Here’s how the Range Rover Sport SVR Ultimate became the most powerful Land Rover

When it comes to off-road cars, Land Rover might just be the kings, or at the very least, they are up there. Currently, part of the Jaguar Land Rover Group, the company has produced some truly iconic off-road cars, perhaps most notably the Land Rover Defender, which has recently undergone a major refresh compared to the original model. More recently the brand has produced cars that lean more towards a luxury perspective and a level of performance, but there is still room for the company to produce some quite incredible machines.

While by their nature they don’t need to be very capable, there’s nothing wrong with taking an off-roader and making it as fast or powerful as possible. And Land Rover took the Range Rover Sport and created the Sport SVR Ultimate Edition. It turns out to be the most powerful Land Rover ever created. It really is a very special machine, which still maintains the levels of luxury and sophistication that we have come to expect from Land Rover in recent years, and that is all the inside and out of this remarkable all-terrain, how it works. has become so powerful, and some of its most notable details.

What makes him so powerful

Land Rover Range Rover SVR Ultimate Edition 3.5 Front view in gray

via Land Rover

Let’s take a look at the basic stats of the new car and ultimately what makes it so powerful. The Range Rover Sport SVR Ultimate Edition is powered by a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine that puts out 567 horsepower, which is enough for a quick 0-62 time of just 4.5 seconds. These are absolutely phenomenal performance levels compared to a tall, heavy car, and even more impressive when you look at the top speed, which is 176 mph. Make no mistake, this is not a slow car at all.

The company claims it is the fastest, most powerful and most dynamic Land Rover ever to be produced, with this car in particular being in its second generation. The first edition of the SVR was introduced in 2014, with over 20,000 of them sold to date at the time of writing. The car was built by Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Operations Vehicles, or SVOs, so performance was always going to be the ultimate goal of this particular Range Rover. The performance levels are more impressive when you see that the Ultimate Edition weighs 2377 kg. That’s a lot of car to be powered by a V8 engine! But like all Range Rovers, it’s not just the exterior and interior that makes it such a cool car.

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Lack of adjustment, but a lot of know-how.

Interior photo of the Land Rover Range Rover SVR Ultimate Edition

via Land Rover

It would be remiss of us not to mention that no further tuning has been done with this engine, compared to the standard SVR edition. But it really doesn’t matter. Jaguar Land Rover’s SVO Edition knows a thing or two about horsepower, but also a thing or two about craftsmanship, and we really need to discuss that. Much know-how has gone into the potential creation of the ultimate bespoke Range Rover. When we get into the SVR, we’ll find some specially ordered, chrome-plated SV Bespoke B-pillar badges that look pretty sensational. On top of that, there are black anodized metal shift paddles as well as Ultimate Edition illuminated treadplates.

Turning to horsepower again, it’s interesting to see how far the Range Rover Sport stats have come since the 2020 model. When this edition of the Sport SVR was released, Jaguar Land Rover claimed it was the model. The fastest Land Rover ever. This edition of the car had 542 hp, so Land Rover was able to squeeze more power from the Ultimate Edition. Its 0-60 time was 4.7 seconds, while its top speed was 161 mph. Land Rover has therefore definitely made it the fastest and most powerful Land Rover ever to be built.

More details on the exterior

Close-up of the grille and Land Rover Range Rover SVR Ultimate Edition lettering

via Land Rover

There are also more bespoke details on this awesome car. Range Rover lettering on the hood and tailgate of the SVR Ultimate Edition is knurled black, and there is a contrasting Fuji White border which is also used on the side fender accents. This Fuji White contrast is again an exclusive feature of the SVR Ultimate Edition, to really help distinguish the car from regular Range Rovers and other Sport versions of the SUV. The 22 inch forged alloy rims and black brake calipers really help give the car a truly menacing look and appeal.

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The ultimate Land Rover and Range Rover

Land Rover Range Rover SVR Ultimate Edition Side View

via Land Rover

We think it’s fair to say that this is most definitely the ultimate Land Rover, even more so than the Defender, and the ultimate example of the Range Rover. You have to take a step back when you first see it and the specs to really believe how special it is to get a car like this made. It’s mind-boggling how much performance Land Rover was able to get from this car. Bowler Motors, who created incredible rally-raid cars, played a major role in the making of this powerful car. These performance figures would not be out of place on some sports cars at all, and indeed, they are comparable to some sports cars of today and of the recent past. But Land Rover is fantastic at creating cars that are fast, big, and offer unreal luxury, just like parent brand Jaguar. While SUVs aren’t for everyone, and that’s perfectly understandable, it shows how fast an SUV can be. It is also the latest adventure for the current Range Rover Sport, and there is no more powerful way to bow out.

Source: Land Rover


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