How to change text color in Valorant chat: font color codes

A viral TikTok showed players how to change the text color in Valorant chat. Here’s how you can use codes to change the color of your text.

Valorant is full of little nuggets that add a bit of flavor to the game. Whether it’s hidden bears visible only when playing in spectator mode or a Sykkuno-inspired wall spray, there’s always something new about discover.

And Valorant also offers plenty of customization options for players, with skins, skin upgrades, and gun buddies for players to show off their personalities and in-game achievements.

But this last piece of customization is much more specialized, as players can change the font color in Valorant text chat.

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Turns out the Prism series isn’t the only thing that changes color in Valorant

As shown in a viral TikTok with over 500,000 views by user @ pump1131, it is possible to use HTML codes to change the color of messages in the team and in all chats.

Of course, in their storefront, they ask viewers to like and follow their account. But you can also use these codes to hit your opponent with an “Emboldened Jett diff”, call on your Sage to heal you in red for added emphasis, or just make your GG WP stand out among the crowd.

@ pump1131

I can’t believe I just heard that this I can’t wait to drop the red GGs after a match match #evaluating #tic #Game #valorantclip #pump #player

Pump – Valentino Khan

How to change the text color of Valorant chat

Here is each of the codes and the color in which they change your text:

  • 🔴 Red: Text>
  • 🔵 Blue: Text>
  • 🟡 Yellow: Text>
  • 🟢 Green: Text>
  • 🎀 Pink : Text>

Just copy and paste these codes into the chat, replace the “Text” with the message you want to write (as long as it’s nice), and you will have your colorful message.

So this is it ! Here’s how to change the color of your text in Valorant. As the game develops, Riot may choose to add more colors, but for now you can play around with those five.

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