment”, at the heart of his work is the desire to expand the possibilities of human expression and connection.

Calligrapher, muralist and live art artist Diaa Allam shared the stage with Ang at Louvre Abu Dhabi. (Provided)

“When you write characters by hand in a calligraphic style, you can’t help but create your own unique phrase,” he says. “And there is this idea very present in Chinese calligraphy that you can measure a person’s character through the expression of their calligraphy, because every part of your being is expressed through the movement of the writing. . And I think that’s part of why people react so strongly to projected calligraphy.

Calligrapher, muralist and living artist Diaa Allam, who worked as a town planner before becoming a full-time artist in 2017, shared the stage with Ang at Louvre Abu Dhabi. Like Ang, he developed his own style, using his own interpretation of Arabic letters and specializing in a three-dimensional quality calligraphic style. “I think it comes from my experience as a town planner,” says Allam, who has been involved in live calligraphy for six years. “I was able to build something different and that has that architectural feeling.”

“When I first got into calligraphy, I liked the feel of Arabic letters,” he adds. “I loved their strength and flexibility at the same time, and the way you can manipulate them to create shapes, faces, animals, whatever you want. The possibilities are endless. And that’s what I adapted when I started. I wanted to offer the beauty of Arabic calligraphy to the world with my style.

The Infl3ctor has traveled the world and was at the heart of a recent activation at Louvre Abu Dhabi. (Provided)

Interestingly, prior to the creation of the Infl3ctor, Ang had no prior calligraphy experience. He had studied computer engineering at university in Canada before moving to the United States and working for several startups in Silicon Valley, creating software that was used by millions of people. “It was really amazing to build things that were used by a lot of people,” he admits. “Creating things that you really thought were on the edge of these big changes that were happening, in the sense of how important all this software and networks was going to become to everyone.

“But after doing that, I was like, ‘OK, it’s fun building big things, but what else can we use technology for? Can we use it for more human-centric applications? Can we use it in a way that doesn’t disconnect us from where we are now, but actually connects us? “

So he created the Inverse Parasol in 2005, which explored how light changes our perception of space and how we communicate with each other. It was to be the start of an artistic career that would use existing technology to create human-centered experiences.

Michael Ang has created a tool to project calligraphy live on urban spaces. (Provided)

“A lot of people say I have that kind of hacker aesthetic, in the old school sense of trying to figure out a technology so that you can reuse it for something smart,” Ang says. “I mean, the Infl3ctor, it’s actually super simple, right?” We just take what you write and project it. We are expanding it. But everything is really designed to amplify, or enhance, human expression through the pen. “

It is this human expression that Allam wishes to deepen, both through abstraction and the examination of his own artistic struggle. “It’s not easy to be accepted in this field (calligraphy),” he says. “They like to play by the rules – and it was a really tough fight for me. In the first four years, wherever I submitted my work, I was rejected. So I made the decision to stop applying anywhere and just work to improve myself and only use social media to reach the public. It was my decision for many years and it paid off. “

Now he is experimenting with the abstract. “It’s more about the movement of your hand,” he says. “Using the skills you’ve learned a long time ago to simplify movement and create shapes – not necessarily letters – gives you a sense of uniqueness. There is uniqueness because you can’t repeat the shape in the exact same way.

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No, the NHS rainbow badges don’t steal Pride. here’s why https://letrasenredadas.com/no-the-nhs-rainbow-badges-dont-steal-pride-heres-why/ https://letrasenredadas.com/no-the-nhs-rainbow-badges-dont-steal-pride-heres-why/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 11:24:23 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/no-the-nhs-rainbow-badges-dont-steal-pride-heres-why/

The NHS rainbow badge is now a familiar sight in UK hospitals (Twitter / @ RainbowNHSBadge)

As for the symbols, there are few more powerful than the pride flag – but the iconic blue and white NHS lettering certainly comes close.

