How to get funky texts for your username in Chapter 2 of Season 8

The Loopers have their own unique Fortnite usernames, and some of them sport their stylized credentials in a funky and cool montage. The changes are easy to catch the eye, so almost everyone wants to change their username to make it more stylish.

Changing the username is not a difficult task. However, finding different fonts, styles and symbols is indeed difficult.

Change Your Fortnite Username Using Font Generating Websites

Usually, a keyboard does not contain special or stylized characters. That is why players should visit special websites that offer these special fonts. Accessing and using these online websites is quite easy.

Step 1: Open any web browser and search for Fortnite font generators.

2nd step: From the long list of results, select any website. The best results are usually the best, most trusted websites.

Step 3: On these websites, you will notice a box to type in the name you want. You will need to provide your username here.

Step 4: Press the button that says “Generate” or “Create”.

Step 5: On the other side of the screen, you will notice your username with stylized fonts and edits.

Step 6: There will be multiple results and you will need to copy the one you prefer.

Step 7: Now go to Epic Games and navigate to the Accounts section.

Step 8: Under the account information, the username will be displayed and you can change it by clicking the adjacent blue button.

Step 9: Paste the generated name and confirm it. Accept Fortnite’s policy of forbidding you to change your name for two weeks and click confirm.

This will change your Fortnite username from normal text to a cooler, funkier one filled with stylish edits.

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