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Hello everyone! I’ve already covered many lovely cards from Streets of New Capenna, including Elspeth Resplendent, Ob Nixilis, the Adversary, Luxior, Giada’s Gift, Vivien on the Hunt and Shadow of Mortality, Lord Xander, the Collector, Shakedown Heavy, the enchantment cycle Hideaway and the Extraction Specialist!

To be honest, after reviewing so many maps, I thought I was safe. They couldn’t print pretty cards anymore, could they? I mean it’s the last day, how often do they reserve sweet cards for the last day?

Well, the wizards just had to make me feel stupid by printing out what I think is the best tribal charge card in a long time. Let’s see what makes Giada, the Source of Hope so powerful.

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Giada, Fountain of Hope Art Deco Showcase

So to start we have a 2 mana 2/2 with both flying and vigilance. Is this rate playable alone? Certainly not, but that’s already a fair amount of text on two drops! Obviously, we’re not playing Giada for the keywords.

The real prize on Giada is that with each Angel that enters the battlefield, he gets a +1/+1 counter for EACH other Angel already on board. For a 2 drop lord, getting extra power and stamina for a tribal card is good enough. When that buff is a +1/+1 counter, it’s even better because it doesn’t depend on the lord to survive for creatures to maintain the buff, and on top of that you can get multiple counters for an even bigger chamois! I mean, compare this to two other mana lords printed recently.

This is already a substantial upgrade. The only “downside” to the way this ability is worded is that it only counts Angels already on the board, so if you put multiple at once with something like Starnheim Unleashed or Emeria’s Call, they only get no additional counters, but I hardly think that’s a problem given that it’s not a disadvantage. Honestly, if we stopped the map there, it would still be one of the best lords in a long time. However, there is still MORE TEXT.

Not only is Giada a mad lord, but he’s also a mana jerk! Giada can tap a white to cast angel spells, and since he also has vigilance, you don’t have to drop an attack to get the mana! This ability isn’t necessarily as good as it looks because the best Angel cards are usually spells rather than creatures, but having this text is still a pretty obvious boon.

Now let’s talk about Giada’s obvious limiting factor: you’re only going to play him in a tribal deck. While this naturally limits apps, I think Giada can easily see play in Standard, Alchemy, and Historic. While Giada might revitalize the standard Orzhov Angels archetype, he also fits easily into the historical Selesnya Angels.

Angels of Orzhov

by DoggertQBones



best of 1

6 mythical

37 rare

8 uncommon

9 common

60 cards

3 Cards

(H) Selesnya Angels

by DoggertQBones



best of 1

5 mythical

38 rare

4 uncommon

13 municipalities


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Although it cannot be played in a good amount of decks, the power of this card is extremely high. That said, I’m not sure even that’s strong enough to make angels playable in Standard/Historic, so I think that naturally caps my rating at a very reasonable 3.5 stars.

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