Combine them together on a small enamel badge and the message of inclusion is instantly clear: so unmistakable that it has become ubiquitous in healthcare facilities, on cords and lapels across the country, even on Victim and Town of Holby.

So it’s hard to believe that it all started out as a small “guerrilla project” that didn’t even have official NHS backing.

The children are not well

It was 2018, and Dr Mike Farquhar was noticing a disconnect with some of his straight colleagues.

As a pediatrician, he knew how intimidating hospitals can be for young people; as a homosexual he knew that being homosexual adds a whole new dimension to it.

Her hospital, Evelina London, has long viewed LGBT + inclusion as one of its core values ​​- but in the end, many staff did not fully understand why this was necessary.

“I was very aware of this common perception among heterosexuals that things are much better now,” he said. RoseNews. “People look back to the ’80s and’ 90s and say, ‘Oh, yeah, that was terrible back then. But LGBT + people have it all sorted out now. You have an equal marriage, everything is much better.

“But in fact, when we look at the data, we know that the experiences of LGBT + people are still fraught with pitfalls. And when you look at children and young people in particular, it’s still quite difficult.

Bullying, rejection from family, poor mental health and homelessness often leave young gay men desperate, isolated and alone, resulting in significantly higher rates of suicide, self-harm and substance abuse.

These mental and physical inequalities only increase over time, as stigma and inappropriate training discriminate in healthcare settings, resulting in fewer doctor visits and poorer health outcomes.

Dr Mike Farquhar of Evelina London Children’s Hospital (image provided)

Dr. Farquhar knew from experience that these early barriers to healthcare can be devastating.

“I look at my straight coworkers and I’m like, ‘If they’re dealing with LGBT + youth, they probably think it’s okay’ and I was like, ‘Well actually I know it’s not. well, ‘”he recalled.

“The goal of this project was to fill this gap. It cannot just be a small number of LGBT + doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals tackling this problem – we need to make sure that Everybody’s aware. “

A small badge with a big message

The idea came from a conversation with friends: what if there was a way to send a strong but subtle message to LGBT + patients?

“In the beginning, it wasn’t about people being the complete solution to all problems,” Farquhar explained.

“It was about saying, ‘I’m a good person to talk to about your needs, I’m not going to be judgmental, I’m going to take it into account. And if I can’t solve it, I will find out how we can help you solve it.

After a bad day at work, he bit the bullet and ordered a few hundred badges. He only distributed them locally, believing it wouldn’t go any further – but the news quickly spread online.

Although it started with LGBT + youth, it soon became clear that this badge was needed for all ages: the trans man abused by his GP, the HIV positive woman who is afraid of getting tested, the non-binary person. alienated by cervical screenings, the lesbian seeking fertility treatment.

Oh my God, what have we done?

“Very quickly we saw that this was something that people wanted to engage with,” he said. “They understood the concept, they understood why it was important and they wanted to be a part of it.

“He really ran away at the start. We went from 300 badges to a quarter of a million in about a year and a half, I think. And when something takes off that fast, it’s great. You think, “This is amazing! But there’s a little bit of you saying, “Oh my God, what have we done?” “

Which, coincidentally, is what NHS bosses said when they found out.

Hit the brakes

As Dr Farquhar learned late, the NHS logo is a registered trademark owned by the Secretary of State – and by using it without permission it violated copyright law.

At this point, the badge was worn by hundreds of thousands of employees in 75% of NHS trusts. So far he had distributed them under the radar, but was quickly ordered to take a break before it went any further.

Fortunately, the sSenior manager at Evelina Children’s Hospital saw that the idea was “obvious”, and before long they decided to bring the badges back into the fold.

This time, Farquhar had the full support of Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Trust and the NHS communications team – and a big boost from Come dance strictly‘s Dr Ranj, whose TV connections have earned the badge on Victim and Town of Holby.

At the time, it seemed pretty radical.

“At the time, it was pretty radical, which seems ridiculous in hindsight, but I remember [Mike’s] pure passion and determination to make it work. He had my unwavering support from that point on, ”he said.

