How real estate guru Ernesto Javier Font uses his life to inspire others to achieve their dreams

Ernesto Javier Font may have started out as a broken man, but he refused to let the breakage define his story. He repeated grade 3 as he struggled to understand why his parents couldn’t establish their relationship. He saw his mother work three times to make ends meet, while he saw his father only every other weekend. After moving to Florida, Javi struggled financially as her money and unemployment dried up. His 8 year old girlfriend cheated on him and left him. She said he would never be more than a vulgar. Javi therefore realized that he was at a turning point in his life. Either move to Connecticut and continue on this path, or make a change through personal development. Javi knew it was time for a change. He found mentors and turned his life to God when he accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. Shortly after, he entered the real estate market. Javi went from unemployed to millions in real estate in less than 5 years when he chose a life of total surrender. “God is the CEO of my life and I am only the CEO of this body he has assigned me to live,” he says.

Javi’s father has always played an important role in her life. Even when he turned to drug dealing, gambling, and getting into massive debt from the start, his father never gave up on him. Javi owes his real estate career to his father, because it was he who introduced him to the industry. He didn’t want to go in and out for someone who didn’t value him anymore, so he took the leap. Growing up, he was motivated by money seeing his mother and grandmother struggling to provide for their families. Watching them barely get out of it made him change history, so he found a way to help his mom, brother, and grandmother. Desperation forces you to tap into another version of yourself. Javi went to Florida with the intention of helping her mother, brother and grandmother. But he needed his heart and his mind to open for that to happen.

As a breakthrough in the real estate industry, Javi has a wide reach. Through his real estate brokerage firm, Font’s Statewide Realty Inc., he helps people buy, sell, invest, or rent properties in central Florida. He also trains and supervises more than 12 agents throughout their career. Javi is also the Founder and CEO of Statewide Home Solutions, LLC, to flip or lease properties, or wholesale properties to investors at a discounted price. He is also the founder and CEO of education company After Hours Success with a mission of mentoring students on personal development, real estate investing, turnaround, wholesale and how to be successful in real estate.

For Javi, his accomplishments aren’t measured by the millions he’s earned. Instead, his biggest victories come with the lives he changed. His first notable achievement came when he was able to buy a house for his mother and he still has the opportunity to be there for her. Javi also encouraged his brother to take control of the path of his life as he went from business to real estate agent. Knowing what it is like to live in a broken home and low income neighborhood, he is also passionate about inspiring young people to be the best versions of themselves. He teaches them to make the right choices in life and encourages them to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Starting a new business takes patience. It takes time for your name to be recognized. But with consistency in your marketing strategy, your phone will ring. Raising capital will be a challenge, but the key is finding the right team. You need reliable people to buy into your vision and mission so that your processes, systems and logistics come together. The only way to be successful is through personal transformation. You have to get rid of bad habits and cultivate emotional intelligence. “Having faith and patience is also very important! The mindset as a whole encompasses many different attributes. When you start your own business, you need to hold yourself accountable as this will determine the success of your business. You have to go into the business with the right mindset or it will fail! ” he says.

Faith over fear is Javi’s mojo! Fear is a dream killer, and at best, will only succeed in keeping you comfortable and stable in life. If you want to live a truly meaningful life, your measure of success should be how you inspire others. Understand your competition to determine what sets you apart. Find a mentor who has been successful in your field. Learn from those who came before you, but understand that results take time. Financial freedom is available to everyone. We are all meant to live free, without the worry or stress of not having enough money for the lifestyle you choose.

What’s next for Javi? He creates his YouTube channel, writes a book and creates a course on real estate. He also works on a clothing line, books public speaking engagements and starts a non-profit foundation. You can follow Javi on Instagram @javierinspiredme.

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