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By now, George W Bush is expected to have completed volumes one and two of his letters from prison.

But, as we know, the world is not a fair place. So, like all other American presidents who have avoided the wharf despite the crimes they have committed at home and abroad, the former American president remains a free man and, indeed, reckless.

I suspect that Bush is also happy to bide his time during his “golden years” by painting what can charitably be described as globby and distorted “portraits” and by tending to the tangled bushes of his domain. Texas.

It is inconceivable to me, however, that a once immensely powerful man who is almost singularly responsible for two calamitous Choice Wars which have caused so much immeasurable harm and suffering to so many innocent people, in so many places, could ever experience one. a real moment of stillness, not to mention happiness.

I also wonder if Bush ever stops painting and gardening to consider the appalling measure of his guilt or shivers at the extent and stopping of the deep and disfiguring consequences of his many and manifest crimes against decency and humanity.

This may well be a largely rhetorical question since one of the primary qualifications for becoming president is the need to kill, maim, and traumatize other human beings in the murderous pursuit of America’s ever-malleable “national interest”.

Thus, Bush probably finds considerable solace in the slimy escape that being president is often a thankless and dirty job that occasionally requires the occupier to order “blows” – large and small – against “enemies.” From America, just like a mafia donation, but with a much larger and better equipped army, of course.

I recently reflected on these questions about this run-of-the-mill, unrepentant killer and thug who approves of torture with a presidential library because, rather than finally doing the world a favor by shutting down for good instead of being charged, Bush continues to believe, incredibly, that his thoughts on war and diplomacy have serious merit and must be heard.

Earlier this month, Bush was interviewed at his lavish summer residence in Kennebunkport, Maine, by a German broadcaster who apparently had nothing better to do with his time and resources.

The pleasant tête-à-tête was presented as a “rare” formality for Bush, who allegedly avoided interviews with journalists.

Uh, I wonder why?

In addition to briefly taking Bush away from his youthful tinkering with paint on canvas and taming his unruly hedges, an interview conducted by a fearless reporter could cause the stuttering and reclusive ex-president a bit of discomfort and serve as a sort of late onset and light. .

Bush could, for once, have been challenged to finally account for the litany of lies he concocted and told to start wars that he and his gang of criminal “advisers” in fancy suits and designer outfits. convinced themselves that it would be cheap, easy and fast.

Two decades later, the cruel and deadly madness of Bush’s arrogant and catastrophic delusions and inventions is evident: millions of deaths and scars in body, mind and spirit, countless more lives ruined or left behind. adrift in refugee camps where disease, want and despair are endemic, countries engulfed by endless uncertainty, violence and bigotry and a resurgent Taliban patient ready to re-impose his malignant rule over Afghanistan.

Bush could also have been pressed for his role in crafting an international kidnapping racket – known as “renditions” – that allowed US state-sanctioned thugs to kidnap mostly Muslim men and to throw them into secret dungeons in Iraq and beyond where they were bound, interrogated, humiliated, electrocuted, attacked by dogs, sexually assaulted, subjected to a waterboard and ultimately murdered.

None of this seems to have happened. Instead, Bush was given an unfettered license to oppose the withdrawal of remaining US and NATO troops from Afghanistan.

“The consequences are going to be incredibly bad,” said Bush, without, I imagine, even a hint of irony.

That this ruthless jerk could suggest anywhere, anytime, for any reason, that the “consequences” of another president’s actions “are going to be unbelievably bad” for Afghanistan is blatant proof. the genetically programmed stupidity of Bush and his obscene, almost nauseating pride.

Then Bush began to demonstrate that he is damaged in a way that only a psychologist could decipher and that he is incapable of soul-searching or remorse for the horror he has inflicted on so many people, so many. of places because of his orders as Commander-in-Chief. chief.

First, he told his German guests that the Afghan withdrawal was a mistake.

Given his atrocious geopolitical past, Bush should be prohibited from uttering, under any circumstances and in any context, the word “error.”

Yet to define how Bush and an equally guilty society methodically proceeded to Iraq and Afghanistan as “mistakes” would, in itself, be a mistake.

The wounds and atrocities that Iraqis and Afghans endured during the long and bitter consequences of Bush’s invasion decision cannot be minimized or dismissed simply as mistakes.

They were and remain the inhuman corollaries of the sinister and calculated choices of an inept president convinced that it was his destiny and that of America to “liberate” two distant lands for the same evangelical reasons.

Second, remarkably, Bush implicitly takes credit – amid all the death and destruction inflicted on Afghans by the US-led invasion – for brutally reshaping Afghan society as an antidote. recuperator to the brutality of the Taliban.

“It’s amazing how much this society has changed since the brutality of the Taliban,” said Bush.

No, what is incredible is Bush’s mad idea that the US military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan has had a redemptive or salutary impact on the fate of both nations.

Finally, and with such cynicism, Bush has attempted to rewrite his compromising history by implying that he unleashed US forces and drones on Afghanistan not to rout the Taliban or to punish it for harboring al- Qaeda, but to empower women and girls.

“All of a sudden – sadly – I’m afraid Afghan women and girls will suffer indescribable harm,” Bush said from the comfort of his postcard oasis.

George W Bush’s name is synonymous with the untold suffering and wrongs that the girls, boys, women and men of Iraq and Afghanistan have faced for decades.

With the eager help of amnesiac and crawling TV hosts, Bush mounted a low-key but determined campaign to rehabilitate his bad reputation. In its place, a graceful, if slightly awkward and endearing new cartoon of Bush has emerged.

It’s a sick mirage.

Bush is an uncharged mass murderer. He is expected to share a bunk bed with Ratko Mladic in The Hague. Otherwise, he would have to keep monastic silence and go.

As a penance, it is the least that this unbearable turd can do.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of Al Jazeera.

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