“I knew it would be something very special, but I had no idea that this little badge that started her life at Evelina London was going to become a symbol of compassion and understanding for so many people.”

An NHS charity funded an even larger deployment, and with it came a commitment that recognized duty of care in wearing the badge.

The message behind the NHS rainbow badges has become much more focused (Evelina London)

“One of the dangers is that if someone just wears it lip service, if they make a mistake that goes unrecognized, it makes it even worse,” said Dr Farquhar.

So we took a few months to really think about the model, to do clear that there had to be that high level of personal responsibility in wearing it. It can’t just be a cute piece of bling that ends up on someone’s bead and means nothing.

By signing the pledge, staff were directed to a range of LGBT + resources; they needed to understand why the badge is needed, the importance of inclusive language and the need to assert care.

I didn’t understand how much I was holding my breath all the time

“The stories that we have received, both from the staff and from the patients, are, I think, a very big part of it,” Farquhar said.

“Very soon after people started wearing the badges, I was getting messages saying, “I suddenly feel like I’m having conversations that I wouldn’t have had before. “

“One of the most striking was that of a lesbian in her 40s who had worked for the NHS all her life. In fact, she had to come to our hospital for surgery.

“She texted me afterwards to say, ‘The nurse had one of these badges, and I knew it all in my head … but until I was actually taken care of by someone with the ‘one of the badges, I didn’t understand how I always held on, how I was holding my breath all the time.’ “

Who owns the rainbow?

However, not all feedback has been positive. The humble badges have since been drawn into debates about the ownership of pride, the meaning of the rainbow and who is “allowed” to claim it.

The issue became particularly hot when the UK went into lockdown last year and children started displaying rainbows in their windows in support of NHS workers.

It didn’t take long for the rainbow to become synonymous with the NHS, appearing on everything from banners and buses to pizzas and tote bags, raising concerns that people would co-opt the images of the pride and erase LGBT + history.

Fury set Farquhar and his colleagues in a difficult position. “I had people contacting me saying, ‘What do you think about rainbows flying?’ He remembers.

“There was a lot of interest in some areas of the media to force things into a binary, one-person battle, and I think that’s corrosive, actually.”

Nonetheless, he realized that there was a “delicate” balance to be struck. On the one hand, rainbows seemed like a harmless way to show solidarity with the NHS – but on the other, blurred lines threatened to undermine badges. Did the carriers support LGBT + people or just the NHS?

A village in Wales decorates houses with rainbow flags to support the NHS – not pride (Huw Fairclough / Getty)

Rather than get sucked into toxicity, Farquhar saw a chance for rehab.

“We took the opportunity to do a reminder on the whole principle of the NHS rainbow badge, as well as the history of the pride flag,” he said.

“We said we have to be very careful that in an NHS environment we use the seven color rainbow to say thank you to the NHS. And if we’re talking about things to support LGBT + people, we use the six-color pride flag. “

It wasn’t the first time the badges were tested – in 2019, a transphobic minority of Mumsnet users attempted to label them ‘anti-feminine’ – but it highlighted the need to evolve and to respond to the LGBT + community.

With that in mind, badges will use the Progress Pride flag in the future, and soon they’ll be taken to a whole new level.

This year the initiative was picked up by NHS England, which is building on its success to develop a way to score NHS Trusts on their LGBT + inclusion.

In partnership with Stonewall, the LGBT Foundation and Switchboard, phase two will examine hospitals using a bronze, silver and gold level model to ensure that they are actually implementing the inclusive training that badges represent.

“I’m still a little surprised how far we’ve come,” says Dr Farquhar.

If he had known how quickly the project would come to life, he might have approached it differently – but with an organization as huge as the NHS, unconventional methods are often needed to bring about real change.

“Would I be brave enough to do it all over again?” He asks himself. “I’m not sure… But I think sometimes you just need to do something and then see what happens.

