Here’s everything you missed in “Prom Again!”

Last week on Super girl, Nia (Nicole Maines) and Brainy (Jesse Rath) traveled back in time to Midvale in 2009 to collect Kara’s DNA for use in saving her from the Phantom Zone in the present, but things didn’t work out. didn’t go as planned when their ship crashed and led to a series of events that saw the timeline altered – and Kara, as well as Brainy and Nia themselves, in danger as well. When the episode ended, Nia and Brainy were about to be captured by a pair of aliens running a zoo of sorts, determined to capture a Kryptonian for their collection. This week on “Prom Again!” Brainy and Nia must not only get away from the aliens, but they must also complete their mission without further disrupting the timeline lest today’s Kara find herself trapped in the Phantom Zone forever.

You should familiarize yourself with the main details and stories of “Prom Again!”, This week’s episode of Super girl? We are here to help you. Here are the main plot points for “Prom Again!”. Warning: Full spoilers for the episode beyond this point. Keep reading only if you want to know.

Picking up where it left off

The episode picks up where “Prom Night!” left, with Nia and Brainy trapped by the aliens. However, Kara hears them in distress and comes to their aid. In the brawl, Nia and Brainy break free and manage to stop the aliens. However, Cat watched and recorded the whole thing via a drone.

With Brainy and Nia free, they pretend they’re ready to go and Kenny and Kara have to get ready for the ball. Brainy later tells Nia that he set the aliens on their way to Uruguay so they can reset space-time. However, Nia dreamed of the cage and the cat again, but Brainy thinks it must be just a dream echo.


The cat mingles

Cat, determined to find her story, begins throwing rocks around the clearing until she finds the ships and starts pressing buttons until she frees the aliens. They take him to his boat and lock him in one of their cells.



Alex drives Kara to the prom and the sisters have a heartfelt conversation in the car. Alex tells her that she is proud of herself and apologizes for the way she has behaved lately. She now realizes that Kara can handle anything. She also tells Kara that because she has to wear a mask everyday, she should take it overnight and not wear a mask to the prom. Alex will then photograph the meteor shower.

On the Timeship, Nia and Brainy share a dance before the ball.

At school, the meteor shower begins, interrupting Kara from talking to Kenny. She takes off to prevent the meteor from hitting the school, which Alex witnesses. The meteor is made of kryptonite, however, and Kara falls from the sky and lands in the gym, alive but weakened by the kryptonite. As they sort things out, the aliens are broadcasting a message demanding that the aliens reveal themselves or not. Kenny pretends to be the Kryptonian and the aliens take him away before disappearing.


Aliens and a rescue mission

The aliens find out that Kenny is human and that he sacrificed himself for his friend so now they plan to use him as bait and throw him in a cell with Cat. Naxim sends a message to the aliens and says the Kryptonian has 10 minutes to turn around or they will kill Kenny. Nia and Brainy subdue Kara and then go look for Kenny.

Alex takes the Kryptonite shards from Kara’s hand and after speaking – with Alex warning her that she’ll never go back to normal if she gets caught – Alex, takes the lock of the janitor’s closet they’re stuck in so that Kara can enter natural light. A recharged Kara takes off. Nia has another dream, this time she holds the cougar back so she can try to read the cage for more details, discern the letters PW She loses control of things and comes out of the dream, but brings the cougar with her, sends it hunting aliens, a power Brainy calls lucid dreaming. When they board, they realize that Nia’s dream cougar is actually about Cat.


Everything is going wrong

Kara shows up to the ship and in a scuffle, they end up freeing all of the aliens who have been captive on board. Cat escapes and the police show up as Naxim and his sidekick escape. Brainy and Nia watch in horror as Kara is confronted with Cat and the cops, realizing that the timeline has been altered and cannot be undone. Nia says they can use the Time Ship to travel back in time to fix it, going back just a few hours so they can stop Cat. Kara surprises and gets out of custody and flies away.


Fix things

Nia and Brainy step back in time for a few hours and prepare to turn things around, but quickly find they are not alone. Kara sided with them. She tells them that she realizes that she doesn’t want her future to be mixed up with cops and reporters, so she wants to make a difference. With time running out, they agree to let her help, but they accidentally come into contact with Alex and Kenny. Nia finds Cat’s drone and shoots it down, then comes face to face with Cat. Nia ends up giving Cat a peptalk, telling her that she’s a visionary and even puts her on the path to being called Cat rather than CJ. With that out of the way, the timeline resets.


Mission accomplished

An inspired Cat quits her job at the Daily Planet and begins writing her plans for CatCo – complete with Nia’s dream cougar-inspired logo. Naxim’s ship sends a surrender beacon to the DEO and takes off. The meteor shower occurs and once again Kara responds. She is shot down by Kryptonite and while waiting for Alex to collect the car to take her home, Kara and Kenny have a serious conversation about their future, with Kara telling her that she is going to National City University. Brainy and Nia retrieve the rock with Kara’s blood and go home.


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