How to Get Free Fire MAX ID Names with Stylish and Unique Fonts

The in-game name, commonly referred to as a nickname, functions as one of the key identifiers for Free Fire MAX players. They must be entered when creating the account and must be unique, i.e. no other user may use them.

Many gamers have developed the idea that having a stylish name that includes fonts and symbols sets them apart from the crowd. Therefore, they look for methods that will help them achieve the same results.

Free Fire MAX: Guide to Getting ID Names with Stylish Fonts and Symbols

This is one of the websites players can use (Image via
This is one of the websites players can use (Image via

Names with fonts and symbols are readily available on the internet. However, if users prefer to create their own unique names, they will need to use websites with sleek name generators. Some examples of this include,, and

Here are the steps on how users can use them:

Step 1: To generate names with fancy fonts and symbols, players must first go to a website that does. They can use any of those listed above.

2nd step: In the text box that appears on the screen, players must then enter the necessary nickname.

Step 3: On their screens, they will see a variety of outputs with distinctive fonts and symbols. Any of them can be chosen and used while changing the name in Free Fire MAX.

How to change the name in Free Fire MAX

Users should note that they will have to spend 390 diamonds or a name change card. They can follow the following procedures to change the name:

Step 1: Once players have opened Free Fire MAX, they should visit their profile section.

2nd step: Next, players should tap the icon next to their existing nickname. A pop-up box will appear where they can paste the stylish name.

Enter the new nickname (Image via Garena)
Enter the new nickname (Image via Garena)

Step 3: To conclude the process, players can tap on the “390 diamonds” option or the name change card icon.

The name will then be changed in-game. Players can also further customize their profiles with a unique signature.

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