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Bear found stranded on utility pole in southern Arizona https://letrasenredadas.com/bear-found-stranded-on-utility-pole-in-southern-arizona/ https://letrasenredadas.com/bear-found-stranded-on-utility-pole-in-southern-arizona/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 22:36:07 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/bear-found-stranded-on-utility-pole-in-southern-arizona/

WILLCOX, Ariz. (AP) – A bear in Arizona escaped an electric trip unscathed when it got stuck on a pole.

Sulfur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative, a utility company based in Willcox, southern Arizona, was told Monday morning that a bear had become entangled in the wires of utility poles on the outskirts of town.

This photo provided by Werner Neubauer shows a bear tangled in electrical wires in Willcox, Ariz. On Monday, June 7, 2021. (Courtesy of Werner Neubauer via AP)

Werner Neubauer, a lineman at the company, said they immediately turned off the power so the animal was not electrocuted. Neubauer then climbed into a bucket elevator and used an 8-foot (2-meter) fiberglass stick to try and push the bear down. He even tried to talk to her.

“I think I told him I was going to help him get off the pole,” Neubauer said. “I know he couldn’t understand me. But it caught his eye.

After occasionally grabbing and biting the stick, the bear finally got down and fled into the wilderness.

According to Neubauer, there were no injuries and the power outage, which affected residential customers, only lasted about 15 minutes.

When explained to him the reason for the outage, he said several customers were understanding.

This is the second time in a month that a bear has been seen in a town in southern Arizona.

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The Academy of the Holy Quran in Sharjah acquires 17 ancient manuscripts – ARTnews.com https://letrasenredadas.com/the-academy-of-the-holy-quran-in-sharjah-acquires-17-ancient-manuscripts-artnews-com/ https://letrasenredadas.com/the-academy-of-the-holy-quran-in-sharjah-acquires-17-ancient-manuscripts-artnews-com/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 21:38:00 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/the-academy-of-the-holy-quran-in-sharjah-acquires-17-ancient-manuscripts-artnews-com/

The Academy of the Holy Quran in Sharjah has acquired 17 rare Qurans which will join its collection of more than 300 Islamic manuscripts, according to a report by Gulf News.

The new additions date from the 8th to 13th centuries AD and come from Umayyad, Mamluk, Timurid, Safavid, and Ottoman states, with finds coming from present-day Middle East and North Africa, as well as India and China. .

Sheikh Sherzad Abdul Rahman Taher, secretary general of the Academy of the Holy Quran, said in a statement that some pieces represent the best work of their time, noting: “The calligraphy on the copies indicates that some of them were written by the most famous calligraphers. ”Known for using ornaments and decorations in gold and precious stones such as lapis lazuli. Favored for its dark blue hue, the inclusion of lapis lazuli would have signified the importance of the manuscripts while adding a striking color.

In the same statement, Sheikh Sherzad thanked different parties for their participation in the acquisition of the manuscripts, including the ruler of the Emirate of Sharjah, Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, who founded the Academy of the Holy Koran. Opened at the end of last year, the Academy houses valuable manuscripts as well as important Islamic artefacts and pieces of the history of the Sheikh’s family. The Academy contains seven different museums, including the Museum of the Seven Readings, the Hall of Scientific Quranic Miracles, the Museum of Quran Pillars and others. It also offers resources and courses for future and current Islamic scholars.

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Boston executives embroiled in string of scandals https://letrasenredadas.com/boston-executives-embroiled-in-string-of-scandals/ https://letrasenredadas.com/boston-executives-embroiled-in-string-of-scandals/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 20:13:03 +0000 https://letrasenredadas.com/boston-executives-embroiled-in-string-of-scandals/

BOSTON (AP) – Boston’s leaders are scrambling to stem a series of political crises.

The deputy mayor has just sacked the new police commissioner. Two members of the school committee abruptly resigned after exchanging a series of racist text messages. The Boston Police Department is embroiled in an overtime fraud scandal. And on Beacon Hill, the governor is getting hot for hiring a veterans home administrator who has killed nearly 80 former military personnel from COVID-19 under his watch.

