Google Assistant removes bubbles and makes fonts larger

When you ask your Google Assistant for something, how the answer looks depends on what you asked in the first place. These could be direct web results, various maps, directly opening an app, or sometimes speech bubbles that show an ongoing “conversation” with your digital assistant. But now Google is removing those speech bubbles and making the fonts bigger, at least for some of the more “casual” conversations you have with the Assistant. This allows for better visibility, in case you need to read these jokes better.

According to 9 to 5 Google, you’ll see some changes in the Google Assistant mail thread that captures your questions and your Assistant’s answers. Removing the bubble allows Google to make the font size larger, which is beneficial for those who prefer their posts to be easily readable. It’s also a better accessibility tool for those who prefer reading rather than hearing Google Assistant. And your previous replies will get smaller and turn gray, so it’s easier to see the newest and newest posts.

However, this does not appear in all of your conversations with the Assistant. Most of your questions or orders actually lead to maps or web results. So the previous conversation bubbles weren’t really applicable here. The policy for this type of response remains the same. The changed font shows up during fun, casual chats you have with Google Assistant, like asking it to tell you a joke or nonsense you ask when you’re bored or something like that.

Google has tried to turn the Assistant into something more conversational and interactive and not just a “robot” to which you give commands and from which you ask questions. Siri and Alexa have tried to do this as well, but with a name like Google Assistant, there may be walls to make it more personalized. But improving both the user interface and the functionality of the digital assistant can go a long way in making it even more useful than it currently is.

Google Assistant’s larger text size is now rolled out on the latest versions of the Google app on Android. Hopefully this will extend to other Assistant commands and responses as well.

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