Help humans respect the ecological order of the Earth

Ti Gong

Artist Song Chen speaking

The third World Soil Day public art education project initiated by artist Song Chen was unveiled at the Xinqiao Art Museum in Songjiang District on December 5. The “Eco Century” ecological soil art exhibition showcases Song’s works from the past 10 years. year.

The exhibits include installation artwork, sculptures, paintings, recordings of the art of behavior on Earth and video artwork, as well as unique floor ink paintings and paintings. soil calligraphy works. The exhibition is divided into three parts: earthen ink paintings, ecological works of art, and earth worship works of art. Using soil as a medium, Song discusses the close relationships between soil and people, and between people and the environment.

“I have known artist Song Chen for five years. She was first known as an artist who focused on self-expression. From 2017, Song began to focus on the outside society, and gradually l The idea for soil-themed activities emerged, ”said Liu Kai, director of the Himalayan Art Center‘s Xizang Calligraphy and Painting Research Center.

“We have come through the industrial age and the post-industrial age and we are embracing an age of science and technology. Over time, we have become too focused on ourselves and caused ecological problems in the community. nature, ”Song said. “This project aims to help humans decentralize and respect the universe and its ecological order.”

Other activities include a World Soil Day Literature Exhibition, Soil Environment and Human Ecology Forums as well as Soil Restoration, Earth Healing Psychotherapy Activity, and Earth Healing Laboratory Activity. ecological art of soil.

Help humans respect the ecological order of the Earth

Ti Gong

Help humans respect the ecological order of the Earth

Ti Gong

Location: Xinqiao Art Museum

Address: Building 193, Lane 255, Sizhuan Rd S., Songjiang District

255 弄 193 号楼

Eco Siècle Exhibition:

Date: until March 5, 2022

World Soil Day Literary Exhibition:

Date: until March 5, 2022

Soil Restoration Forums:

Date: 3 p.m., December 19

Healing by eco-century art:

Date: 2 p.m., December 26

Ecological soil art laboratory:

Date: 2 p.m., January 2, 2022

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