The whole drama plays out against a potentially historic mayoral race that will likely see Boston elect its first person of color or woman to head the city.

The challenges landed on the desk of the city’s black chief executive, Acting Mayor Kim Janey, also the city’s first woman to hold the post.

For Janey, the most recent development – the resignation of two Latino members of the Boston School Board – has proven to be one of the most difficult issues she has faced since taking office in March after the Former Mayor Marty Walsh has resigned to become President Biden. secretary.

The two resigned after texts obtained by the Boston Globe showed school committee chairwoman Alexandra Oliver-Davila and fellow committee member Lorna Rivera disparaging parents during a virtual hearing on a proposal for temporarily drop the requirement for the entrance test in city examination schools.

“Wait until the white racists start yelling at us,” Rivera wrote. “It doesn’t matter. They’re delusional,” Oliver-Davila wrote. “I hate WR,” she texted again Rivera, a reference to the West Roxbury area.

“Fed up with the Westie whites,” Rivera replied. “Me too. I really want to say that,” Oliver-Davila wrote.

In her resignation letter, Oliver-Davila said she regretted the texts, but also said she was “not ashamed of the feelings of the story that made me write these words”, referring to a personal story growing up in a town where she’s said to be ostracized, teased, and called racial slurs.

The texts put Janey in an awkward position, having also suffered racist attacks growing up in Boston.

In a written statement, Janey said the texts were “unhappy and unjustly disparaged members of the Boston public school community.”

But she was quick to praise the pair as “passionate advocates for Boston families” and said she could relate to their personal stories.

“As a black woman, I know racism hurts. The stones and racial slurs that were thrown at me as a child left a lasting impression, ”Janey wrote.

As the school committee texts revelation unfolded over the weekend, Janey was also deciding the fate of the Boston Police Commissioner after decades-old domestic violence charges came to light.

On Monday Janey fired the best cop.

Dennis White’s firing came four months after he was put on leave just days after taking office. White, who fought a fierce legal battle to retain his post, was appointed by Walsh, who later said he was unaware of the charges.

Janey said keeping White at work “would send a frightening message to victims of domestic violence in our town and strengthen a culture of fear and a blue wall of silence in our police department.”

White has denied ever engaging in domestic violence.

“I am a black man, who has been wrongly accused of crimes,” White said at his dismissal hearing, according to a statement provided by his lawyer.

White’s sacking isn’t the only police-related controversy the city faces.

As recently as last week, two other former Boston police officers pleaded guilty to federal charges as part of an overtime fraud investigation at the department’s evidence warehouse.

Twelve current and former officers have been charged in connection with the scheme. Prosecutors say more than $ 250,000 has been embezzled.

And in Beacon Hill, Gov. Charlie Baker is under close scrutiny over his handling of a COVID-19 crisis at the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home, with increasing calls for a legislative response to the outbreak that has killed 76 veterans last year.

The tragedy led to the withdrawal last year of Bennett Walsh, the former director of the 240-bed public facility.

Critics say investigations into the outbreak, including one led by a former federal prosecutor commissioned by Baker, have raised more questions, including over Baker’s decision to appoint Walsh as head of the household in 2016 despite the lack of support. experience in health care administration.

A legislative committee tasked with examining the tragedy found that “a leadership crisis in many ways” contributed to the deaths.

Baker said last week he was eager to work with the Legislature and that he and lawmakers were largely in agreement on the reforms needed. Baker signed a $ 400 million spending bill to fund the construction of a new home.

Boston, of course, is no stranger to crises.

Most notable in recent decades has come from the school bus turmoil of the 1970s that propelled Boston into the national limelight and ugly exposed the city’s simmering racial tensions – a crisis that also contributed to give birth to a new generation of leaders in communities of color who have transformed the city’s political landscape.

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