How to Find and Remove Fonts on Windows 10 PC 2022 Tip

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Check how to find and remove fonts on Windows 10 PC

Microsoft’s operating system only comes with a limited selection of fonts. Some graphics and desktop publishing applications install some of their own fonts, but if you really want your graphics and documents to stand out, you’ll need to add some yourself. Windows 10 can now work with all three major font formats: TrueType, OpenType, and PostScript. There are many websites that list fonts, but our favorite is Google Fonts because there are so many free fonts. Most of the best fonts cost money, but you can find plenty of them on and the Microsoft Typography website.

Although Windows 10 offers pre-installed fonts, you have the option of installing fonts that you have created or purchased/downloaded from the Internet. Installing fonts in Windows 10 is simple, just double click on the font file you created or downloaded. You can install fonts in TrueType (.ttf), OpenType (.otf), TrueType Collection (.ttc). or PostScript Type 1 (.pfb + .pfm). If these font files are installed, they may be removed from the font settings available on your Windows 10.

How to Find and Delete Fonts on a Windows 10 Computer

Follow these steps to delete font files on your Windows 10.

  • To quickly access font management on your Windows 10 PC, navigate to C:WindowsFonts in Windows Explorer or use the Run command by pressing Windows key + R and enter the path shown above.
    • Once you open the fonts settings, all installed fonts will be visible here and you can choose which ones you want to remove.
  • Choose them by pressing and holding the Ctrl button and left mouse click to make multiple selections and delete them all at once using Delete on the top bar.
  • You can also navigate to the font file in Windows Explorer and right-click on it to delete it by choosing the Delete option from the menu.

Final Words: How to Find and Delete Fonts on a Windows 10 PC

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