How to Install Custom Fonts on Google Docs

Google Docs is now increasingly used as the primary tool for writing and compiling documents, and for good reason. Some say it doesn’t offer as many features or as good as Microsoft Word, but there are some very special utilities that make it stand out, especially for those who are used to working on it. Google Docs has a wide range of fonts, all different from each other, but chances are the font you’re looking for isn’t there. Today we are going to discuss the different ways to install a custom font of your choice on Google Docs. We will talk about two approaches for the same.

How to install custom fonts on Google Docs?

Before you begin the process, it may be helpful to preview the look of the font on Google Docs. To do this, open the Fonts drop-down menu and click More Fonts. This will open a dialog box as shown in the image below. Here you have a list of all fonts. You can use the “Show: All Fonts” drop-down menu to see fonts in a particular category.

Let’s continue with the tutorial. We will see how to add custom fonts using Extensis fonts, website and Google Fonts filter and sort fonts already installed on Google Docs. The first way to add custom fonts to Docs is through an add-on called Extensis Fonts.

How to Add Custom Fonts Using Extensis Fonts

The Extensis Fonts add-on provides a simple solution to this question. The installation is very fast and it is just as easy to use a font through this tool. To install it, follow the steps below:

  • Open a new Google Doc
  • In the tabs at the top, click on Add-ons and select Get Add-ons
  • In the prompt that will then open, search for “Extensis Fonts” and select the result
  • Click Install, grant it the required permissions and voila!

Now, to use it, click on Add-Ons again. If you have completed the installation process, you will see Extensis Fonts there with a “Start” option. Click Start and a toolbar will appear on the far right of the screen with a list of available fonts.

Select the text to which you want to apply the font and click on the font of your choice. At the bottom of this is a bar for configuring the font display size, so you can adjust it to make fonts appear larger or smaller on the add-on bar.

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How to Add Custom Fonts Using the Google Fonts Website

Using the Extensis Fonts tool might not be the best solution if you are running Docs locally on your Windows PC. In such a scenario, you can use the official Google Fonts website. The official portal is a gold mine of fonts, but it is limited in its ability to change the appearance of those fonts on a document.

How to Install Custom Fonts on Google Docs

The available fonts are all displayed on the home page of the website. There are also options to adjust the size of displayed fonts with a bar similar to Extensis fonts and also an option to categorize fonts so that it is easier to find the font that suits you. Use the Search button and you can instantly access a specific font.

The process of downloading and installing a font is very simple. Once you have found the font of your choice, click on it and you will be presented with the different font families. Different font families differ in their levels of boldness and strength of color undertone. Below the families are the sample glyphs, which give you an idea of ​​how the letters and characters look in this font. Once you’ve finalized the font style you want, click ‘+ Select this style’. You can select multiple families of a font. Once selected, click the Download All button. All selected font families will be downloaded in a bundle as a ‘.zip’ file.

Now open file explorer and extract the contents of this zip file. Inside there will be a TTF file for each family. Right click on the font and select Install. The process will only take a few seconds and once complete you can open a word processor on your PC and start using it. This font can also be used on image editing software such as Paint and Adobe Photoshop.

Users should note that since the font file is downloaded and installed locally, it will only appear on applications downloaded to your PC and not on an online word processor like Docs.

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How to filter and sort fonts already installed on Google Docs?

On Google Docs, you also have the option to filter the fonts already installed on your Google Docs configuration based on language, font type, etc. This does not allow you to install new fonts on Google Docs but simply expands the list of fonts by adding some additional options, those which are not used very frequently by users and therefore are not part of the drop-down list of fonts.

The procedure for doing this is very simple. Open a blank document on Google Docs and from the tabs at the top, open the Fonts drop-down menu and click on More Fonts.

Here you have three ways to filter fonts. The first is the Scripts section where you can sort fonts by language. Next is the Display Fonts section where categorization is done based on font type and applicability like display, handwriting, etc. And finally, you can sort them by popularity, alphabetical order, etc.

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What font does Google Docs use?

Google Docs uses the Arial font by default. It is a classic and simple sans serif font.

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What is the largest font in Google Docs?

Google Docs supports font sizes up to 400 pt and you can change the size as needed.

We hope this works as a complete guide on how you can use fonts on Google Docs and is useful to you!

How to Install Custom Fonts on Google Docs

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