How to easily install fonts on Android

It’s not the fashion of old anymore, but some people still like to install custom fonts. It’s still very doable, although the process is a little more arcane than most. You can also create your own fonts and install them. The whole thing requires only a few applications, time and patience. Please note that this may not work on all phones, but it should work on most. It should also work up to Android 12, and it shouldn’t require root.

Please note that your phone must be able to change its own font in settings for this to work without root. You will need to root and use a custom Magisk module (creable in zFont) to change your font otherwise.

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To install a custom font on Android, get the TTF file of the font you want to use and also download the zFont app. Use the zFont application to install the TTF. This may require some prerequisites and the app will help you do that.


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You will need three things before you start. They include:
  • A TTF file — TTF files are the generally accepted format for font files. You can download them for free from various sources. Some policies require payment. Not all TTF files will work with Android, but the vast majority should.
  • A file browser – We used Solid Explorer for this tutorial, but any file browser should do the job without too much hassle.
  • zFont – zFont is an application that allows you to install fonts with or without root. There may be other apps that can do this, but none of them are as reliable as zFont. The ad-free zFont add-on costs $4.99.

Do not proceed to the next part until you have completed the previous steps.

How to Install Fonts on Android

zFont installing a new font

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Before you start, check if your phone has a native way to do this. Samsung phones, for example, allow you to download and install fonts from the Samsung Theme Store. This method is infinitely easier than the one we have below. Check there first and come back if you don’t like or want any of these fonts.

The process may be different from phone to phone, but here is a general guide:

  • Let’s start by opening your file browser. Create a folder in the main directory called Fonts. The main directory should be where your To download folder is.
  • Use your file browser again to find your downloaded TTF file. Copy it and paste it into the Fonts case.
  • Open zFont and press the Local option in the lower right corner. Press the green plus button and select the Add file option. Access your Fonts folder and select the TTF file.
  • The font should appear in the Local section of zFont. Tap the font, then tap the Apply button. When prompted, press the Automatic (recommended) option and press Fact.
  • This is where things get a little shaky. Depending on your phone’s OEM, you may need to complete some pre-requisite tasks. For example, on my Galaxy S22 Ultra, I had to install SamsungSans, apply it, log into my Samsung account, back up my settings data, and then uninstall SamsungSans.
  • Fortunately, zFont allows you to tap each prerequisite to bring you to the appropriate screen to do all of this. Take your time, follow the instructions exactly and in order.

Once done, your font should be applied. Follow additional zFont steps if needed if there are additional steps.

How to change the font

Galaxy S22 Ultra font change

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This should be relatively easy on most phones. Open your phone settings and tap on the search icon once you are there. Type Character font, and your phone should show you the appropriate option. We recommend this method because fonts can be in different places on different phones.

From there, you should be able to easily revert your phone to its default font. As we noted in the opening paragraph, not all phones are capable of changing their own font. If you don’t see an option to change fonts, you have such a device.

Where to find good fonts

Google Fonts website

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

The two easiest methods are Google searches and the zFont app. Google search is a self-explanatory option. You can search for fonts all day, find one you like, then do another Google search to find where to download it. You will have done it correctly as long as you end up with a TTF file at the end. Since there are so many sites and fonts, we can’t recommend a specific site to check out as most sites don’t have most fonts.

The other solution, zFont, is much simpler. There are many fonts directly in the application. You can search, download and install them all from one place. Any font you download will appear in the Local app section. We tested it with the once-legendary Roboto Police and it worked like a charm.

As a bonus, some OEMs allow you to download fonts from the OEM’s theme store. Samsung is a notable example. You can see the font download option two photos towards the top. It’s actually quite easy and the fonts are usually free.

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It should do it. It is not a very complicated process. Unfortunately, there are only a few other methods, and they are quite problematic and difficult to manage. Root access is the easiest solution for people whose phones don’t work with this method.


How to change font color on Android?

On most devices, the font color is tied to the font itself or controlled by the device’s theme engine (if it has one). We recommend that you try both of these solutions on your device if they are available.

Why isn’t my new font appearing everywhere?

Many applications have their own fonts independent of the system font. For example, the official Twitter app uses Roboto on Android, Helvetica Neue on Mac, Arial on Windows, and San Francisco on iOS. Simply put, many applications do not use the system font.

How to change the font size?

Most Android phones should be able to increase the font size as this is an accessibility feature. Open your phone’s settings menu, tap the search bar and type font size. Your phone should show you the appropriate section in the settings to change your font size.

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